The muscular Asian woman

Elizabeth Yu

“A muscular physique is a thing of beauty regardless of gender and ethnicity; this webblog attempts to show special support and consideration for the Asian female, who, in many cases, has extra barriers in pursuing athletic passions, whether they are bodybuilding, fitness, athletics, or recreation.”

After finding this wonderful site, I wanted to share it with you right away! (that’s how disturbing I found some of the photos! ;-)) But if you like what you see there, be sure to check out their links.

The model pictured above is Elizabeth Yu and not as disturbing as some of the girls there, because we do have a reputation to think of when it comes to sexy women. But I’m sure there are some of you who like a ‘firm grip’. To each his own I say.

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  1. hmm personally im not into the body building type of woman

    i think a strong and fit woman is definitely sexy, but when she becomes a bulk of muscle i start to lose any attraction ; and i hate to say it but some woman start to look like men wearing wigs and that kills it for me.

  2. I’ll take Ladyboy (probably not really a Ladyboy) Julia from earlier this week over any of these “girls”

  3. Skurupu and WarChief70: you can state your opinion as others have here, but please show a little more respect than simply calling a model “fugly”. Strike one for each of you.

  4. I’m not interested in girls that have more testosterone than me. The excess testosterone probably gives them terrible skin (acne) and a need to shave in areas asian women don’t usually have to worry about.

  5. I for one love an asian girl who has got some tone and muscle. That attraction stops when they start to look bulky though. Kiana is ideal in my mind.

  6. I like it. (The blog, that is.) Amazingly, these fitness women still look, facially, like women–unlike most Caucasian women who end up looking like men. In any case, I admire their dedication.

  7. And there we go, just look at the before and after shots of Liz Yu above…HOT! Much improved and not too manly looking. I like it alot. 🙂

  8. Liz is sexy, although she is on the brink of being too little feminine for me.

    Most of the other girls on that blog, just scare me. I’d date Liz and that’s it.

  9. I think Quaren there looks quite nice. If she relaxes her muscles she’d look just like a slender and fit asian woman. Any more than that is too much IMO.

  10. Thanks for visiting There isn’t anything one can say here that many of the women featured at The Muscular Asian Woman haven’t heard before. It takes an incredible amount of time and determination to develop one’s physique as many of these athletes have chosen to do. I do realise that a fit physique is not for everyone. However, please show some respect for these ladies– not only for the strength and determination required to succeed in physique modeling, bodybuilding, and fitness, but also for the courage and strength required to be different and stand apart from the crowd. Often, this is much more difficult in Asia than in the United States.
    For those who see the beauty and power in a muscular Asian woman, I appreciate your support.

  11. While appreciating the time and effort it takes to develop one’s physique, when a lady starts to look more like Arnold than Arnold himself does, I think that’s the look that most guys complain about. Feminine and fit is cool — musclebound not so much.

  12. I for one like fit/muscular women alot. I agree with most that when these women are posing to accent their musculature it isn’t very sexy… but these same women are very sexy in normal relaxed situations.


  13. I don’t see the beauty in many of them, but i do admire the determination and time it takes to get such a body. I know how hard it is and how much effort it takes, I do know for real.

    Take it easy, not everyone can be beautiful, but as long as they are happy with their bodies, that’s what matters.

  14. I would surely choose any one of these women over a 200 pound burger king eating, watches TV all day, no exercising woman, any day of the week. With pleasure.

  15. no lie i would bop this lady. don’t think i’d be showing her off to my friends though..that would be weird.
    some of those others on the website, no thank you.

  16. I have fantasies sometimes about an asian woman who could grab me and take me, break me then throw me away when she’s through with me… haha. Ouch my pee-pee hurts…

  17. Who? Me? I just took it and then cried into my pillow as she put her clothes back on and dropped a $20 on the night stand… haha!

  18. I had read in his book that Dennis Rodman had a particularly athletic sleep-over with one of the old American Gladiator chicks and she broke his pee-pee (his own words). He said it was bent hardcore… haha. I don’t remember what he said the Dr. told him… probably to be careful when tearin’ poop up… haha!

  19. personally not my style but Elizabeth looks cute
    if i imagine it:
    at least if a biker guy try`s to take her away when we are at a bar
    we both can kick his ass
    or she`ll kick his ass alone and i`ll go order some beer ha ha ha ^_^

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