Tera Lee


Tera Lee is a new low budget solo website model from the Philippines. Unless they market a lot, I’m not sure how people find these so easily. I’m not even sure how I did.Stats:

Age: ?
Height: ?
Ethnicity: Filipina
Located: Philippines











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0 thoughts on “Tera Lee”

  1. She’s cute, but I think she’s going to have to get really dirty or do something unique to make a niche for herself.

  2. Cute little T & A. Last image reminds me of a polynesian Christina Ricci. I love her butt in the behind shot!

  3. I agree with wylde – very cute but doesnt have that wow factor that separates her from the rest

  4. Actually, I think she’s quite cute and pretty, and her body isn’t bad. With some good, professional photography, I think she’d come up quite well.

  5. Very Filipina… cute and a nice smile. Flawless skin. Very light nipples for a Filipina. Little imp.

  6. arf, my friend, your bet is right (next, try the lottery). 🙂
    She’s my kind of girl, yes sir!

    Gorgeous smile, small tits and kinda naughty. Like most filipinas: what’s there not to love?

  7. and kroos will ask if longtack will like her.
    well, longtack thinks she is cute, but agrees with dots that there is no real WOW factor.
    what does kroos think?

  8. Well Mr Longtack, I have to agree with you and the esteemed medical chest expander Doc.

    Of course, while saying this, the little voice in my head is telling me “yeah right- if she walked within 500metres of you in real life you’d be salivating like a drunk basset hound humping the back of the sofa”.

    It’s easy to be picky on this interweb thingo.

    I do however really like the last pic- maybe partly because I’m anticipating a bit of regrowth down there. I’m not a big fan of the plucked chicken look.

  9. On second thought, while Tera is no Gayle Angeli, I can see similarities so it’s not that surprising that the Doc likes her. arf of course was a gimme:-)

  10. I love this girl, her face is beautiful but then I truly love the Filipinas. I wish she was packing a little more in the body department but then it’s kind of refreshing that she hasn’t gone that route. She’s easy to find btw, they post her on Asian Thumbs every few days.

  11. Agreed slackerking, and Asian Thumbs is my favorite site for hot Asian women galleries (now that Asian Sex Express and 100Asians are gone).

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