Brenda Song

Brenda Song

Brenda Song was born in Carmichael, CA, on March 27, 1988, to a Hmong father and a Thai-American mother. Her family immigrated to America from Vietnam in 1976. Song holds a black belt in Taekwondo and was named an All-American Scholar in ninth grade.

She started her acting career at the age of six. One of Song’s more notable acting roles is her portrayal of London Tipton in the Disney Channel Original Series The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.

Brenda Song

Brenda Song

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  1. First time posting! Great site you have here and i just wanted to say that this girl is out of this world gorgeous

  2. Kinda’ cute…in a “mall chick” kinda’ way.Looks like one of those chix that travel in packs to the mall and float in and out of Forever21….Bebe…etc.They usually walk tightly packed …almost arm locked and giggle like turkeys in a feed lot.They need the validation of knowing that you think they’re hot…but hittin’ on one is guaranteed c-block.

    She hates her nose…and she should’nt.

    Looks like the dress is hidin’ some serious BUTTAGE. Gotta like that.

    Future upper lip waxer.

    That’s my scouting report.

  3. 1st time post here too, altho been lurking here b4 the revamp of the website.
    Always wonder why some seem to grow a very faint hint of moustache? Hormonal imbalance?
    But i suppose it’s more apparent in Asian girls coz of their naturally dark hair.

  4. She’s cute! I prefer it when she doesn’t speak though – for some reason I find Asian girls with very obvioulsy non-Asian accents jarring. Actually, a British accent seems to sound okay, but an obvious American or Australian accent just doesn’t sit right with me. Maybe it’s more about the manner in which they speak (English usually speak in a smoother, more gentle way than Aussies and Americans), although IMHO the ‘strine’ of a strong American or Australian accent doesn’t match a classically Asian looking girl. Anybody else have similar feelings?

  5. Yes, an English cockney accent certainly is smooth…lol…
    To me it’s not the accent, it’s whether they have adopted & assimilated the loud aggressive impolite ways of American women. That is what turns me off, no matter how hot she is.

  6. Of course I wasn’t referring to cockney. 😉

    And yes, I think you’re right: it’s more about that kind of loud, aggressive manner than anything else – just not right for an Asian girl. In Australia we aren’t too loud or aggressive, but we can be a bit rough, and that doesn’t suit an Asian girl either.

  7. We call them TWINKIES or AAA over here doc (for the ‘nth time)…and yes after playing that You Tube sequence…I’m one less guy she has to worry about.Don’t get me started on SO-CAL ASIAN BABES.Attractive American women…Black or White… are tough enough to deal with.Attractive Asian American women are mostly ARROGANT,ANGRY,& ANGLOPHILIC.Small wonder only TODD gets to bang it.

    Moderator’s note: Although this type of post was just within our posting guidelines at the time it was posted, it is no longer. See here.

  8. she is cute but what is the deal with the mustasche 🙂 stripes..who is TODD? and why does he get to bang the AAA? 🙂

  9. TODD is the generic name of any dorky White guy you see with a hot Asian chick.White girls were’nt giving him the time of day…hell…for that matter he probably could’nt get laid in a whorehouse.He’s always a dork.It’s never the cool white guys.So-Cal Asian babes loooove TODD.He’s safe yet “exotic”….and he embodies everything that SoCal Asian babes’ twinkified mindset has been hard wired to desire.
    In my rowdier moments-I’ve been known to call TODD by his name in a snort of contempt.The joke is lost on all involved except me and maybe a coupla’ running buddies.One of my companies is a clothing business.Sometimes I think about printing up a delightfully rude and offensive tee to highlight this travesty.

  10. I’ve said this before, but so-called ‘cool guys’ often treat women with little respect. Maybe these girls go for TODD because he shows them some respect? Just a thought.

  11. Brenda’s cute. She could shut up and let my man get in a few more words in that clip. There’s nothing worse than a cute chick with an uncute voice who talks too damn much.

  12. Todd is so much luckier than most of you pediphilic couch jockies. At least he does more than sit at home and gum up his keyboard while pointing out flaws in beautiful women. Grow up shmucks. Print that on a tshirt STRIPES.

