Thai Cuties

A site that fills up the gap that appeared after the closure of, is A website filled with young Thai girls who go beyond posing nude…

I am not sure how many of you are into (semi)hardcore stuff, but I think there must be some visitors who will enjoy this site! 😉

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  1. Nancy Ho is on the middle left with the Thai Cuties cut-off tee covering her perfect natural
    DD’s.I’ve got an old-school crush on honey.Sadly she’s 11k miles from even the slightest flirtation from me.The one hardcore scene that I’m aware of…she does a steaming scene in Hustlers Asian Fever 11.That guy was the luckiest man on earth at that moment.Find more stuff on her.

  2. Thai Cuties is okay. There are a few sites out there that tried to fill the void that A4Y left behind but can’t because the quality of their work is not as good as A4Y. The one site I would recomment is 88 Square. The good thing about Thai Cuties is that they photographed some of my favorite models from A4Y.

  3. Hum.. not really my thing. But since I’m one of few people that prefers images of females with their clothes on, as opposed to off, I’m sure this site will do well.

    Quality work at that site non the less!

  4. GOD FORBID science ever figures out a way to cryogenicly freeze humans.

    If that does happen, Thai, Chinese and Philipinas will be frozen and shipped to America like PS3 units via special order.

  5. 88 Square has a couple of fatal problems. One, the photographer or photographers who shoot for it are clueless on how to properly expose a shot. Their pictorials are consistently overexposed and washed out.

    Second, they have, in my opinion, a large number of models who cause suspicion about being a different gender at some point in the not so distant past….

  6. clint…uh oh…that is something you do not want to find out later on about your girl if she has a little something something for ya:)

  7. If you missA4Y then join Moon Angel. In their extensive search engine they have the complete (I think) A4Y photo shoots including hardcore ones.

    Nancy Ho did another hardcore video shoot in one of the Fantadream Pleasure Islands series. This was before extensive tatoos. What is it about Thai models and tatoos. Can’t seem to leave their bodies alone.

  8. im interested in joining thaicuties, but i was wondering if Jang E Ping from A4Y is one of the models.

    i have all of her material from asian4you (jang e ping), asiannude4you (lam lai fong), and 88square (christina yho).

    does anyone know of any other sites she is on? thanks.

  9. Jang E Ping is one of my favorites too. I prefer her old stuff before she got implants. Besides those three sites, I haven’t seen her in anything else.

  10. yeah. thai girls nowadays do too much to their bodies, for sure. but if you’re a guy here looking for a “nice girl” (or a bad girl, for that matter), tattoos and peircings are a pretty good barometer. haha!

  11. i know this is an older post but i feel compel to comment 🙂 i just saw a flick about ladyboys in thailand and saw some amzing, amzing looking lady boys. if they dont talk, you will never be able to tell they are men. one of the ladyboys look exactly like my gf in vietnam…with small thin arms, shapely legs, and the smallest waist..i think he may have had his ribs removed. the ladyboy also had the nicest set of boobies. but yet panned down below the waist and you see a small penis. this movie had two or three ladyboys that can pass for very good looking women. one can really make a mistake with this and be in for a big suprise…:) did i mentioned they were extremely good looking? How can you be sure these days with the advancement with plastic surgeries…just my 5 cents..:)

  12. Yeah, these days men can turn themsleves into women without any problems, yet people still get worked up when I say a model’s had a nose job! 😉

  13. hey doc…this movie featured some amzing ladyboys. i dont think any of us can tell the difference until they talk. i guess you cant really change your voice or is it possible. one of the ladies in this movie is just amzing….but then one realizes she is a dude:)) i will try to get the title for you guys…

  14. yes, many ladyboy have operations and take tablet hormones you know, many operations like electroysis to stop hair growing on face, cut down adams apple, take out ribs. breast implants and nose job,, its too much for me, I just look like girl naturally, ok not have breast but not care, I very sexy ladyboy, Different type of ladyboy you know some want all operations some want none like me.
    Ladyboy Kat in Bangkok xx

  15. You need to take out ribs to give yourself a feminine waistline.

    And welcome thai ladyboy! It is interesting to hear things from your perspective.

  16. Kinda off topic, but does anyone know who the model featured in the thaicuties ad to the left is?

  17. I was trying to find that a while back, wylde8, in a different post, but nobody responded. I love her cute smile and nice breasts.

  18. Agreed Arf. I took a quick look at the website, but best I can tell, she’s not one of the models on the preview pages.

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