Interview with Tia Tanaka

Tia Tanaka

New adult starlet Tia Tanaka recently sat down and granted us an interview. Check out Tia on her Myspace page after checking out her piece.

Asian-Sirens: Tell the audience about yourself. Where were you born and what is your ethnic background? Where do you call home?
Tia: I was born in Indonesia but my mother is of vietnamese and french descent and my father is vietnamese. My mother and I came to America when I was one year old. However, my father didn’t come with us for he was in the military and he also had another family that he never told my mother about. I guess he decided to live with this family and had left my mother while she was pregnant with me. So I grew up with a single mother and boy was it hard. My mother and I lived in New York and later moved to California. Years and years passed and she had 3 other children who are my beautiful siblings today! I call California home because I was here for most of my life. California Love Baby!!!

Tia Tanaka

Asian-Sirens: When, where, and how did you get your start in the industry? How long have you been in the industry?
Tia: In high school I would be the girl you’d least expect to be doing adult movies! I got into the business with intentions to just make some money but now I enjoy it.

Asian-Sirens: What do you like best about your work?
Tia: I’ve shot for quite a few photographers already and I loved all of it. I love having my pictures taken so all my experiences were great.

Asian-Sirens: I read that you like to read a lot. Why is that and what else to Tia like to do when she has some time away from work?
Tia: When I’m not working I enjoy reading new books I find that fascinate me and I also enjoy playing with my two kittens Tia and Tai-Tai. I’m also a movie fanatic so when I have free time I rent movies or borrow some from my friends. I’m currently studying psychology so that is another one of my hobbies. The reason I like to read so much is because I like to pretend a lot. When I mean pretend I like to imagine that I’m not me and that I am someone else…living in another enviroment, dreamland, whatever. My spirit likes to leave her body and play somewhere else sometimes! I know it sounds really corny but that’s how it really is with me.

Tia Tanaka

Asian-Sirens: Back to work lol. Do you have any favorite actors and actress or directors you like to work with? Any photographers? What are some of the things you would still like to accomplish?
Tia: I’d like to work with anyone that has a good mind, amazing ideas, and good intentions. In the future I’d like to see myself successful not just financially but emotionally.

Tia Tanaka

Asian-Sirens: Anyone you would like to thank or give a shoot out to? And any parting words for your fans?
Tia: I always receive very sweet e-mails from my fans and that’s what keeps me going I guess. When you have such a big group of people supporting you it’s a great feeling so I thank my fans before anything.

Tia Tanaka

Tia Tanaka

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0 thoughts on “Interview with Tia Tanaka”

  1. She is gorgeous and sounds really sweet. The kind of girl you can take home to mama……except for the porn bit!

  2. I’ll pass……………very very average in my mind. Let’s see…she’s got the tatoo, the bleached hair and I’m sure the implants aren’t far away.

    These chicks are like sheep in California.

  3. While I was happy not to say anything about this one, given our past disagreements I feel compelled to say that I completely agree with President Gas this time. On the other hand, I do think she is more natural looking than most of the new generation of import models – refreshingly she doesn’t have any odd facial surgery (yet).

  4. Naughty girl and I’m almost sure it’s a pleasure to work with. Thanks for the interview BillYip!

    Zam, also thanks for your bag of goodies!

  5. i’d have to disagree with gas and Lee and say that Tia rocks. I’ve loved every movie i’ve seen of her and she’s got that cutesy spunk that most girls lack. She’s ‘real’ to me… where as girls like naomi arman and avena lee are just too dramatically overacting. Tia definitely is one of my favorites.

    – rolls

  6. You may be right – although I don’t think her looks are aspecially remarkable, perhaps she is a really good performer. And I did say she looks natural, so I can see that she would come across as ‘real’ on film – indeed, the fact that she isn’t super gorgeous probably enhances that imprsession.

