Shoko Nakagawa and Miki Hayashi Bikini Shoot

Before becoming queen of all Japanese geekiness, Shoko Nakagawa was a bikini idol. Fortunately, she’s managed to maintain both images without conflict. Check out Shocotan’s bikini photoshoot with voice actress Miki Hayashi.

Shocotan’s a close friend of AV idol Sora Aoi. Wonder when they’ll do a shoot together.

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0 thoughts on “Shoko Nakagawa and Miki Hayashi Bikini Shoot”

  1. It shows no art. Both of them are amateurs. I do apologize to Mike if my oppinion hearts but it is true. Regarding the subject ” …. Bikini Shoot”, means has to show as many as you can models of bikinis. including the new ones of course.

  2. i guess i’m a little opposed to the idea of girls that are just skinny being bikini models.

    it reminds me a lot of most of the girls that i see going to the gym. all they do is precor, or worse yet – most of the asian girls i see there are really (already) skinny, very pale, with no visible muscle definition, and they just hop onto the treadmill and walk for thirty minutes without breaking a sweat, then leave.

    i think that if you’re going to be a bikini model, you should have a buff and toned body. but in japan i guess it’s just more feminine and attractive to be slender and delicate-looking than strong and fit. this video just struck that nerve in me which is intrinsically opposed to “just being skinny” like these girls seem to be.

  3. Regarding to what Christine said, there is a bottom line that if you want to be skinny means better you walk in cat walk.
    However most of Asian especialy in Eastern having muscles symbolize no feminine, I agree with this.
    But in future, I am sure it will be chage.

  4. you can have a thin body and be a bikini model chris. they dont look so bad. i actually like it more because they look more feminine…the thicker look of asian american models are a tad too much for me.

    doc, just imagine these girls wearing ao dai eh? very nice…

  5. Hmmm, indeed…

    Ao dai were just made for beautiful, slender Asian girls – which I guess is why it’s the national women’s dress of Vietnam!

  6. I liked it and the girls just fine. I’m just not into big-boned asian girls all that much these days. Not at all. It is kinda rare to see girls much bigger than this over here on Okinawa. This is what I love looking at when I’m downtown or at the beach. I am sure gonna miss this place when I have to leave here. Where’s my tissue?

  7. “Where’s my tissue?” in your pants dude :))

    j/k arf, i dont like big boned asian girls either, especially if they have short stubby necks…long, slender necks for me please. 🙂

  8. Hey LawBoy, that’s funny, but true. I bet you like your women with cankles. Joking…:) That’s something I see alot of over here. Mostly the older schoolgirls. It’s in their genes I guess. The good ol’ Okinawan cankle gene. And Niners, you ask do you? Do I like you mean? Well for starters, that’s a picture of my wife, so I guess I have to. Sike! Of course not.

  9. hahaha cankles! well, i don’t really see a problem with being delicate/slender/skinny. but when i think of bikini models, i usually think of the ones in sports illustrated or fitness magazines once summer rolls around, and they look like such goddesses to me because they’re so toned, healthily tanned, and they just look so strong. i think i’ve come to just see that as the perfect bikini body, but these girls look like they’re throwing these on to just romp around a little in the water, get tired, and then hide under an umbrella for the rest of the time because they’ll be afraid of getting any darker.

    so, it’s not so much that i’m opposed to skinny girls, or girls who want to tend toward this kind if ideal, but it just felt like such a mismatch when it came to bikinis. i just don’t think they look good.

    and, truthfully, the more time i’ve been spending just tending to being fit, working out, eating right the less i see that delicate slender pale look as attractive. i wonder if anyone feels that way? it just doesn’t seem healthy.

  10. Unhealthy is a real turn on for me, let me tell ya. But I just wouldn’t consider those two hotties above unhealthy. I’m sure a few of you may consider them “bland” like another hottie featured on this site, not gonna mention her name, but not me. I think, christine, maybe you are into the fitness models, maybe? They are way hot of course, but different to me than these japanese bikini models. Daddy likey.

  11. arf, fitness models are gorgeous for sure! minus huge biceps, because, those are actually kind of gross

  12. Christine, they aren’t bikini models in the sense that you think of in the American cultural context. In Japan, they’re “Gravure” models. Gravure models don’t pose nude, but their purpose is to show off the body in a sexy manner in order to please the target audience (men). Thus bikinis are the standard uniform for these kinds of shoots. “Fitness”, tone, etc. have nothing to do with the topic.

  13. Arf, yes I meant with that. But anyway I was joking.
    Christine, you mean has six pack only.

  14. Hah, Niners, not really – you can have toned legs, and toned glutes. I think arms are just pushing it… like, you can have toned arms, but you don’t have to buff up like a woman bodybuilder. Actually, having toned glutes would probably be a huge improvement upon typical asian-girl wall-butts

  15. Btw, thanks Clint for the info. That makes a lot more sense. I don’t know very much about modelling in other countries at all! (I would hope not, too, since I don’t like girls in that way and I probably wouldn’t be nearly as interested in it as your average heterosexual male who’s interested in Asians.)

  16. Christine, I agree for muscles.
    I see, so it is about sexy body only.
    Clint, if bikinis are the standard uniform, why they didn’t put string bikinis. Like I said before.

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