Veronica De La Cruz – CNN Reporter

Veronica De La Cruz - CNN Reporter

Meet CNN reporter Veronica De La Cruz who also happens to be Filipina. Some searching showed Veronica already has quite a fan base including an unofficial fan site and a Yahoo Group. Nice looking Asian reporters like Veronica (and Sharon Tay) always make watching the news a little more enjoyable!

Before beginning her career in journalism, Veronica spent about 10 years as a figure skater. Here are a few more shots of Veronica.

Veronica De La Cruz - CNN Reporter

Veronica De La Cruz - CNN Reporter

Veronica De La Cruz - CNN Reporter

Veronica De La Cruz - CNN Reporter

Links For Veronica De La Cruz

Veronica’s Unofficial Fan Site
Veronica’s Yahoo Group
Veronica’s CNN Bio Page

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  1. can anyone find one for Felicia Choi and Virginia Cha?…looked everywhere but no luck…they are so MILF but Asian 🙂

  2. To me, it looks like Veronica’s genes did an almost even 50/50 split between Asian and Spanish. Fairly common among Filipinos I guess.

  3. I agree, I tend to watch CNN more because of Veronica, she is so gorgeous!! Sorry Newworks, but I’d have to take Veronica over Isha; but everyone has their own taste. I’m stickly into Asians……LOL.

  4. lawboy, do you mean Sophia Choi?

    I also don’t mind seeing Jeannie Ohm.

    BTW, here is a gallery of MSNBC females (and more).

  5. Nice post. Veronica is A+ hot.

    Curtis: I met Jeannie when she was a local reporter, she’s gorgeous.

  6. In my travels, these ladies always make me feel at home. Spent some time in the Phoenix area, and found a couple of hotties there as well:

    Larger Pic:



    Larger Pic:

    I’m sure there are many more! Please share your local on-air hotties!

  7. Sharon Tay on MSNBC is very very hot. And loves dogs. But sorry Dr. Lee, no implants. 🙁

    Gonna have to disagree with you there, WestCoast. She absolutely has implants. But what a nice, hard body. (I’ll have to dig into my archives for some good vidcaps.)

  8. Dr. and Curtis, I googled and found no evidence that Sharon Tay got implants. A few bitter people thought she was phony and self-absorbed. And every pic I’ve seen that shows any cleavage could be just a good push up bra. But if you find a pic Curtis, please post it and I’ll reconsider.

  9. It could be a push-up bra (fully clothed shots are usually inconclusive), but I definitely wouldn’t be sure that she hasn’t got them – absence of evidence doesn’t equal evidence of absence.

  10. Damn, if she is full-blood Vietnamese (as her name suggests), then she’s had an awful loot of surgery to make herself look western. Sigh…

  11. Betty is half caucasion and Sharon Tay sooooo has breast implants….heard she (Sharon) may be a lesbian too. Which of course there is nothing wrong with….just saying what I heard…

  12. Dr. Lee, not sure I can buy your logic – no proof that she doesn’t have them proves she might? Plus, since you don’t live here you don’t know much about her career – she’s a pretty ‘serious’ person – for what she’s trying to accomplish, getting implants would almost be like getting ‘Bimbo’ tattooed on her forehead.

    Again – I patiently await evidence. Sorry darklighter, saying ‘sooooo’ doesn’t exactly engender confidence – you sound like a Valley Girl. Do you know what a push-up bra is?

  13. Getting on the “Asian anchor” wagon a bit late…..I have my own local lovely I would like to throw in the ring.

    Her name is Su-Ling Goh from Calgary, Canada:

    I am very pleased to say that I have a more intimate relationship with Su-Ling than most others have with their anchor of choice. We actually grew up in the same town and worked together in the same business for a couple of years while she went to university.

    Like all the other guys who ever saw her, I too wanted to jump her but…turns out she is one of those hot-but-good girls 🙁 ha! She is a very, very sweet girl — both in personality and looks.

    She hosted a weekly national entertainment show ( between 2000-2006. I would watch every week just to see her…and the g/f would get jealous but that’s life! ha!

    I don’t really know what nationality “Goh” is (any ideas?) but I give her 5 stars regardless!

  14. No gee Westcoast, can you tell me what a push up bra is…never heard of one. You’re sooo much smarter than me, please explain Dr Science.

  15. Once again WestCoast, you don’t seem to understand what I write. I’m saying that Sharon may or may not have implants – the way they look in the photos may be due to a push-up bra, or implants, or both. As I said, fully clothed shots are almost always inconclusive (unless we’re talking about someone like Lena Li or Francine Dee).

    If I was a betting man, judging from Curtis’ vid caps I’d say it’s all padding (a lot of her tops in these photos are padded too). But I’m definitely not sure!

  16. Oh yeah Mr Right, if they are full-blood Asian and they look very western, does that not largely prove they’ve had surgery? In Betty’s case, she isn’t full-blood, so she may be all-natural. But I wouldn’t be surprised if she has had some surgery as well – it’s very common for Asian entertainers these days, and she has that sort of ‘look’.

  17. NorthMan, as soon as she went into the pool, she covered up. So disappointing.

    Hey, look what I found: a direct, unprotected link to her gallery:

    There’s a really good shot from Razor Magazine that shows up on Google, but is otherwise unavailable. And that’s about enough of that. 🙂

  18. It works for me! Still, for me this pic is far from conclusive – there could be padding in her top. I’m really not sure about Sharon one way or the other.

    And NorthMan, Curtis G. already linked to this directory above!

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