  7. She’s cool. She has a good look for porn and she’s been great in the stuff that I’ve seen her in. If I had to rank her among the other Asians in American porn, I’d put her in the middle; but given time she’ll become more popular, especially if she does more hardcore stuff. I’ll remain a fan of hers as long as she doesn’t change her look.

  8. Many amateurs start off with purely amateur looks and behaviors and it fits the genre very well. When they get more experience they lose their amateur feel and take on that glamour look and attitude in their films (which i don’t prefer).

    Amateur-ness is a preference for most, and looking spectacular works against that. They have to look real, like a girl you’d know or a girl that might be in your circle of friends. While Tia is at the crossroads of losing her newcomer, amateur appeal, I’m torn between her original work and the new stuff she’s putting out.

    Like Candyman, i do hope she retains her not-so-glam appeal.

  9. I’m willing to bet that anyone who actually looks at this website is in no position to judge ANY of these girls on their appearances. . . this includes myself, I freely admit. You guys are far too critical of both the amateurs and the experienced, glamorous models featured here. Face it, they’re all just plain hot.

  10. well Bob, it is all a matter of preferences..we asian men especially those who came to US from the far east are soo used to looking at hot or ugly asian women, so we CAN judge whether or not this asian is a hotty or just average in our standard, on the other hand when we look at caucasian hot models..we drool for their blond hair , blue eyes, big boobs etc. that’s why lots of asian women try to look caucasian by dying their hair blond, getting boob jobs, even nose jobs in order not to look too asian , it sucks for caucasian men, but asian men think they’re different ..not necessarily HOT, and BTW the argument about whether they are hot or average is what keeping asian-sirens in hot traffic.

  11. Well Bob, there are literally hundreds of Asian women where I live, so I see plenty of them every day. And IMHO many of them are more attractive than a lot of the girls featured on this site. I do see enough of them to make this judgement, and when you see as many as I do, you naturally become more critical.

  12. i totally love her looks, but i rather see her in all-girl movies.

    i just dont like to see dicks you know!!

    lets hope she keep her natural look, and for me stop b/g scenes and start dirty g/g 😛

  13. I love Tita, shes my favorite out of most the other girls. She more of a decent girls 😉

  14. Tia is a very decent girl if you know what I mean. JC:\Documents and Settings\HP_Owner\My Documents\New videos\perfect_tia_tanaka.htmust watch this. Hope it works.

  15. oh! this girl is perfect for a question i wanted to ask you fellas. what do you all think of her stomach? so, i know that the majority of the models here have flat stomachs. but, tia has a curved stomach, which is a genetic predisposition (i have one too!). i heard some guys think it’s sexy, like a little pillow/cushion, but at the same time it’s always bothered me because i want it to be flat (though that’s never going to happen – i’ve been working out [serious ab workouts, serious cardio] to minimize it, but my stomach is definitely still not flat).

    in ancient times, stomachs like tia’s would’ve been attractive because they indicate fertility (that bit of padding is there to protect the ovaries!) but nowadays it seems like bubble butts, flat stomachs, and large mammaries are “it.”

  16. really? so that means i can tell my wife to work out more to get rid the “food baby” ? i dont mind so much a tad of a padding, but personally i like a flat taunt stomach…i know a lot of models we see probably dont have it and it is photography tricks and angles…right doc and adam?…all an illusion but dont we just love it !

  17. yes, lawboy, if your wife works out her abs and does cardio, she can get rid of the fat in that area and also make her abs really tight so that her stomach is taut. it takes a lot of work though. once summer started i’ve begun hitting the gym 2-3 hours every day M-Th. i see results now but for the first three weeks it was still all flab

  18. Yeah, daznlover, I realized that after the fact. I was in a hurry to get the clip sent, it’s that good, and didn’t notice the address. I can’t even find it on the actual site now. Like I said, though, it is that good. I’ll keep looking.

  19. WARNING: This clip is not for anyone under the age of 18 or for the faint of hearted. Sorry I didn’t say that before.

