The ‘rape’ of Ms Shilpa Shetty – By Richard Gere?


Apparently to some it almost resembled a Bollywood rape scene on screen. Only the victim was not screaming or resisting. She was giggling with her eyes closed and seemed to be quite appreciative of what was going on.To an outraged public it was not an affectionate hug, but it was a passionate, sexual embrace.

Hearing them describe the controversial cuddle sounds something like this: “Gere held her with his arms and legs in a breath-taking grip, bent her down, pressed his torso and hips against her soft body. It looked as if he was overcome with passion and could not control himself. He was evidently unaware of the large audience that had come to participate in an AIDS awareness programme. He was totally oblivious to the world and got into a tight, blissful embrace…”

Full story is here.

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  1. Sounds like local PC run amok.PITY.For those of you out there that think Western religious fundamentalists are somehow just as dangerous-one need only look at crap like this to see that simply ‘AINT true.Some clown issues a “fatwa” because she hugs Richard Gere? Puhleeze.Enlighten me as to the last time you’ve seen a “fatwa” issue by a rabbi or a preacher.(I by the way am atheist) I will appeciate the good in other peoples’ cultures…I will call the CRAP what it is…CRAP! On to more pleasant things…She’s a cutie.Most Indian babes don’t do it for me.She does.

  2. She’s cute. Most Indians get so thick by age 21, but she does it for me. Big-time.

    It’s not just religious fanatics in the West who are dangerous. It’s the feminists. The idea that all men are predators rapists & molesters runs deep in modern western culture, all thanks to feminism. And applying US sex laws to what a US citizen does abroad, we have feminists & fanatics to thank for that (notice they aren’t going after the growing nembers of women as sex tourists).

    I call the Iraq war a Christian war on Islam (I am neither). I’d call that the mother of all fatwas. Also the suppression of birth control, another gift from our very own domestic Taliban.

    But yes, she’s lovely. Me likey!

  3. Sex tourism by women is on the rise. They are going to poor countries such as Jamaica & Dominican Rep. and having a ball. Many are making sport out of the fact that a great number of the native guys don’t like giving oral sex, so they get a kick out of giving “gifts” to the pool boy or diving instructor to see what it will take to get him to do something he loathes. We’re talking 45 y.o. fat women with some 21 y.o. hard body. Sound familiar?

    See the movie How Stella Got Her Groove Back?

    As for most feminists not being so “extreme”: somewhat true, but much of the assumption & dogma of radical feminism have crept into mainstream culture, academia, and the social sciences, such as the accepted truism that women in 2007 US are “oppressed”.

  4. Women are oppressed? No way. P***y rules and today more than ever, since women have education, money and freedom. They can do everything we do, those are some outdated, frustrated views.

  5. Once I read about Gere and Shilpa, on some news site, I went to youtube and, you know what, the video was already there!

    It seemed to me that Gere was totally out of place, doing that. He was looking pathetic and pushy. It was really sad, to see a guy that once had all the girls, now having to chase a woman on a stage…

    And I agree on two things: that it was not a good move in a AIDS event and that it was a totally unappropriate action.

    All the rest is exaggeration. But what to expect from a country where Kamasutra came from and now doesn’t even allow kisses to be shown on movies?…

  6. It was just a kiss for pete’s sake, although an awkward improper one. Did it merit his being burned, multiple times, in effigy?

  7. I once saw Gere maul an entertainment channel hostess in some photo booth, I think she would get into it with whomever she interviewed that day, anyways he was really all over her and she seemed not to mind but was quite startled by it at the same time. Its obvious that Gere still has some issues even at his age. He must have some track record and to be still so horny now is unusual.

  8. You know more and more of the stores from the gazette lately are leaving me with more questions and confusion than before I ever heard about them… I’m really getting annoyed.

    After seeing the Youtube video yeah, it was just a kiss a theatrical kiss how appropriate or not is it depends on if they know each other nor not.

    I understand cultural differences and I can understand how this can be made into something horribly wrong, I’m just ticked at the gazette’s reporting write up.

  9. Bigtusexy – The Gazette’s reporting is simply a summary of events and reactions.

    We are not playing up the event or the reaction, but simply reporting it. We certainly do not agree that this should be an issue and the few jabs we take in the article indicate this.

  10. hey, i just watched the video…it wasnt that bad…i have seen much worse on MTV or other award shows…remember Madona like a Virgin performance?

  11. Actually, we are all saying the Indians should not be taking this too seriously.

    BUT (and big BUT), just look what happened in the US-land-of-freedom when Janet accidently (and I stress, accidently) let her boob slip out of the jacket. Sadly, extremist reactions happen everywhere. Nothing got burned in the US, but there was a big fine and stricter rules and so on.

  12. I’m pretty sure women still only make two-thirds of what men make in the US, doing the same jobs. Clearly things aren’t completely right yet.

  13. Sorry, my numbers are a little old, I guess. They’re now up to three-quarters.


  14. Those numbers have been criticized as statistically flawed on many counts.

    How many oppressed outlive their oppressor by 10 years? When a grown man has consensual sex with a 13 year old girl he gets 20 years hard time in prison. When that is reversed, especially if the woman is hot, she gets 4 years of house arrest, if at all. Spousal abuse of woman on man is rarely reported, arrested or prosecuted, especially among elderly. If a man commits a heinous act such as killing his family the media is all over it: “What a monster”. If a woman does it, the question is: “What kind of monstrous man drove her to it?”
    Read the book “The Myth Of Male Power”, well-documented & thorough, a real eye-opener.

    I find it amusing when Americans point out sexual repression elsewhere. Bush, as Texas governor & now president has blown close to $1 BILLION on sexual abstinance education. It has been a dismal failure. Now he want to expand it to people in their 20’s, 90% of whom are sexually active. There is a chilling twist to this, as those who have taken “pledges” to not have sex before marriage are not prepared (condoms!) when it does happen. This just shows how retarded we are when it comes to sex.

  15. When a woman is seen naked, the man is a peeping tom. When a man is seen naked, he is exposing himself. Though what this has to do with Shilp and Rich is beyond me…

  16. After coming home I think I would have felt different if the location of the event was said at the beginning. Usually when I read a news story thats a report I look for the 5 w’s, sometimes when doesn’t come and I’m ok with that but Where and Why sometimes are big on getting things sorted out.

    I over reacted a bit but I still get lost in some of the stories, I can say however its not like some of the bad stories at the inq sometimes the articles they post that are based on other news is just… bad.

  17. When I first saw this video, I couldn’t believe it. India is one of those countries where public displays of affection is a no no. When you go to other countries, you have to respect their local customs. But for all of those people to get all worked up over a little hugging and kissing on the cheek is ridiculous. It may have been inappropriate and something that you shouldn’t do when you are trying to raise AIDS awareness, but logically it does not deserve riots in the streets and burning the man in effigy. And now warrants have been issued for their arrest. Ridiculous.

    As for Bush, his administration continues to spend millions on an abstinence program that has been proven to not work when that money could have been better spent on so many other things. I’m going back to looking at Asian chicks before I drive myself crazy.

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