The Asian-Sirens Archive!

Sometimes it seems as if our whole blogteam is on vacation! 😉 Well, I can only speak for myself, and I apologize for the lack of new postings. I am rather busy with some stuff, including a new gf (yes, Asian ;-)). But for those of you eager to read a new posting, please don’t forget that we have a rather large archive here at Asian-Sirens. There are 874 articles to choose from!

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  1. Just like a giddy schoolgirl or an middle-aged housewife….I want gossip! The details, man! The details!!!

    This, of course, refering to your new woman. Will she ever appear on AS? Does she know of your dark side? Measurements? Blood type (that one’s for all the J-weirdos)?

    Might as well give us the scoop, Robin, in lieu of updates. 🙂 (no, not Lucy Lieu!)

  2. Well, she may read this also, so I’ll guess I’ll keep those things private! Well, just one little thing then: she’s Chinese. And no, she will not appear here. Sorry! 😉

  3. Robin, pls tell me how to:

    1. directly post an image onto a comment

    2. how to highlight a link address (so it appears in orange color) within the comment


  4. Yes, I have to do some more searches here at Asian Sirens… this blog is gold!

    Robin, chinese, good choice. 😉
    You say that she will not appear here. But did you REALLY asked her if that’s her will? I mean, maybe she wants to pose and have her blog-page-of-fame. 🙂

  5. Lee, can you answer the tangoll question? I am not exactly sure. I think linking to an image elsewhere with normal html works?

    She knows of this site, and did not express the wish to appear 😉

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