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Hikaru Koto is a former AV star in Japan. She was most active from 2003 to 2005, winning a few awards and staring in dozens of different videos. After she retired, she became famous again as a YouTube babe known as Cotorich. I haven’t watched those videos straight through, but glancing at a few of them, they look somewhat trippy.Stats:

Age: 24
Height: 5’4
Ethnicity: Japanese
Located: Osaka





















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  1. She’s superb. The abs, the leg shape, the nice tits, the hot lips and the enticing eyes.

    I wonder if she decided to go behind the cam. Interesting pics on her blog.

  2. My only regret is that when i lived in Shinjuku Ku Tokyo Japan in that little apartment that I couldn’t have this woman next to me to keep me warm at night.

    She’s superb. 10/10

    I’d easily put a ring on that finger.

  3. Beautiful woman. Relatively tasteful boob job. I enjoyed her videos back in the day. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. She’s the AV Goddess during the 2005 period, now she just completely disappeared from the AV scene…I can say she’s everyone favorites!

  5. Wow, serious hottie.

    AV question: do the men in Japanese AV videos even get paid? Half the time they seem like middle age rich businessman types that look more like they were the ones paying to get down with the AV hotties.

    Also what’s up with all the 2 and 3 on 1’s? Why is it that a good 95% of Japanese 3 and 4somes feature 2 or 3 men and only 1 woman? Do Japanese get off on gang bangs or something? Is it something to do with power and humiliation? (Which also seems to be the case with bukake)

  6. Can anyone help where I can find the tube for this lovely lady. Been looking at megaporn.com, but cannot find any. Help?

  7. Wow, a Japanese model who actually has calves! I like her legs and her figure but her looks? They’re OK but nothing spectacular.

  8. “She’s the AV Goddess during the 2005 period”

    I missed her during that period so what’s old news to some is hot news to me. First reaction to the pics…Holy cow, what a babe…drop dead gorgeous head to toe.

    Goddess is right…this stunning beauty must poop rose petals.

  9. Pic #8 ass profile is astounding and brings out the spelunker in me. I’m counting the minutes for someone to come along and tell me it’s Photoshopped :O

  10. Hey HG,
    You take the calves; I’ll take the thighs. If anyone says she has cankles Hikaru goes up a few points on my scale.

  11. at Dongbei:

    My guess is, (and this is only because I would do it if I were them) is that they are charging the guys to be in AVs. There are plenty of guys and otakus willing to pay out the big bucks to get with some of these AV stars, so why not make double profit? It would be like legal prostitution with exponentially more profit. As for the 3 some foursome thing…more guys equally more payers. That is my guess as to why you mostly see unattractive middle age guys… because they are prolly rich guys that are payer. I don’t know I could be way off but that is what I would do if I was makin an AV in Japan.

  12. Ha ha.

    In so much of Japanese porn you see the same guys over and over and over again. (I swear that a few of these gentlemen must make five movies a day.) Obviously professonal actors who know how to do what needs to be done.

  13. Yep, the actors are definitely pros – once you a see a few JAVs you start to see the same guys popping up(!) all the time. Doing this stuff for a camera with multiple takes is not as easy as most guys think.

  14. @ athf @ Dongbei

    Sorry fellas but you are way off there. Japanese porn works the same as it does anywhere else in the world. The actors are either the directors/producers or actors that are paid. You have to notice the way in which the movies are presented (and they are certainly presented in a certain way). I have no doubt that the reputable families have there finger in this pie in some way though.

  15. @Dongbeiyemer

    per-movie budgets running from 500,000 yen (for lower quality flicks) on up to 6,000,000 or 8,000,000 yen, substantial delays are not tolerated.

    If guys can’t raise it a lot is lost in production costs. A guy who can’t do it doesn’t get paid much.

    While actresses can earn between 200,000 and 4 million yen per feature, a top actor might get only 60,000 yen a day. Guys who simply can’t get the timing right can see their pay sag to 15,000 yen.

