Kay Valentine @ modFXmodels.com

Kay Valentine @ modFXmodels.com

We featured Kay Valentine once before, and she wasn’t very happy about that…

But now modFXmodels brings us a free gallery, and even sent me the photos. So here we go again: Kay Valentine! 😉

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  1. I think she’s pretty…….but there are much better pics of her around. I really don’t like this style of photo editing with overly blooming colors and way too much contrast.

  2. I completely agree, Christine. Although, the photography is so different, it’s hard for me to get a read on how attractive either girl really is.

    But, from what I have seen here, Kay is better looking, IMO.

  3. Kay’s face is pretty enough (though hardly outstanding), but her body is ordinary at best. I would say Tin Tin is sexier (and has a better body).

  4. Damn…the Doc likes Tin Tin better. I do think Tin Tin is a little more on the exotic side to me. Not quite so american looking. But heck…I certainly wouldn’t complain if Kay was my girlfriend or significant other though.

  5. Very modern pin-up. I like this sort of photography a lot. I think that over all I would rather do Tin Tin though.

  6. Heehee, no I just hang out with mainly guy friends and we watch a TON of porn and play video games. And its gotten to a point where I’m pretty much as good as a guy at analyzing girls.

    In general I like to be as good as “the guys” or better at most things. This includes everything from video games and computer geek stuff to being athletic and enjoying sports…though I also really like girly things (bunnies, cooking, clothes, ect.–>though I think I have more lingerie than the average girl and wouldnt mind a threesome with a lot of these girls.) =^.~=

  7. Daznlover, no you guys havnt. Based on the critiques of actual models, I’m sort of scared of the opinions of me ;P. I think I’m pretty attractive for the general population but I dont think I’m at all model quality. Though I have done some photoshoots for myself and lucky few =^.~= But these are my face pics that are sexy that on the internet publicly so might as well right?
    Be nice…

  8. I agree Rayne – you look pretty cute to me, but probably not model material (as you know, being a model is about a lot more than just being cute). And don’t worry – we aren’t as critical of girls who don’t put themselves up as models, as models are trying to make a career out of their looks – so they are basically asking us to pass judgement on them.

  9. I think Ms. Valentine is really pretty and that a lot of the girls featured on this site who aren’t as pretty are getting unnecessary props by too many people. Tin Tin is pretty, but not that pretty, she looks a little too unfriendly to me. I am actually a very harsh person when it comes to looks because I grew up wanting to be a derm/plastic surgeon (symmetry and proportion is key!). BTW, I am totally against yellow fever but I am for appreciating Asian beauty when the woman is actually beautiful and not because she is Asian, especially if she’s ugly with cross-eyes that are too small for her face (yes, that is a mean and a curt definition of a “yellow fever chick”). My bf is white but I feel sick sometimes because I think he has yellow fever, though I know for sure I am not one of those “yellow fever chick.”

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