  13. I sometimes wish I was like Todd. But I’m married, so it wouldn’t be such a good idea, I’m guessing. So I’ll just keep on gumming up my keyboard and not grow up. Zoiks!

  14. redlaw, did that hit some nerve on you?
    You’re entitled to your rant, but please don’t use words like pediphilic (and at least use the proper word), this site has nothing to do with it.

  15. Yes redlaw, your comment was too much of a personal attack, and this isn’t the first time I’ve warned you about this kind of thing. Please do not breach our posting guidelines again or – well, you know what happens.

  16. Comments like STRIPES’ are offensive to me, irrelavant to the topic of Asian Sirens, ludicrous and are very racist.

    Furthermore, my good friend TODD took the disparaging comments about his name personally. And I know for a fact that he can in fact score in many venues the least of which is a house of ill repute. According to, the name Todd is only about .2% of all American names. I would submit that the number of dorky white guys is probably much higher than that so at the very least, the name can not possibly represent the population of the dorky caucasian males nationwide much less the minority population of caucasian males in Southern California.

    I agree that the fact that commenting on 18 year old girls and thier private parts is technically not pediphilia, but its close enough for discomfort. Note that there have been more than a few posts on this board of girls under the age of 18. one example: Kialy

    This girl Brenda barely qualifies as an adult woman and most of her acting has been in children’s shows. She isnt a Thai bar girl or a car show model and doesn’t deserve to be scrutinized as such. She is a typical american girl who happens to be of asian descent, an actress and a cute teenager.

    I think it particularly disturbing that someone might be hanging out at the malls leering at young asian girls with the kind of hostility described. I will certainly warn my teenage daughter that while she and her friends are window shopping at bebe or forever 21, there might be a predator or creepy sort of guy hiding behind a kiosk with his hands in his pockets.

    Brenda Song is an American and speaks like Americans speak. It is a pity that her accent spoils the whole asian fetish gestalt for some of you. I dont have a problem with an American sounding American, regardless of race.

    Lee, you can police this site however you wish. If you are open to suggestions on how that might be more beneficial, I would appreciate that people who post keep the comments limited to the topic of beautiful asian women and avoid ignorant racists remarks. Or is calling asian americans “twinkies” within your guidelines these days?

    Thanks for allowing me to rant and contribute as a loyal member of the AS community.

  17. While I do often find stripes’ comments to be a little coarse, they are still within the posting guidelines in this case (if only just!). I think the way the word ‘twinkie’ has been used in this case (as it has been in the past) is okay, but I admit it’s a judgement call that is open to debate. However, personal attacks are very clearly outside our posting guidelines, and this isn’t the first time you’ve been guilty of this redlaw. I also don’t think stripes is some kind of ‘creepy predator’: he was just making abstract comments about the type of girl he thinks Brenda is.

  18. Oh yes, regarding models under 18, I do think it is inappropriate for them to be posted here. However, I was not aware that any (including Kialy) were. If you can give me any concrete information that any of the models featured here are under 18, then I agree we should take them down.

  19. I disagree with your characterization of the term being okay. I find it offensive and it is never meant to be anything else but a racist term, unless one is speaking about it in the context of a snack food being held by an asian american.

    You previously had alleged that I made personal attacks on you but I dont believe that I had. I note(d) your warning and I will be ever more mindful of your perception of what is and is not personal or an attack.

  20. It’s really very simple redlaw: if you attack somebody personally, then it is a personal attack!

    As for ‘twinkie’, I do not find it to be a racist term, as it does not actually apply to an entire race as such. It applies to a subset of Asians who could be accused of being racist toward their own kind, in as much as they want to think they are white when they are not. I think that criticism of this kind of attitude – when they should really be proud to be Asian – is valid.

  21. Easy there fellas.It’s MY JOB to be in malls.I own a CLOTHING company.Of course I recognize …and create… certain stereotypes in this environment.In that respect I’m no different than any of us trying to create reference points to navigate this life.BTW-TODD is’nt always White…just usually.Nothing will send me to the floor in rib cracking laughter more than when I recognize BLACK TODD.His Asian girl is usually some bespectacled art/music teacher.There.Feel better?;->

    I might add here that many of the things that people describe in terms of race ARE NOT RACIST.TODD is in fact more of a cultural construct…but he is real…and I have had this confirmed by many including the distinguished gentlemen who post on this site.Sadly modern PC does not allow for such descriptions.TOUGH.I call ’em like I see ’em.

