0 thoughts on “Hiromi Oshima in Playmate Calender 2006”

  1. The form of her breasts in that first shot appears quite different from how they look now. I think we need to dispatch the doctor for some on location research to get to the bottom of this! 😉

  2. In some pictures they appear to have enough sag to appear real. In others they look like they point straight out – and thus implants. I’d certainly volunteer to find out – the Mansion isn’t a long drive from the South Bay 🙂

    Did anyone else read all the salacious stuff from Marco’s 2nd post? Porn stars, sex outdoors with multiple guys, etc… – a real soap opera.

  3. The right type of implant could easily sag as much as Hiromi’s can, but a natural breast is highly unlikely to “point straight out”, as you say. There are several tell-tale signs here to indicate that they’re implants.

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