Ice tea anyone?

Korean model Jeon Ji Hyun in another ad. Tea this time.

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  1. She’s actually a talented actress, as well. It was her performance in the movie “The Uninvited” that convinced me that she was more than just a pretty face and an awesomely sexy dancer.
    She’s adopted the English name “Gianna Jun” and has a Hong Kong-based production entitled “Blood: The Last Vampire” coming out soon. Check out her filmography here.

  2. Blood: The Last Vampire (2000) is a Japanese anime film. Ronny Yu (Fearless) is set to direct the live action film staring Jeon Ji Hyun as of Sept. 2006. Search:
    for more info.
    The original anime, although a cult fave, was not very good as I recall.
    Still Jeon Ji Hyun is one hot tomata’, no matter how much iced tea she drinks!

  3. Thirsty? You should try some of the tea Jeon Ji Hyun’s drinking. That’s the power of advertisement, it makes you want it every time. The tea that is.

  4. Like, no way man. I just make my own tea at the house, it’s real easy.
    Boil water, pour in cup with tea bag and drink! You should try it, wylde8.

  5. This is not only how to drink a cup of tea nor ice tea. But this is how about to share your tea with others, if others does not have it including girl. So it will not make you thirsty but starving of touching the girl of course.

  6. What if niners is also an alias of ChineseLoverMan. I mean he was pretty sneaky in his reincarnation as that argon dude.

  7. arf, what if I am ChineseLoverMan. i am just hiding under the guise of a mildly articulate college girl interested in discussing asian beauty with men. ha! i had you all fooled. i wasn’t going to reveal myself until another prostitution-related topic came up and i spilled my crazy gun-crazy self-righteous erratically capitalized splooge all over your computer screens. MUAHAHAHA

    (just kidding, christine is still christine)

  8. Have you been asleep Robin? I banned ArgonBuddha because I discovered he was actually ChineseLoverMan.

    And Christine, you couldn’t possibly be CLM, as you are far too open-minded, enlightened and articulate – although “crazy gun-crazy” could be him. 😉

  9. lawboy, maybe you could eat a few more hamburgers each day and you’ll have boobs too. then, with your logic, doc will be nicer to you! 😀

  10. hamburgers = boobs ? 🙂 alright, i will be more specific….not man boobs but luscious, ripen asian “female” boobs…ok? better?. i see doc nodding his head…so help us out and post your pix again em christine :))

  11. Dr. Lee, that is my undercover story, but perhaps we can meet each other soon. If my english is broken enough, better I blame my english teacher.
    CEC32, I did not use that.
    Arf, today, China has a lot of prety girls. I like them and I havo no doubt that you like them also. And I have to inform that I am not a CLM.

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