Sunisa @

Sunisa @

Check out Sunisa. Foxes claims she’s 100% natural… Doc, what do you think?

Photo by Adam Yurman.

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  1. Isn’t that Irene Fah under yet another alias? Anyway, as I mentioned in that thread, her breasts don’t appear to flatten out enough when she leans back – or dangle enough when she leans down – for me to believe they’re natural. However, they certainly look natural – it just might be possible that they are unusually firm. Anyway, while I’m guessing they’re fake, I have to admit that I’m not certain in this case.

  2. My vote is for fake too. In looking at this picture, looking at the right edge of her left breast we see sharp straight line as it goes back to her chest. Looks kinda like there is some unatural strain on the skin there to me. Her nipple line seems a bit high but not suspect. Then there is the perkyness THey seem really high and really unstreatched (which is neither a good or bad thing in my tasts) I’d expect there to be more well… droopage not alot but just a bit to account for years of heavyness and probably good ammounts of time wihtout support.

  3. Yeah, I guess the bottom line is that they are just a little too good to be true – it is hard to believe that breasts this size could really be this firm. But if it is a boob job as we suspect then it’s certainly a very natural looking one – if I were in Foxes’ PR department I’d probably promote her as natural too. 😉

  4. Yes, she’s better known as Irene Fah.

    When her first Foxes set was released, she was called “Monica”. But, now that set is under the name “Sunisa”.

    At Pacific Beauty, she’s called “Opal”.

    I agree with Doc, they are fake.

  5. Does anybody else think she looks much prettier as ‘Opal’ on Adam’s site than she does elsewhere? She looks younger and perhaps a little chubbier there, but I think it suits her – for me it makes her face look cuter and more balanced. Adam’s done an outstanding job with her makeup too – much better than her more recent stuff on Thai Cuties etc. A good example of much these sorts of things can enhance a model’s looks!

  6. Fake. And I personally don’t even think they look that good – not bad but not great. I don’t like breast that point out – real or implants, they should point forward – her left breast lays out to the side. The right one is almost perfectly spherical on the bottom – not a good sign for anyone who thinks they’re possibly real. She does have a very attractive face.

  7. While I obviously agree they’re fake, for my money this is a really great looking pair of tits! I guess I just like’em big and round…

  8. “Isn’t that Irene Fah under yet another alias?”

    Hey I was thinking the same thing. Anyways, real or not (I can almost never tell) I like ’em. Although, there’s something about itty-bitties that make me weak in the knees.

  9. I did sort of want to stay out of this debate about Sunisa’s breasts because she is feautred on Foxes website this month and I did not want to draw any attention to her postings on my own website. This is what we call professional courtesy in the publishing business. Her breasts are real. You don’t have to grab them and squeeze them at a photo shoot to know. Actually real breasts are much more difficult to shoot because when the model lays on her back for a nice bedroom pose they spill out flat like jelly to the left and right side of her chest. Silicone does not do this. Also, there are some crawling poses where real breasts will hang down in an unflattering manner that resembles Cow Udders. Again, fake breasts hold their shape in this pose, Sunisa’s do not. Another thing about petite Asian gals who add on huge fake breasts is the unruly gap that appears in between them after the job is done. This is rather unattractive when shot straight on. Since Sunisa’s breasts are one of the natural wonders of the world, you may notice they look just great shot straight on and there is no gap between them. Hope that clears this up.

  10. Interesting you should say that Adam – in the photos I’ve seen where she’s leaning back her breasts don’t appear to flatten out as much as I would expect real breasts to. They also don’t seem to dangle enough when she leans down. This is what lead me to believe they were fake. Can you share a shot or two with us to demonstrate what you’re saying?

    I have also seen boob jobs without the gap you mention, although I agree they are rare (they usually require decent sized tits to start off with). Even then, there are several models who had small tits originally and who now have huge implants but don’t have any gap between their breasts at all e.g. Francine Dee.

  11. I just thought of another possibility: maybe she’s both real and fake! Say what?

    I’ve already mentioned that she looks chubbier on Adam’s site. Perhaps she was all-natural when Adam shot her, but as she lost weight and they started to sag, she got a litlle surgical help? This is certainly not uncommon. It would explain why they still look natural, but also why they now appear to be a little too firm to be real in her recent photos for Thai Cuties etc. What do you think Adam?

  12. Adam has contacted me personally regarding this, as we are unable to publish what he has shown me. However, on the basis of this (as well as what he told me) I am almost certain she was all-natural when Adam shot her. What’s more, he informed me that he took these Sunisa photos just a few months ago, so that kind of blows my idea that she had surgery since he shot her out of the water! 🙂

    Adam says she’s an expert at posing in just such a way so as to make her breasts look as firm as possible. So this no doubt has something to do with the impression that her breasts look too firm to be natural in most of her shots. It is true that there are very few shots of her that allow me to see clearly whether her breasts are real or not.

  13. Thanks Zam – I’ve never seen these shots before, and they are exactly what I need to draw a firm conclusion. The third shot in particular is very conclusive: I am as certain as it is possible for me to be that she is all natural! If this is the case, then either Adam was right her being good at posing so as to make her tits look as firm as possible in most of her shots, or they were simply misleading angles or lighting.

  14. if these are real..they are the best i have seen..picture or live:) I have met some asian girls with breasts that were gifts from God himself:)….so glad to be a guy!

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