Surely W

Surely W

Surely W is young semi-professional model I came across on my webtravels. I think she is worth a mention here at Asian-Sirens. (And I am ‘sure’ you guys will let us know if you agree 😉Some facts:

Name: Surely W (Wang?)
Home city/state: New York, NY
Age: 23?
Ethnicity: Chinese
Measurements: 34B-26-36
Height: 5’4″
Weight: 115
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown

Surely W

Surely W

Surely W

Surely W on the web:

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Surely W @ pages.stern.nyu.ed
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  1. I’ve seen a few better photos from her face, so don’t judge her only from these here.

    She looks attractive, while not a supermodel.
    But her curves and her thin waist, now those are remarkable. 🙂

  2. i have an idea why not instead of the “so called” models we start to make posts of real models in the biz its more enjoyable then what i have been seeing on asian sirens lately

  3. she’s got a common face among the chinese. you can see that quite often if you live in the east. as for her bod, now that’s not so common, perhaps some enhancements in certain depts?

  4. crownj, just looking at her pics, i think the waist to breast/hips ratio looks quite good. Nice proportions, i’m only doing eye measurements.

    Remember this is not asian models sirens, this is a site about asian beauty, wherever it comes from.

  5. crown j

    You just let em have it don’t ya? Like Simon from American Idol!.

    I like her. She’s very cute – soft compact good looks and sexy. The taller the better in my opinion.

  6. xiphus101

    I like the northern Chinese – Han ethnic Chinese facial features. Seems to me their faces are more squared up with near-perfect, “duck like” necks and jaws.

  7. A butterface? Hmmm. A butterface? I keep hearing this term in reference to women (mostly Asian) when someone doesn’t think they’re particularly attractive. I have no idea what it means. wyldeB, what does “butterface” mean to you? Do you think her face looks like butter? Please explain.

  8. @nick
    just call me mini haha, and yes regarding the comment about northern chinese we are a rare breed, with most south and north asians blending, the north is where a majority of the top models coming from are ie. du juan and my sister stephanie shiu feel free to look her up cause thats what you call a model . Just with real modelling my agency looks for northern ethnic background models due to their more disctinct and beautiful features. Dont get me wrong im not saying all people from the south are bad, but the south does tend to consist of flatter features with puffy “butterface” dominant charcteristics.

  9. crown j, your first comment was outside our posting guidelines and your second one is borderline. Please read the disclaimer at the bottom of the page and comply with it.

  10. As for Surely (what a silly name!), she does have a curvaceous figure with an impressive waistline, but I have to agree with the ‘butterface’ comments (which means ‘nice body, but her face’ BTW).

  11. Your last comment is borderline too crown j. I will check out the models you suggest and you can be sure our readers will tear them apart.

  12. Well crown j, I just Googled Stephanie, and for my taste she isn’t very pretty at all. She looks like a typical fashion model – in other words, she has a plain face that can be adapted to many different looks with different makeup (which is what fashion designers go for). I prefer a girl with a naturally pretty face and more of her own character. But that’s just my taste – you are free to have your own opinion, but please show respect towards other people’s opinions (and the models themselves) when you express it.

  13. After Googling Du Juan, I see that she is more of the same – these northern Chinese fashion models often have too much of a harsh, edgy kind of look for my taste. But once again, that’s just my taste.

  14. crownj
    please… I don’t think you know what you are talking about. you have no evidence to back up what you have said in your comments, and stephanie shiu does not do it for me. I live in LA. I’ve seen lots of women, and the comment you made regarding northern and southern Chinese are not very accurate, in fact, it’s utterly non-sense, I’ve seen Chinese people everyday, and they tell me where they are from. To compare with what you’ve said above, it makes me sad. And please do not be a disgrace to our ethnicity. Think before you say something, please. =_=

  15. Right on dartdude! Sadly, it seems many Asian people today are often more racist toward their own kind than most other people are toward them – there are many, many beautiful southern Chinese women.

  16. butterface is a term to mean that a girl is attractive except for her face. “but her face”

    e.g. “She has a nice body but her face is not so nice.” hence butterface

  17. Garters and shit are so old skool. I recently swung with a Shanghainese gal who wore women’s cotton boxer briefs. They were so down-to-earth sexy…and easy to pull off without hand injuries. Yes, and good for the environment too.

  18. since i’m all registered already, i wanted to point out that…

    i think she’s got makeup around the breasts to create the effect of cleavage in the first photo i think; it’s called contouring, and a lot of girls also do it around their nose (to create the effect of a more pointed, pronounced nose) or around the sides of their face (more contoured facial structure) so i don’t think she’s nearly as curvaceous as you guys think she is. she’s a purported 34B, and i’m a 34B, and no way in my photos do i ever look like that.

  19. to crownj: if you don’t like what you see here on asian sirens, then why bother to come back here? (and if I hear the doc, you are on the verge of being banned anyway, so problem solved! ;-))

  20. Hi Christine. When I say ‘curvaceous’, I mean the overall form of her body, not the size of her breasts. Regular readers will know I have pretty high standards in that department. 😉

  21. sorry crown…those two models are too andro for me…du juan looks good in some pix..i think because of makeup and lighting but i do not like that typical model look of skin on bone and andro looks..too alien for me….give me someone with some meat on her….like thitima and any and all of Adam’s wenches…:))

  22. oh..and surely has too much padding for taste too…i am sure it is because of the camera…it add pounds…

  23. there are fashion models and there are supermodels. most look anorexic. prefer looking at someone with more flesh snd not knobbly bones everywhere.

