Yumi (Mainland Sirens 3)


Yumi is probably the most prolific of all the models to be found on the Chinese ‘Body Art’ sites.
While many other models on these sites seem to come and go, Yumi continues to churn out photo shoots at a quiet a steady pace.
The style and poses of her photos are sometimes a little different and more edgy than the usual content found on the ‘Body Art’ sites. Her distinctive look sticks out easily from the crowd, sporting a western name, dyed messy hair, tattoos (ankle and lower back).
In my mind Yumi is a real trailblazer for other models here in China, find out why after the jump…Pornographic sites are officially banned from being hosted in mainland China.
While Japan has what seems like hundreds of AV stars and gravure models, with new ones popping up every day.
China with a population at least 10 times as large by contrast has none.
Though I’m sure there is plenty of underground stuff out there.

In my mind Chinese ‘Body Art’ sites are quite daring in doing what they do here.
They tread a thin line, getting away with being called ‘Art’ sites to get around the ban.
If any model could be said to be at the fore front of this relatively new scene it’s Yumi
and if any model is going to push the envelope of what’s acceptable futher in modern China my money is on her.
Way to go Yumi!













Age: ???
Height: ???
Ethnicity: Chinese
Located: ???

Pics Gallery 1
Pics Gallery 2
Pics Gallery 3

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0 thoughts on “Yumi (Mainland Sirens 3)”

  1. Nice. She looks like she really enjoys modeling.

    Doc Lee – precisely what other things do you have in mind?

  2. Yes, she certainly is well put together. And her face is actually fairly pretty. The hair and tats don’t bother me all that much on Yumi, for some reason.

    As dbldipper notes, she seems to be having a very good time, which really contributes to her overall appeal, IMO.

    BTW, did a model get removed over the past day or so? I thought there was one after Janey Vi recently.

  3. Pretty good representation of Yumi’s different looks in this collection. Gallery 2 extends it with some VERY nice shots of her. But SO many!!

    The bat tat doesn’t bother me..in fact I think where it’s located nicely complements her hairstyle and her lovely rounded bottom. It’s also one of the most stylish tats I’ve seen. It sits well on her I say.
    lol..it would sure scare the crap out of the redbacks lurking under the dunny seat whenever she sat down.
    NIGHTHAWK certainly nailed the “Goldie Hawn’ similarity.
    @shuai ge: Not sure you can make that blanket statement about no new models appearing in China. I do agree with the fact of the bans in PRC but it isn’t totally impossible to find stacks of new Chinese models appearing – even if some of the sites (see the copyright watermarks in the above pics) are pounced on and access denied.

  4. Such a FUSS over the BAT TAT?! If you think about it: It’s something to distract and extend….umm..during certain POSITIONS (:-} Get it?? (I would LOVE TO!)

  5. She’s a batgirl wannabe….. 🙂

    Yummmi! Very pretty, body to die for and brave enough to be on edge. I wouldn’t change anything on her, not even the tats. Gotta love those art sites!

  6. @ longtack: thanks for the point. Perhaps I need to make it clearer in the blurb at the top. I’m not saying that there aren’t any new Chinese models appearing either on regular model sites such as Moko or on the body art sites (in fact it’s quite the opposite).

    The general idea here is that the body art sites are very much in a legal grey area in China and as such the models on the body art sites don’t give out their real names or any information on these sites plus the turn over of models is relatively high.

    Yumi seems to enjoy her work and to quote daznlover above is ‘brave enough to be on the edge’. For that I respect her.
    Plus she’s hot!

  7. Surely ‘Yumi’ is a Japanese name, not a Western one? She even looks quite Japanese in some of the photos, such as the shaving foam one.

  8. Shuai Ge – Now I can agree with you. And yes I’d always wondered why the ‘body art sites’ were accessible and others were blocked.
    For some reason, it seems ‘porn’ from Japan for example, is allowed in PRC but not, and I use this word hesitantly, viewing of ‘precious’ Chinese nude models.
    and Foddy. Yes, I wanted to make the same point too, but didn’t want to heap too much criticism at once on SG.

  9. @SirWankalot. 5 possible answers:
    1. Towel? what towel? Oh THAT towel!
    2. She’s in a bath. A book (for deportment practice) might get water-damaged.
    3. She has no towel rail. No that’s not a towel rack in the pic. It’s to hold on to while you admire the bat tat, and try not to dislodge the towel in your actions.
    4. It’s been pointed out before she is ‘edgy’ in her art. Watch the imitators!
    5. Japanese often use garden hoses as props; she uses a folded towel. But I fail to see how erotic a folded towel on the head could be.

  10. I don’t know, these photos are so bad it’s hard to see her beauty. Definitely not the highest quality we’ve been used to see here.

  11. @ foddy / longtack: by western, i was referring to the fact that she’s chosen a name that is written using the English alphabet rather than Chinese characters.

    Few mainland Chinese would know that ‘yumi’ was in fact a Japanese rather than western name. It’s quite possible Yumi herself doesn’t know this either.

    Some possible reasons she’s chosen this name:

    1. Yumi is how you write ‘Corn/maize’ in pinyin (Pinyin is the commonly used phonetic romanization of Chinese). The word (and food) is important in Chinese culture/language for various reasons. So her choice of name might allude to this somehow.

    2. Yumi might be part Japanese or particularly like Japanese culture.

    3. It’s just a name she picked out because she heard it somewhere and liked it as it’s sounds sufficiently western but is easy for Chinese people to say.

    My guess is either 1 or 3, but to who knows really. It’s all part of this woman’s mystery.

  12. Shuai Ge. Cool. Excellent answer. Yes. Of course! In the pages of links to pics in Chinese characters, ‘Yumi’ DOES indeed stand out. And to a Western reader, while it might not necessarily force him/her to choose that link, for a model’s self promotion it would be a great tool. Clever Yumi!
    I’m trying to think of other western names I have seen before now.
    As it appears to be Japanese rather than Chinese, and discounting for a moment, the yumi = corn/maize thing, to a Chinese censor it might just escape being noticed and blocked. That might be a long shot though.
    Finally, in one of my classes, I have a Yoyo, a Yuki AND a Yummy! In the same vein perhaps? I could do some small covert research with why they chose those names.

  13. Mixed feelings about this girl, but I really love the photo with the gloves and short hair.

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