Hostesses In Vietnam


These pictures were sent to me by an ‘anonymous’ reader. As I have to protect his identity, I can’t reveal any background info about these photos, but we figured you’d enjoy them anyway. 😉


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  1. Please keep your comments on topic indcoup – this would have been much more apropriate for Robin’s Cynthiara Alona post (or one of our many Tiara posts).

  2. So true. Standards & expectations are low in the US for what makes for a beautiful Asian, reason being, I guess, the general overall competition.

  3. that goes to show you that Tiara is actually average looking ! look at her next to him on the photo wearing islam headscarf , make ups, photo settings can FOOL all of you ! (not to mention Adobe Photoshop) comes handy !- any comments from I always mentioned that she is average compares to other indo hotties..Cyntiara alona that’s plastic magic !

  4. All models wear makeup and they look usually much better than in real. But Tiara is still hot.
    I guess she choose the non-porn path some time and decided to move back home. Brave, for sure. Good luck for her, that’s what I say. And we still have her pictures. 🙂

    Regarding the vietnamese hostesses, are they working for some air company? :))

  5. dazn..these are Bar Hostesses i think…not airline hostesses…man, who is the lucky dog :)…what do you think Adam…good enough for your calendars? :))

    mike…i told you…much better than Tila…and a lot taller…he he

  6. All models wear makeup and they look usually much better than in real.

    Once again dazn, Sachiko doesn’t wear any makeup apart from lipstick in her web site photos, but it is true that she is the only such model I know of. Does anybody know of any other models who dare to not wear makeup in their model photos? I like “what you see is what you get”.

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