    DOC…the last time I triggered this-you almost shut the site down.You guys make up & shake hands.

  22. i think Redlaw is a Todd…why else did he take it so personally…take a easy brother we are just having fun here…

  23. i registered for an account after some lurking on this site so i could respond to dr. lee’s comment on twinkies, since i’ve been frequently put in this category:

    “As for ‘twinkie’, I do not find it to be a racist term, as it does not actually apply to an entire race as such. It applies to a subset of Asians who could be accused of being racist toward their own kind, in as much as they want to think they are white when they are not. I think that criticism of this kind of attitude – when they should really be proud to be Asian – is valid”- Dr. Lee

    i agree, Dr. Lee, there probably are some ‘twinkies’ out there who ‘want to think that they are white when they are not,’ but from my experiences as an american-born chinese and also growing up with a lot of people [and now, in my studies at uc berkeley, meeting a lot of people] who have been labeled as ‘whitewashed’ or ‘twinkies,’ most of these same girls that appear to have complete disregard for their asian background don’t do so intentionally. in my case, i grew up with parents who wanted me to assimilate – faced with the option of talking to me at home in mandarin or english, they often opted for english because ‘assimilation’ was a huge problem at the time.

    ‘twinkies’ is a term that applies mostly to second-generation asian americans, or first-generation asian americans that came here in their childhood and had a lot of time to “assimilate.” i felt a little offended by your comment because lessening our cultural difference here in america isn’t often something we get to choose or do willingly – in the primary grades, we quickly learn what is accepted or not. i was called ‘flatface’ in elementary school, and in high school – having growing up in a 90% white town – most of the asian americans tended to hang out together or form a clique because they were ‘different’ in their behaviour, while i (being the only ‘twinkie’) hung out mostly with a bunch of white girls. when i asked some of these girls who were hanging out in these cliques about their backgrounds or their upbringings, a lot of them told me that they frequented the chinese and korean ethnic enclaves nearby (in LA) and from childhood they stuck closely to their cultural identity given the environment to do so – korean communities within predominantly white towns, for instance, would be a good environment for asians to retain their cultural identity.

    (see next comment)

  24. please, dr. lee, while twinkies “could” be categorized the way you described, i find that your description and the overall discussion of “our” behaviour was biased negatively. i feel that twinkie is pushing the boundaries for discriminatory language, since it is a brash generalization of the popular outcome of many asian americans’ cultural crises and struggles in a country where not everyone is as accepting and friendly toward us as i’m sure most of you would be/are.

  25. (btw, i’m lurkin’ because i saw a post on kimora lee simmons here when i googled her name, then i was fascinated by the fact that there was a whole blog dedicated to asian girls! so i kept on lurking to see what you guys had to say about different people and some of the responses actually astonished me insofar as what you guys think is hot/not)

  26. stripes is a pedophile?…will we see him on NBC to catch a predator? 🙂 j/k..some people just take things too seriously…and by the way..twinkies, we love to eat them… ; )

  27. i am asian…and i called other asian is not racist…it is a descriptive word for those who are somewhat too much americanized and forgot they are asian/oriental…happy now doc? 🙂

  28. i don’t think the term’s racist when it’s used in a different context. i’ve been called a twinkie before and it wasn’t offensive, i’m just saying that the usage here isn’t constructive at all.

    for ex:
    “We call them TWINKIES or AAA over here…Attractive Asian American women are mostly ARROGANT,ANGRY,& ANGLOPHILIC.” – Stripes

    below Dr. Lee comments on being a ‘twinkie’ as an ‘attitude’ instead of an unfortunate vicissitude for many asian-americans:
    “It applies to a subset of Asians who could be accused of being racist toward their own kind, in as much as they want to think they are white when they are not. I think that criticism of this kind of attitude – when they should really be proud to be Asian – is valid.”- Dr. Lee

  29. Hmmm, your comments certainly give me food for thought Christine. Anyway, it is good to hear your point of view. But before we change our policy on this, I think I should discuss the issues you have raised here further. As it could get a bit long-winded and personal, I think it is best if you contact me via my link in the lefthand column.