  16. I’m not saying it is easy. The only reason why I guess this way is because I know one of the black guys that has been in a few of the AVs… and he says everyone pays, even the Japanese guys. He used to be a Marine in Okinawa when he first got involved. So I wouldn’t say I am way off.

  17. Actually there are many JAV movies with black guys in them. It certainly is a distinct minority, but the black guys doing Japanese girls “storyline” has been around for a long time.

    Here are some recent titles.

    Yu Urumi in “Black Gangbang”
    Fuuka Nanasaki in “Black Fuuka”
    Sayuri Shiraishi in “Beautiful Mature Woman and Blacks”
    Saki Kataoka in ”First Black F—“
    Rino Sekiguchi in “Showa Black Soldier Drama”
    Koyuki Nagasawa in “Creampie Destruction Savage Black Penis”

    Some of these films are done in Los Angeles, like Dewi in “Black Semen in LA.” They sometimes show the woman on the streets of LA. Then they go to some rented club or some such place for the sex. But it is obvious that many of these films are made in Japan. I always wondered where they got the guys and have thought that some of them may be black American ex-military.

  18. That isn’t mainstream JAV – I wouldn’t be surprised if at least some of these are actually American productions. And even if they are Japanese, they are almost certainly independent productions, not products of the major JAV houses. Of course, when it comes to these sorts of productions, anything goes – it isn’t reflective of how things are normally done in these videos.

  19. It’s not fringe stuff.

    And none of these are American productions. Some are indies, but most come from the mainstream studios.

    For example from Moodyz, one of the biggest of the mainstream studios:

    Senna Kurosaki: An Elder Sister’s Black Man and Sex
    Jun Nada: Black Semen
    Akira Watase and Miyoshino: Black Swap in LA
    An Nanba: Black Manland Sex
    Nene Ogawa: Black Man Tits Digital Mosaic
    Azusa Ayano and Izumi Hasegawa: Black, Slut, and Orgy
    Etc, etc, etc.

    If you know JAV, you will recognize these actresses.

    Moodyz alone has many, many videos with black guys in them.

    It is not uncommon for mainstream stars to make a video or two in this “genre” in her career path.

    Just go to some web site selling JAV and type in “black” in the search engine. Or course you will get stuff on black hair, black stockings, etc. But also examples of mainstream videos with black guys, typically with some big black guy holding a little Japanese woman.

  20. Wow, that’s interesting! It is true that I haven’t followed JAV for quite a while, but it was 100% Japanese when I was into it. Perhaps they get a lot of Americans these days who are willing (and dumb enough) to pay to do it with JAV girls, so the JAV studios can’t say no. 🙂 You can be sure the Japanese actors are paid professionals though.

  21. Meanwhile, back on subject….I really like this girl. Beautiful face, perky boobs, nice legs — drool.

  22. They do lots of ‘amateur’ porn in JAV too, in fact, many of the storylines are built around amateurs. One of my favourites is where they have these school boy virgins at a public bathhouse by themselves and suddenly 20 female JAV stars rush in and start doing naughty things and trying to see how many times they can… erm…

    Anyways, if those virgins are getting paid to do that, I suddenly believe in Karma and am convinced they are Ghandi reborn.

  23. Also, I understand that performing in porn isn’t for everyone, and most males wouldn’t be able to do it in front of a bunch of strangers with a camera rolling… but that said it IS for some people. Probably a lot of guys get off on being watched. There are a lot stranger fetishes out there than that, especially in Japan. I have no doubt you could find plenty of guys that would pay good money to star in a JAV, and do a fine job too. I’m pretty sure I could for one, I’m not shy in the least =] I’m not saying I’d make a career out of it, but it’s something I sure as heck wouldn’t mind trying once in my life.

  24. She can pull it all off! Trashy, sexy and elegant all depending on her expression and body language. Simply put she is a natural!

  25. Yeah not exactly what I was talking about when I suggested that plenty of rich guys would be willing to pay….

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