  24. I agree that her face is not very attractive compared with a lot of the women posted on this site. However, I’m willing to bet that if she were to hit on you at a bar you would brag to your friends (the next day) that, “the hottest asian girl I’ve ever seen tried to pick me up last night!”

    Also, for the guys who are very critical: I’m willing to bet that she’s more attractive than your girlfriend…if you have one.

  25. christine:
    ‘she’s a purported 34B, and i’m a 34B, and no way in my photos do i ever look like that.’

    You should let us be the judge of that, lol. You know we have a different perspective from yours (light, direction, so on), don’t you? 🙂
    Welcome here, btw.

  26. crownj- There are different type of models out there and just because someone is a model, that doesnt make she/he good or better looking than anyone. And after looking at your sis’s pic, you have no place to talk.

  27. errol flynn…please bro, we are not be asses here knitpicking on a model…but that is the spirit of this site to critique…by our own opinion. just because we dont like someone’s looks does not mean we have ugly gf…you assumed too much bro…and i will take that bet:)…

    ‘she’s a purported 34B, and i’m a 34B, and no way in my photos do i ever look like that.’ and dont forget dazn…texture and heft…why dont you let us be the judge of this Christine…. ; ) he he

  28. Yes Errol, and you can be ‘sure’ my partner is actually far more attractive than Surely (and I’m sure would be considered so by almost anybody). 🙂

  29. haha i feel so weird being a chick posting on this thing! i’m straight, so i’m not ogling these girls alongside you guys, but i guess on some posts i had felt that you were being deceived by cosmetics or some of those girl things (like, when girls wear panties that rise high on her leg, they elongate the leg and make her legs seem leaner than they really are), so i wanted to comment. thanks for the welcome!

    as for the pics of me? seeing as a-s seems to be a pretty popular blog, i’m not so sure i want to be so public over the internet yet. maybe in the future haha

  30. p.s. if kimnguyen is another girl, maybe i’m starting a trend here with the chickpinions! :]

  31. Would you buy a kitchen knife from this woman? I would! Her resume gives her “present” employer as Vector Marketing.

    It looks like they exploit attractive college students to sell their wares for nothing more than course credits. Sounds like a good idea to me.

  32. Hi Christine. Actually Kim is a girl and she is a long term contributor to our site (and she’s pretty cute too!). So see, you’re not alone here. 🙂

  33. Christine-you’re not alone girl, Dr.Lee is right, I am a long term contributor to this site.

  34. I’ve just found out that Christine is pretty cute too! But I am not going to publish their pictures here – it’s up to them if that’s what they want to do. 🙂

  35. oh you big tease you 🙂 is christine viet or chinese or what?…if she is in australia will doc take her pix? :))

  36. i will take doc’s word for it that you are pretty cute…we welcome a woman’s perspective….:))…now if only doc can get thitima to contribute…:))

  37. Law Boy Writes:
    “give me someone with some meat on her….like thitima and any and all of Adam’s wenches…:))”

    Adam’s wenches? Yo Lawboy, do you need some Ale for your men with the wenches? You have been working too late on those contracts and your brain has become Pho! I’ll get you some Thitima/Katie Aston, photos shortly but you get your own beer.

  38. ha ha i will buy you tiger beer when i see ya…of course, i use wenches as a term of endearment…:) hope things are well for ya in thailand…becareful with all the upheavals…:)

  39. meh, i have a myspace so i guess i shouldn’t really be this protective of my photo. i’m deleting these in a few days just in case though. sorry i didn’t hold up anything that would identify me, like a post-it that said my name or whatever, but i hope you trust i’m not lying to you guys.

    here is one, and in this one i am rawr-ing at you!

    btw its a silk scarf, not a fancy bib.

  40. Hi Christine. I thought the photo you sent me was cuter! Also, where is your MySpace page? You can respond privately if you prefer.

  41. haha okay doc. here is the one i sent to you.

    the ones i posted above were different because i had on a bit more makeup. in this one i’ve only got on eye makeup. sorry it looks washed out – flash :/

  42. nice pics!….i think doc should set this a AS policy…all members have to send a pix…doc can make it optional on clothes for the male members…:)) i leave the female members guideline to doc…:)

  43. i put mine up if doc, and adam will :)…i think AS will lose all its members if we were to put up our nude pix 🙂

  44. hey man, everyday people are posting their privates on craigslist and you don’t see that site getting less hits, am i right?

    lemme see yo dix! i meant pix. pix, not dix. pix. right. (was that too crude? eep lol)

  45. Yep, LawBoy is right on that one! 😉

    And I found your profile Christine – I got Sachiko to send you a friend request from her profile.

  46. Hi Christine. You’ve managed to be oblique enough (and funny enough – LOL!) to stay within our posting guidelines – just! 😉

  47. Now that was some contribution, way to go christine! Silk scarfs are always a classy touch.
    Very pretty, and cute with the rawwwr too. Feline attitude? 🙂

  48. If ppl are kind enough to mail me in private I don’t mind giving out some personal details 😉 But out here I have to hide for the ‘Sheriff of Nottingham’! 😛

    But hey, this thread seems to have gone way off topic! Doc?!

  49. That is true, but everyone was having such a good time that nobody noticed! Anyway, I guess I’d better do my job: let’s get this thread back to Surely! 🙂

  50. ok robin…lets get back on topic…nice boobs on this girl…:)) so we can remind ourselves what we are here for eh? :))

  51. Robin, I’m very close to a new post.

    I had one all ready, but the Daily Motion video site, which allows nudity, requires a username and password to view an embeded movie if it has nudity. I don’t want to post a video that people can’t easily start by clicking.

    I’ll be doing a different post instead.

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