  30. Dammit LAWBOY! I do the labeling around here!! Watch your back.You are gonna get sooo water ballooned.You frickin’ TODD!;->

  31. stripes..i know you are fooling but red takes things too seriously…btw..what is wrong with hanging around the mall and people watch. do we have to ask for ID first before we can gaulk (sic)…:)….
    welcome to the insanity Christine…how about a pix :))

  32. Wow, I had to read all these little letters, but it’s ok. 🙂

    I agree that it’s probably not a self decision for these young asians to be americanized. They were born in the states or europe and they just grow up in the western style.

    I know a few asians who are totally western in attitude, but it’s a good attitude and I see them as asian for their appearance but they are just equal to me in everything else, of course.

    And actually they are not arrogant or angry, but really good people. I don’t get to spend time with arrogant or angry people anyway. 🙂

  33. Yes, I am going to be a little more strict about how people use these potentially offensive terms, but I’m just trying to figure out the logistics of where and how to draw the line between acceptable and unacceptable use. Christine’s perspective has been very helpful – it’s always good to hear from somebody ‘at the receiving end’, so to speak.

  34. “And actually they are not arrogant or angry, but really good people. I don’t get to spend time with arrogant or angry people anyway. :)”
    tell me where you live and we can spend some time together…:)

  35. Speaking of offensive: By a long shot, IMHO, the most offensive term I’ve seen on this site is “primitive”. So it’s a bit ironic that Dr Lee is the arbiter of what is proper. But hey, it’s his site…

  36. hey luvj…doc and i couldnt find a another term for what we were trying to described but Adam have shown us the lights ok?….and you are right, it is his site….:)

  37. “It’s good to be the King.” history of the world?….hey what can you say…you can always start your own site and dictate the terms…..just have fun and enjoy the boobies ok?…:)

  38. I’m always amused by how people come to internet fora and go on about democracy, justice, freedom of speech etc. This isn’t a political forum – it is a web site that we work very hard on, and which you should be very glad you can visit for free. If you don’t like the way we do things around here, the solution is simple: go somewhere else. Nobody’s stopping you. And if you think you can do better, go and start your own site. Otherwise, stop whinging and just enjoy yourselves!

  39. Just enjoy yourselves and keep gumming up your keyboards like me. Or us. But not like redlaw.

  40. I have been a member of this site and the site that preceded it. — Even before Lee became the primary moderator here.

    I always contribute with what I believe is good commentary. Yes sometimes I take things too seriously and am prone to be prickly. I will work on being more light hearted and focus on the real reason I come here.

    What I find annoying is the inconsistency that is used in determining what is and is not offensive or what is or is not a personal attack. Lee has nearly full discretion in this and therefore it is his point of view that set the tone for the quality of the discussion. Over the past year quality of discussion has overall improved and the course language and demeaning comments have been reduced. It isn’t uniformly applied and his comments are left unchecked or justified.

    There is no question that there is a lack of uniformity in how the moderation is done, but overall I appreciate the role that Lee provides to the community. His own posts or actions are not above reproach and should be called out when need as was the case with the use of the term “primitive” or the abridged “p” which is without a doubt offensive to some and unenlightened when applied to human beings. It is a sad element when critiquing beauty in effort to celebrate what is truly wonderful.

    No this is not a democracy nor should it be. I wouldn’t have neither the time nor the desire to do the job myself — and no one has asked me to do it either. And I have to admit, it does amuse me to observer the interchanges.

    I know I don’t express it enough, but thanks Lee — for all that you do.

  41. Agreed. Thanks Lee. You aren’t above reproach. But you show far more restraint when it comes to reprisals, upping the ante, & escalating personal attacks than many “moderators” out there. I left another site in disgust because the “moderator” was a radical feminist man-hating lesbian who created vicious meanspirited exchanges, all with men of course. You aren’t one of those are you, Lee? =)

  42. i dont think Lee is a “radical feminist man-hating lesbian who created vicious meanspirited exchanges, all with men…”…maybe a sexist pig like me but not a lesbian for sure :))

  43. It is impossible for a moderator to always get the balance right, and as I have shown repeatedly in the past, I am open to input on improving this (I am currently in lengthy private discussions with Christine on the ‘twinkie’ issue, for example). I basically have taken a hands off approach as much as possible, until something clearly becomes an issue (a potentially offensive comment in isolation is often best left ignored). This may sometimes lead to the appearance of imbalance, but we want the discussion here to be as free and open as possible.

