Thinking man’s idol Rei Kikukawa

Rei Kikukawa

“Intelligent idol” Rei Kikukawa has seen her career skyrocket due to her appearance in a bra commercial that has created a lot of buzz about her bust.Kikukawa, 29, got her break in the fickle Japanese entertainment world because she was a graduate of the Engineering Faculty at Tokyo University, Japan’s most revered academic institution and hardly the place that creates “aidoru,” who are, to put it nicely, not normally known for being intellectual whiz kids.


Now that’s what I call ‘intelligent design’… Full story is here.

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0 thoughts on “Thinking man’s idol Rei Kikukawa”

  1. I am kinda dumb, I’d love to have her as a teacher to give some advice on “positioning”. hehehehehe

  2. very hot….i like to have sexy time with her….if i say “mouth party” would i get a strike? :)) he he

  3. Not in the first photo, but in the second, very much so!

    I’ll have to do a post on Akira one of these days – one of my old faves.

  4. I, for one, am sick of brainless bimbos trying to get into my pants. I’d like to meet a girl who can get into my mind.

    That’s why I find Rei here so damn hot. 🙂

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