Sylvia Wang

Sylvia Wang

Law student Sylvia Wang (26) first caught my eye after one of her blog entries was featured at Xanga (no small accomplishment, knowing Xanga). After checking out her site, I was absorbed by her writings and was merely considering her for an Asian Sirens feature, but what decisively won me over were her awesome Microsoft Paint stick-figure illustrations.The 165cm tall, 33-24-35, part-time model and part-time law student was signed to one of the top modeling agencies in Hawaii for two years, but since her attending school in California made it impossible for her to attend auditions in Hawaii, she hasn’t been featured in anything noteworthy ….until now.

Sylvia’s also a published writer, having had articles appear in the Honolulu Star-Bulletin, a self-confessed junk food junkie, and (like Michelle Phan and Leena Nguyen) she’s another one of those beautiful Asian girls who’s an avid video gamer. “I’ve played them since I was 4, and it’s one form of recreation I will never live without,” she told me.

Sylvia Wang

Sylvia Wang

Sylvia Wang

Sylvia Wang

1/10/2009 Edit: Signed photo Sylvia was gracious to send me in appreciation for this entry

See more of Sylvia at:
Her Xanga Site
Kathy Muller Agency

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  1. Thing is, by age 40 she’ll look the same. And that’s a good thing. By lawyer standards she’s a knockout. And smart girls always make me hot.

  2. She could be promising. She’s one of those girls whose personality would make or break it for them. If she has a great personality, she could be considered the ideal woman. If not, then she would completely fall off your radar.

  3. Sylvia should milk the modeling thing for at least a good 2-3 years whiles she can.

    I wish i was good looking enough to model for KMart and here she has a chance to model nice sophisticated commericals mags and so on with her look.

    With her look she doesnt even need to do the go-go tramp stuff.

  4. The only pic I find her attractive in would be the final image, otherwise, I actually find her quite average in the looks department.

    I also disagree that she gets progressively hotter in descending image order. The second to last pic leaves much to be desired.

    Perhaps I’m being harsh? I don’t know – I guess I just don’t see the fascination with Sylvia, fellow siren lovers. ^_^;

  5. While I still think she looks better with each successive pic – and I do find her “MILFyness” quite attractive – she certainly isn’t anything special. The pic where she looks the best is also the least revealing, and I suspect that isn’t any coincidence.

  6. They do? Really?
    This is most certainly valuable information which none of our readers was previously aware, I am sure.

  7. Oh look, another “law student” better yet, “part time”! What are the chances this woman is going to become a serious attorney? About zero. I doubt she even goes to school.

    The top pic is ugly, but you can thank the terrible makeup job for that one, though. I hate hate hate that style of heavy makeup on asians, it makes them look like cheap hookers. She is an attractive woman, but not drop-dead gorgeous. I had hot asian girls at my law school too, a few hotter than her, though I bet, unlike this girl, that they are actually lawyers now. They never did modeling and certainly did not get into the art of self-promotion.

    Here is the thing: this girl is obviously someone who wants to be a writer, not a lawyer. Secondly, she also wants to leverage her looks to the hilt. While she is good looking, she is not hot enough to live off her looks.

    The whole “gamer girl” thing is going to be super hot to nerds everywhere, though as far as a job I suppose the only thing it qualifies you for is to be a hostess on that g4 channel. 😉

  8. Hey sevendeuce…are you one of them guys that find the gamer girl super hot like lawfin was saying? 🙂

  9. I find it hilarious that this girl is even on this site next to all these other beautiful asians. She did like 1 day of modeling six years ago and has been milking those pics for all they are worth. In actuality she is very average looking, has a bad attitude (I mean did any of you really read her Xanga? It’s all hateful rants and she’s completely serious), and she’s been going to school way too long. And the gamer girl thing is over-played. She’s really just into a few certain games (final fantasy to be exact). I wouldn’t consider her a gamer girl at all. Average looking, highly pretentious, and very unhonest.

  10. That’s “dishonest” alabamaman. 🙂 Apart from that, I suspect your post is pretty much on the money. I have to admit that I never bothered to read her blog (I have better things to do).

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