Sweet Ai Kawasaki

Ai Kawasaki

With Ai Kawasaki (Japan, 1979) being so sweet and lovely, one can only hope she’s also as fast as a Kawasaki 😉

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  1. The picture seems too blurry at the point I’m looking at… better switch to a Karl Zeiss Lens.

  2. yeah, she is cute. in that “i look much younger than my age” kind of way

    i like BMW bikes better, but i guess Ai BMW just wouldn’t sound right

  3. Bazzie is our latest recruit, but I have to say his first post isn’t a very good one, especially as it seems guerre is right – the pic isn’t Ai Kawasaki but Aki Kawamura. Robin, I think we should close this one.

  4. Instead of closing it down, we could also try to establish the correct name with the correct photo’s 😉
    We have three names now: Aki Kawamura / Ai Kawasaki / Ai Hashimoto

  5. Hey guys. Sorry about the mixup. There were two sources telling me this was Ai Kawasaki so I just went for it. I’ll update the post when I get home from a hard day of ‘not looking at jpegs of luscious models’ at work. 🙂

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