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…Lucky Bike.

Apple Somoza has been modeling for only about 2 or 3 years and since she turned 24 just one month ago, she may be around for a while. She is best known for her excellent skin tone and her somewhat “dangerous eyes” (she rarely has a photo where she looks “sweet”). More after the jump.As of yet it does not appear she has done nude photography and I am having a hard time deciding what I think of her. But someone asked me to make a post about her and she’s certainly not bad looking, so here she is. Lee won’t like her.


Age: 24
Hometown: Chicago
Height: 5’4
Ethnicity: Filipina



More Photos and Information:

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0 thoughts on “Apple Somoza”

  1. I like her. I always like Filipinas. I just wish she would have kept her hair dark. Not a big fan of the blond Asian girls. She pretty hot though.

  2. “i have to say that im more of a fan of the sweet looking asian girls”

    me also, and i also agree her hair would be better dark.

    i lovee the natural look best!

  3. I guess I have been spoiled the last few years. I’ve have been vacationing over in Viet Nam and Thailand and have seen some of the most natural, exotic Asian beauties. when I come back to the States, I can’t help but be disappointed. she is average at best with a nice tone body.

  4. I think she’s HAWT…even with the blond hair and evil eyes. I think maybe the Doc may just like this one. 🙂

  5. The more I look at her, the more I am not convinced she’s my type. But I do like the first photograph, and a few of her others.

    Wait… Do I like her less than Doc? That’d be a first.

  6. In SE Asia she would be average. Here she’s a big deal, another sad commentary on looks standards in the US. Not happy about the hair.

    The first photo is clearly photoshopped. Note how the cleavage is heavily shaded to give the illusion of boobage. Not that I don’t mind small ones. On the contrary. Small suits her frame.

  7. She’s also younger in the dark haired photos and since a lot of facial changes take place between 22 and 24, it is not unheard of that she would look better now if she changed her hair back.

  8. Travis is right on your face changing after your early twenties. You start to look even more like your parents, it’s kind of freaky seeing that you really are just a damn xerox copy of two people.

  9. luvjgirls: It stands to reason that people in North America would find so-called “average” looking Asian girls “hot”.

    How many times do we hear stories about ugly gaijin, farang, etc. getting cute girls abroad?

    I call it the “Lucy Liu factor”. Personally, I think she’s hot, but most (if not all) Asians I talk to say that she’s average at best.

    So I’m not so sure if looks standards here in North America is necessarily the issue. It’s a simple matter of minorities being “exotic” – and I think it’s precisely that flavour that many will immediately find attractive.

    When the quantity is low, the quality doesn’t need to be high. Or something like that…

  10. Lucy Liu is an interesting one. She certainly isn’t pretty by Asian standards at all. But she does have a good body (very trim and fit), and she really knows how to act sexy on screen. So while I would normally agree with what Asians consider attractive themselves, for me Lucy is a special exception.

  11. I wouldn’t mind a bite out of that Apple. The blonde hair really needs to go because the color makes her look plain and unexotic. If she went back to dark hair, then I would look at her. But right now I will pass.

  12. I am also curious to find out who Asians consider beautiful. Maybe that can be a separate discussion because I would hear about how Lucy Liu isn’t pretty but never a name of who is pretty to compare her to. I just find Lucy to be pretty and very sexy. I can find prettier but they lack the same level of sexiness that Lucy has, so that’s why I love her.

  13. If you follow my taste you’ll have a pretty good idea – I guess because I see so many of them in my day to day life, my taste has ended up being much the same as their’s. I think what sevendeuce says is true: it really depends on how many Asians you see.

  14. DR.LEE…Would that explain-in reverse-why Asian girls find TODD so flippin’ hot? Not cheap shotting you directly just suggesting that if your theory holds…

  15. You can tell she lost a little bit of that soft feminine look as she got older. She almost looks “rougher” to some degree with the blond hair tan and toned body. Really a drastic change in looks.

    Maybe if i saw her most recent pictures first before i saw her older ones (younger in age) i would say , “wow” but after seeing her younger pics I cant say i like her current look.

    She is not playing the strengths of her features thats for sure.

  16. She’ pretty hot, but she has the little pudgy belly already starting. Eventually, she won’t be able to photoshop that out, and videos, forget about it. But for now, she’s good. tick tock…

  17. Hi guys this is Apple. =) It’s always nice to know what people are saying about me the www. Neg. positive .. still is feedback.

    I’ve gone back to natural regarding my hair. lol. yayy. It was fun being a blond for awhile but it was a lot of maintenance and costly.

    If you already haven’t done so. Add me on and my website is coming soon!!

  18. Good to have you here Apple. I welcome those dangerous eyes of yours. 😉

    And that’s good with the hair, I love the hot filipina brunettes with dark hair. Do you keep your hair long?

    Nude photography, have you decided on that yet?

  19. I meant “having you once per day”, but the joke remained. Also, Lawboy, you were too late. No becoming an influential political dynasty in Nicaragua for you.

    …Let’s see if you can figure that one out.

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