  44. Oh yes, once again on the ‘primitive’ issue, you should relaise that I am a scientist, and for us this word does not have the negative connotations that it often does for the layperson. However, I have always recognised that it is potentially offensive for others, which is why for many months I was asking for an alternative, which Adam finally came up with in ‘indigenous’. I also recognise that ‘oriental’ is potentially offensive to many of our readers, but I’m still looking for a satisfactory synonym for this one (‘Asian’ is too general, as it includes Indians etc.).

  45. And one more thing: don’t forget that in theory I could simply nuke any comments that are critical of me. If I was the ‘tyrant’ that some people have accused me of being, that is what I would do. But obvioulsy I don’t – as you can see, I have allowed many comments of this nature to stand. And I have not deleted any such comments unless they are outside our posting guidelines. Indeed, I have been less strict on critical comments about me than those about others! Once again, we want to keep the discussion here as free and open as possible.

  46. Dr. Lee is a tyrant that doesnt’ allow posts critical of him.
    (just testing, lol)

    LawBoy, I can’t tell you where I am, or the competition for the asian girls would get even bigger. I’m confy as it is. 🙂

    I think Brenda deserves that we call her beautiful, once again!

  47. I came across this thread and found it very interesting because it just so happens that I am a So-Cal Asian dating a white man named Todd (no joke). However, after living a bulk of my lifetime in So-Cal, I gained a “non-Asian” accent and I didn’t turn out to be a “twinkie” nor an “AAA” (the one with the negative meaning); though well-assimilated in the U.S., I still love my Asian heritage. As for my Todd, he is no dorky white boy and he is capable of scoring non-Asian women, but he just prefers ladies of the Asian persuasian.
    FYI: Brenda Song’s character, London, did date an heir of a rival hotel named Todd in an episode of “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.” LOL.

  48. Hummm, that means STRIPES may be secretly watching Brenda’s episodes and he got the Todd from there? 🙂

    Welcome, miss h0p3! Indeed, all these Todds make it a bit bizarre…

  49. Well Christine, you’re forgetting that the word ‘sirens’ in this context applies only to females – and you can be sure I won’t be starting! 🙂

  50. OKAY. I finally read all of these posts and really found it very interesting. First off, redlaw, I agree what you said about some of the comments on this site being directed towards young girls being somewhat inappropriate. I dont think some of the people on here should be commenting on the body parts of Sirens such as Brenda Song. However, that is partly what this site is about, the problem is that people have trouble recognizing who is out there to be critiqued in that manner and who isnt. For example, it is generally accepted when people comment on the breasts of Fuko or more commonly, Kadena Reon. However, I believe that such comments should be witheld from topics about young girls who are NOT out there for that purpose. So, in a nutshell, people need to distinguish it is appropriate to comment in certain ways or not.

    About TODD. I am [a] TODD in a loose sense. TODD is not racist, there is no derogitory meaning that I can see. It is funny, so people, please, dont bitch about it.

    Now, let me quote lawboy:
    “twinkies, we love to eat them… ”
    This comment was totally and completely inappropirate. Wait no, I guess you didnt mean it like that. hehe. The term ‘twinkies’ is another term I havent the slightest problem with. My father adopted a little chinese girl, I am sure she will grow up to be a twinkie. Not by choice, no, of course not, but in this case, because she has a mother and aunt who spoil the life out of her and have already extracted any asian heritage out of her.

    Lastly, there were no posts in this topic that were too out of line, but calling us pedophiles was mean, redlaw.

  51. I agree with jdrevenge. But in this case, people’s comments on Brenda’s physical attributes were basically restricted to “she’s cute”, which I think is appropriate. I am less strict on people criticising a model’s looks than an actor or musician (as a model is putting herself out there on that basis, I think it is appropriate that she should be judged as such). On the other hand, some good natured comments on an actor or musician’s appearance are only natural. I am also basically in agreement with you on TODD and twinkie, but I will be doing a post on this soon.

