Sweet Hiromi Oshima

Hiromi Oshima advertises

Advertisement found in Playboy Magazine (2006/08).

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  1. Does Hiromi hold the record for the most featured model on AS? Can’t say I mind!

    On second thought, I guess Tiara still has more articles on her.

  2. Now this clip does indicate pretty clearly that she has implants, but it’s a very nice job – they certainly aren’t too hard. Still, I would have thought Hiromi’s tits were too big for you Robin? 😉

  3. Two quotes come to mind.If you grew up in the American South-this was high praise indeed:

    A) “I’d drink her bathwater!”
    B) “I’d knock her back out!”

    To which I might add:

    C) “She can eat crackers in my bed

  4. Regarding the video clip, it is now gone from YouTube with the message:

    “This video has been removed due to terms of use violation.”

  5. I wonder of YouTube has a system that flags them when a certain video gets lots of hits all of a sudden. i.e., from Asian-Sirens! Then, one of their people will review it and pull the plug if it has nudity or other content they don’t allow. Just speculation on my part.

  6. Yeah raven, we know about all that. But he’s either full of it, or he doesn’t know the difference between real and fake (you’d be surprised how common this is). Or – as I have speculated previously – while she had implants when she shot for Playboy, perhaps when he knew her, she actually did have quite decent natural tits. To my eyes, the form of her tits looks quite different in his topless photos. But the photos aren’t very clear, so they aren’t exactly conclusive. Remember, everything in these articles is heresay – it could be completely made up!

  7. Hiromi Oshima was on “Entourage” last night (Season 4, Episode 5, “The Dream Team”), uncredited, as a restaurant hostess.

    Hiromi 1
    Hiromi 2

    Clips (won’t embed):
    Clip 1
    Clip 2

    Also, she’s been appearing in a lot of photos in the Spy On Vegas galleries (guess she parties a lot in Vegas). Here are some samples:

    …OK, Photobucket just decided to shut down for maintenance. Maybe I’ll upload them later.

    Here’s a link to a gallery, but I have no idea whether it will work (free membership required).

    Honestly, I don’t know why I just spent two hours of my life doing this. You’d think I’d have better things to do. Like sleep. Somebody had better appreciate this!

  8. she didnt look very attractive in the last pix. the chick in the white dress looks like she is going commando:))

  9. She has a great pair of legs. I have this fetish for a girls knees. Not sure why, I’ve had it since I was teenager. Is that weird?

  10. knees? that is weird 🙂 i just have uper arms quarks…..my fetish? pretty normal….boobs and more boobs :)) i think i know Doc’s fetish…big and large Labias right? :)))

  11. Eeeeww. Beef curtains? Just joking, I love that too. Along with a big furry beaver spreading down their legs.

  12. I understand your knees thing.. on some woman not to many, their kness are great, its hard to explain, but when you see them you know….I also like furry beaver, the furrier the better…Bald is ok..but big bush is great….

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