Ai Takeuchi

Ai Takeuchi
Ai Takeuchi is another AV idol to appear in recent years. Her big round … eyes are especially striking.Stats for Ai Takeuchi (竹内あい) (my source is

* Birthdate: November 19, 1985
* Birthplace: Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
* Blood type: O
* Height: 162 cm (5 ft 4 in)
* Measurements: 88-58-86 cm (35-23-34 in)
* Cup size: E
* Hobby: Travelling, reading
* Special skill: Aromatherapy

Sources: (galleries)
her blog (on livedoor, in Japanese)

Ai Takeuchi
Ai Takeuchi
Ai Takeuchi
Ai Takeuchi
Ai Takeuchi
Ai Takeuchi

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  1. I usually really like these AV Idols, but I have to say I’m not that crazy about Ai. I simply don’t think she is that pretty.

    With that said, the main (but small) picture of her, on the Jheat page, is really nice:

    Nice hat! (Oh, and her breasts look spectacular, in that pic, too.) :#)

  2. I don’t really like her. She looks confused and a little too thick. I’m also not a “big is better” breast person and their shape is not at all my style. But I bet other people here will like her!

  3. She’s good, but not spectacular. Breasts are fine, overall looks are fine too. For some reason her ass looks a little “off” to me. I don’t know what though, maybe not…meh! I don’t know.

    The biggest turn off for me, about her and most other AV girls, is the too-much-to-see-anything-down-there pubic hair. Yes, yes, I know they can’t legally show anything but that’s my gripe! Unless the girl is an 11 on a scale of 1-2, the overdone, photoshopped pubes kills my interest.

  4. Nice one Randy.She had me at the lollipop…then I scan down & caught sight of those luscious pubes.Have your milfalicious way with me fair maiden!

  5. I’d just like to mention that “E Cup” size is clearly a Japanese distinction. That being said, I will also admit that I’m most impressed by her large, round… eyes. ^_^

  6. There is something really attractive about her and yet I’m kind of put off – it is very strange…

  7. I do not like thicker models at all, actually. Not in the slightest. I only post them because I know occasionally others do.

    As I have said before, if I only posted my “type” you would only see tan Chinese models. I try to diversify.

  8. Not her body as much as her skin tone and face. I’m really just a face person, and body I can make exceptions for if they have features I’m attracted to. For example, I like the shape of Jewelyn’s legs, especially from the knees down. =)

    Everyone in some way or another is a face person, obviously. But for me it’s like… 85% face, 15% body. There are sometimes body bonus points or deductions (100% attractive face but 400 pounds is obviously going to lose more than 15%), but that’s the general rule.

    Re: Jewelyn, I am really attracted to her face, and I like tans. With Ai Takeuchi, I have almost no attraction to her face at all, and her body similarly gets no bonus points.

    And offline in the non-model world, I like very thin. Again with exceptions made for face, skin tone, etc.

  9. I’d be interested in seeing some models (or even non-models) who actually fit in with your usual taste – it sounds like they might be different from what we normally see here.

    I don’t know why, but I often find extreme slenderness looks good on Asian girls, whereas it doesn’t normally work for white girls.

  10. Many of these girls I have featured come close in their own ways. The top 2 on my top 10 list on 1/1 deserved their spot, in my mind. They do not fit the “tan Chinese” look that I am particularly interested in, but I rarely find models that do, if ever. It is more of a guideline of what I am generally attracted to. Especially offline.

    As for your second point, I absolutely could not agree more. On Caucasian women it can often resemble anorexia. On Asian women it can look completely natural. Risa Chigasaki comes to mind, in some ways. Not in terms of overall attractiveness but in how being thin can still appear healthy, without the same negative connotations.

  11. Travis, those last comments of yours are full of math and percentages. Do you think each of us have a beauty concept that can be modeled and thus predicted? I’m serious. 🙂

  12. Do I think beauty can be subjectively quantified? I do, actually. But I think the entire process would take so long to complete and involve so many different mathematical scenarios that it would be a waste of effort =).

    But everyone has some type of measurement scale in their head. They just don’t always know it, because it seems so “objective” to them that they don’t realize they have preferences.