  52. It does appear as though the stridency of some of Stripes’ comments have caused offence to several of our readers. Anyway, he seems to be aware that I will not give him as long a leash in future, so he has toned his comments down a bit. 😉

  53. What’s so wrong with serious buttage? Brenda is thick so she may be hiding some bootie back there. What’s offensive are the pedophile/phebophile comments that I’ve seen as of late. Totally inappropriate.

  54. I agree that Brenda is fine! 🙂

    Well, she’s old enough and she’s pretty, no prob on commenting on her looks. Besides, this is asian sirens, so I guess appreciating beauty is the big part of this site. Sometimes, even inner beauty, why not.

  55. That’s not a good start for your first comment Michael: please read the disclaimer at the bottom of the page – strike 1. (If this was an attempt at humour, it was pretty bad.)

  56. Now, let me quote lawboy:
    “twinkies, we love to eat them… ”
    what is wrong with saying i love to eat twinkies? the spongy texture, and the creamy fillings..they are delicious :)) do they have twinkies in Australia doc? j/k jd….and yes i do mean the snackcake…. 😉

  57. i think she was in a disney movie with lots of kung fu action and she was in love with her cousin…she has too much an indonesian look to her….plus her mustache is a little too much..i wonder if it tickles when you kiss her ” :))

  58. michael….no this is from the movie she was in..not in real life dude…i forgot the movie’s name but it was a kung fu highschool thingie

  59. My bad. My bad. I didn’t know you were talking about a kung fu movie she was in. Hey, i’m asian, do ya guys think i stand a chance with dating her? Let me know, please.

  60. How do you know that for sure? and how do i know you’re not lying? Let me know please.

  61. i think dazn was serious….what do you mean by that dazn?…where do you get the nerves to assume such things….:))

  62. lol I only saw this a month later.
    Hey Michael, take it easy, i was just joking indeed! You sound like a very serious person, relax a bit. :))))

  63. I think most of you are losing focus on why we are here. Brenda is simply a gorgeous and talented actress who has a bright future ahead of her. She is American of Asian heritage, so if you don’t want an “Americanized” women, then go to another country. While it’s true there are a great number of selfish American women (of all backgrounds), there are definately many who are not.
    And, she is funny on her show.
    Go Brenda!!!

  64. Brenda is beautiful and a pretty good comic actress. There doesn’t seem to be any record of her having a boyfriend, so it’s not clear whether she has a preference (Asian, Anglo, African American). The kung fu movie was “Wendy Wu, Homecoming Warrior.” For now, Ashley Tisdale (blond) has become more popular because of the “High School Musical” movies and her music, but Brenda could have more staying power.

  65. “Twinkie” I have always heard it used as a man’s private part……

    I have heard the term Banana to describe an Asian who is trying to be white on the inside……

  66. found this at TMZ

    For a Good Time … Call Disney Star?
    Posted Apr 18th 2008 7:50PM by TMZ Staff

    Holy Hannah Montana! Is that Brenda Song??

    Song, the star of Disney’s hit “Suite Life of Zack & Cody,” is featured in an escort ad in the back of this week’s LA Weekly. We hear the escort company was just contacted by Disney lawyers who are none too happy with their teen queen advertising, er, adult activities. (Check out how they spell “Hawaiian.” Charming.)

    Disney isn’t playing games. A rep told us “This is an unauthorized use of Brenda Song’s image and her personal attorney has issued a cease and desist to the advertiser.”

  67. So they should be! I have nothing against escort services (in fact I strongly believe prostitution should be legal in the US, as it is here in Australia and most European countries), but this sort of misrepresentation is totally unacceptable, and potentially very damaging to Brenda’s career and personal life. Ironically, if there wasn’t so much stigma attached to it, they wouldn’t have to resort to this sort of crap. But that’s no excuse at all though.

  68. Coincidentally, another Asian celeb named Song was the victim of the same thing.
    A Colorado escort service used an image of Korean actress Song Hye-gyo in one of their ads.

  69. Disney definitely doesn’t play around, especially after having Hudgens and Spears receiving negative press.

  70. She was in an episode of the TV show New Girl looking very sexy and showing serious cleavage. And redlaw, she’s almost 25, so i think i can say that now!

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