Justene Jaro @ modFXmodels.com

Justene Jaro @ modFXmodels.com

Justene Jaro is a stunning mix of two cultures: Filipina and Puerto Rican. Check out an (all nude!) gallery at modFXmodels.com.

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  1. Her boobs make me squirm…I can imagine having those things stuck to my chest…

    Other than that, I really like her hair. It was the first thing I noticed for some reason…

  2. Looks like a ‘bargain basement’ boob job. Was she trying to save money or simply couldn’t afford a better job? Such a shame.

  3. I think she has a pretty face but bad fake boobs and not much of an ass. Nice and smooth and no tats. Those are good things.

  4. Hey daznlover…when you’re finished taking care of Justene, can I have a turn taking care of her? I mean, if you don’t mind, of course. 🙂

  5. I find Justene more exotic looking than Kay is. Her boob job ain’t that good but I’ve seen worse so I’m not bothered by it. She may also not have a booty but I would still give her a spanking for being such a bad girl 🙂

  6. Nahhhh, she must be full philippino…her tits are fake, her nose got done, she waerin color contacts aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand she got NO ass…ya’ll better check ya’ll heads. I like me some REAL latinas like somaya reece. if she puerto rican, where is her ASS???

  7. Looking back now, it actually is a little on the flat side. Butttttt…I have seen worse and it’s nothing a good stair climber and a few squat thrusts couldn’t fix.

  8. I came across her Penthouse pics on another site, and I have to say she looks better with the dark hair. Actually, I like the whole package with the exception of her boob job.

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