This is Why I’m Hot


This is Che’Nelle, also known as Cheryline Lim. Somehow she popped up as a “Recommended for You” video when I visited YouTube. I clicked it. She had remixed a song that had otherwise annoyed me and now was fairly catchy. And she looked pretty hot to boot. So she gets to be featured here for your viewing and listening pleasure. Video and photos seen below.She got her first recording contract in 2005 and came out with her first Album in 2007, with singles that reached as high as number 1 in Russia, #4 in Japan, and apparently #98 in the United States (though I have never heard her name before). You can see her music on her MySpace page linked to below. Her hit single is called “I Fell In Love With The DJ,” though I do not think it is the best example of her voice.

As far as outside of her music career, she was born in 1983 in Malaysia to a Chinese Malaysian father and Indian-Dutch mother. She moved to Perth, Western Australia. Because she is not a model it was hard to find many decent photos, so you get the ones I found below.


Age: 25
Height: Short
Ethnicity: 1/2 Chinese Malaysian, 1/2 Dutch and Indian
Located: Perth, Western Australia










This Is Why I’m Hot
This Is Why I’m Hot
I Didn’t Change Up
Just To Get What I Got
This Is Why I’m Hot
This Is Why I’m Hot
Cause I’m The Same Girl
Just Makin’ It To The Top
This Why Im Hot
Cause I Ain’t Fakin’ Ain’t Actin’
I Ain’t Sellin Out On My Friends
So This Is Why This Is Why
This Is Why I’m Hot


I Fell in Love with the DJ
Hurry Up

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  1. Huh. I did not even realize until now that this is two Australians AND two musicians in a row. I should have read through Ting Ting’s comments before I prepared this. Oh well, sorry guys.

  2. She even lives in the same city as Jessica (Perth)! But no, I wouldn’t really classify her as a musician either (at least not the sort to get me excited), and she isn’t really to my taste either.

  3. Yeah I wouldn’t really classify her as hot either. She’s attractive but not my particular taste either.

  4. I agree that “musician” isn’t the label I would use here…but, then again, I’m a bit of a music snob.

    I think Che’Nelle is cute enough, but IMO she is trying WAY too hard to be hip. In her defense, though, she follows a really class act, in Ying Ying. Che’Nelle simply isn’t going to fare well, in that comparison…at least to me.

  5. she is hot for the hip hop world. She has a nice ass. Blacks or Hispanics or anybody who is hip would think she is hot.

  6. I’m Black and hip which shouldn’t matter, and I only think she is alright. I’m not seeing her being that hot and I’m not feeling that remix, but she is nice to look at so she’s only alright to me.

  7. She doesn’t have the wow factor or much in the way of musical skills. But hey, I’m a musical snob too. She’s just OK.

  8. J-Lo of Asia Pacific? Cute but as others have said trying way to hard to look cool. No discernible chest to speak of. Better find some rich guy in the music biz and get married.

  9. Yeah, “too ghetto” means bad, trashy, etc. Like a junk car would be too ghetto, but a car car that was all pimped out wouldn’t be. So, she may too “gangsta” or whatever. or a poser, but not too ghetto.

  10. WOW! Melody is harsh! There are some great looking West Asian or Indian women. This chick is not one of them though. I’d concur with ghetto too.

  11. I think the “1 in a million” estimate is pretty harsh, too, darklighter. But, even if it is true, given the population of India, that is one hell of a lot of good looking women.

  12. Hey Asian Dating Secrets do you realize that you have Jessica Alba as your poster child on the top of your page and she’s not even slightly Asian? Interesting site otherwise.

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