6 million hours of video content!

We all know YouTube, Google Video and other videosites but how to find your favorite stuff in 6 million hours of video content?

One of the handy tools I often use to search video is blinkx.com. They recently introduced a nice feature and that is that you can wall your favorites, e.g. asian babes and copy the code, for example, on your own blog. Now this matrix of small videos (browse it with your mouse and click on your favorite) will be updated as soon as there is a new video with asian babes. Isn’t that cool 😉

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0 thoughts on “6 million hours of video content!”

  1. This is cool to put on my web page, based on tags. So I can check out some asian babes right while reading the news. Great find!

    Good that you didn’t search for asian girls… nasty stuff on those results, lol

  2. Well that is certainly eye opening… Maybe someone can sneak into a Best Buy and rig the huge multi panel display to perfectly render one video per panel.

    Or maybe thats just my dream come true…

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