    For example, I have friends that claim “I don’t have a race/ethnicity preference.” But then you check out the women they are attracted to and they are all white. So they DO have a preference – white women – that would become part of the equation. Except to them, they do not see it as a preference. They simply see it as “the way things are.” In other words, they think that their judgment of beauty is unbiased and objective, and if they were to create an “equation” for how they judge beauty, they would likely not put that preference into the equation.

    I think we all do that in some ways. Perhaps we are attracted to wider hips, but to us it just seems like that’s not subjective, that’s “truth.” They would not put that into the equation.

    And no, I don’t think my 85%/15% is completely accurate =). But it does help people understand my subjective beauty grading scale.

  13. Also, personal feelings are part of the equation too. When you like someone, they become more physically attractive to you. And if you have had someone in the past that you liked, someone you see in the future that looks like them may be more attractive to you as well.

    Yet another reason that predicting attraction is possible but yet impossible. It’s both nature and nurture.

  14. I am very mathematical in terms of how I judge women’s bodies, and consciously so. I go for the classic “hourglass” shape, with (ideally) a perfect balance between shoulders and hips. Asian women frequently have narrow shoulders, but this is one reason I like large breast implants: subjectively, it brings narrow shoulders into balance with the hips.

    As for the face, again I look for balanced features, but that can take many different forms. So there isn’t a particular type of face that I prefer as such.

  15. Right, and in my case (ignoring symmetry, which is the psychological definition of beauty) I tend to be attracted to parts on both a macro and micro level. I can like individual parts or the sum of all of them. Depends on a case by case.

    But, again, face is still a huge aspect. And as you said, that can vary. I usually just let my perception do my thinking for me in that area. I can pick out eyes and nose and lips after the fact, but I would not have been able to judge beauty if someone simply described them to me.

  16. @Travis and Doc:

    I never took symmetry very seriously. I mean, an ugly person can have a symetric face, yet just the beauty factors don’t add up. I never got it well understood, maybe.

    I also agree that we have some special preferences that could be modeled and used for predicting a possible mate. That’s why I asked. Many of us already have a model in our heads, like you guys seem to have too. I know I have some ideas too.

    And Travis that’s true, what you say about a person in their past being similar to us, raising the chances of attractiveness. When a woman tells me I look like one of her exs, normally is a good thing because probably I match her physical taste. Except if they had a nasty breakup, then I could bring bad memories, lol.

  17. Travis,

    Like you, I tend to be very analytical and express myself in mathematical terms, at times. So, I had no problem understanding your descriptions, earlier. I don’t USE a formula to decide if I think someone is attractive, or not, but I can describe women I tend to find attractive using a rough mathematical formula…if that makes any sense.

    I do take exception to your example of friends who date only white women (for example), but claim they have no preference in race. That isn’t that odd, actually, as the women a white person regularly contacts may be disproportionately white (for example). Or, while they may be attracted to Asian women (for example), they simply may have no luck getting dates with them, or aren’t comfortable asking a Black woman (for example) out.

    The women some men “end up with” may not be reflective of the women they are “attracted to”. Such is life, for some, unfortunately.

  18. dazn and Travis: when I say “balanced” features, I’m not actually talking about symmetry as such. What I mean is that everything is well proportioned (for example, I often object to the excessive nose jobs many Asian girls get these days, because they are out of proportion with the rest of their face).

  19. To address this further, i can also agree with danzlover, that statistical analysis, by itself, doesn’t really predict who I might be attracted to….but, it probably can eliminate many from the pool.

    I’m not a guy who has an overwhelming hair color preference. I’m certainly not overly attracted to Blondes, and find that many women look better with dark hair than Blonde.

    But, I have to admit, that (in Caucasian women) a great looking Redhead really catches my eye. There also seems to be something very special (in my experience) about the nether regions of a gorgeous Redhead. With that said, I don’t prefer an average Redhead over a stunning Brunette.

  20. Ha. Funny. With regards to Caucasian women, redheads are far and away my least favorite. It’s funny how much people’s tastes differ – even those that clearly have tastes in common, like we do.

  21. Also, Bigfoot, I don’t disagree with you on your earlier point. But some of these individuals think women like Sung Hi (in their prime) was still not nearly as pretty as, say, someone like Uma Thurman who is quite frankly tremendously inferior. These are people that do have a preference, but do not see it as a preference.

    Also, who one ends up with is not part of the equation at all. I may have a preference for Asian women, but that doesn’t exclude me from ever marrying a Caucasian or African American. It’s just a preference.

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