  20. Lol, thanks arf, interesting but I was expecting more from her. 🙂

    christine, I like a padded stomach, if it’s not fat but just curvy. Looks sexy to me and feels sexy too. I’m not a maniac for a flat stomach. Mine is enough. 🙂

  21. Interesting how “six pack dazn” likes a little padding in his girl, whereas those of us with a little padding ourselves (like me!) go for the trim and taut look. I guess it’s balancing the genes. Still, two hard bodies together wouldn’t be very comfortable would it? 😉

    And Christine, working out does tend to go that way: progress is slow at first, but it accelerates the more you do it. On the other hand, I can imagine it would be very difficult for someone as devoted to their studies as you are – it’s very hard to do both.

  22. Lol, Dr. Lee. Yeah, you might say that I like them with a little meat. Maybe just my fetish. You can see that in my previous comments, skinny girls aren’t my type. 😉

  23. holly cow arf..cudos to you..good clip!

    strange that “sixpack dazn” is a chubby chaser 🙂 j/k but for the soft and fluffy guys like me and doc, we like trim and taunt women…dont know about you doc but my quirk is a trim, taunt upper arms of women…i dont like the slab of salami hanging there, and i do know it is hard for women to keep their upper arms tight and hard..luckily my wifey has good arms….:))

    btw christine, i can overlook a little padding in the belly as long as they have good arms…:)

  24. Actually Christine, I have to point out that while the trim and taut look is definitely preferable for models (it does look better in photos), in real life many Asian girls look good with a ‘softer’ look – it kind of matches the style of many Asian girls. From what I have seen of you so far, you may well be one of those girls, but I’d need to see more to be sure. 😉

  25. Do I sense Dr. Lee slowly embracing the softer look, quitting the taut look side of the fence? 🙂

    christine, we could well be a match. And you’re so intelligent. Now that’s what’s Hot! 🙂

  26. Nope – when it comes to models, give me Sachiko or Maya Sakura over Tia any day. BUT, when it comes to real life, I absolutely agree with you: intellect and personality are FAR more important than looks. And they don’t come much better than Christine in those departments! Besides, she’s certainly cute enough anyway. 😉

    On the other side of the coin, one has to mention the legendary Sung Hi Lee, whom everybody here agrees is one of the all-time great models (and very trim and taut!), but by all accounts is not a very nice person (to put it mildly).

  27. dazn..not arm fetish but a trim fit taunt upper arms on a woman is nice…i know it is hard to get rid of the fat for a woman but a good trim upper arms is a must….i hate flabby arms….:)

  28. anyone know where i can get her latest interactive sex flick “Kazami”. it’s a replica of the game Dead or Alive.

  29. i’m vietnamese guy leaved in san jose,ca. i love you so much.i wished to married you and take care you all life.everytime i see you in movies i feeling hurt about you and i just want you out of your business and be home with me so i can take care you whole life and make you happiness in your life.

  30. Ummm, this isn’t a dating site tran111, and I doubt very much that Tia is reading this – perhaps you might want to try sending her a message from her MySpace page. 😉

  31. christine, i am viet guy, i love you so much. i wish to marry you and take care of you. wait a minute i think my wife reads this :)))

  32. Tran: you’re looking for someone to rescue. Tia, and pretty much any other woman in her situation, isn’t looking to be “rescued”. Adjust your expectations of life and maybe you’ll be happier. Why don’t you go to the animal shelter and rescue a pet?

  33. I didn’t want to burst Tran111’s bubble, but luvjgirls is absolutely right. I have seen some hardcore models who look reluctant to be doing it, but Tia certainly isn’t one of them – she really looks like she’s enjoying herself. I’d say she’s doing this very much of her own choice.

    I won’t bother going into the issue of how you can possibly “love” somebody you don’t even know. 😉

  34. Oops… Tran did it 🙂 Hey man you may be able to rescue her but you may not able to satisfy her. Jeeesus Christ look at the men she has been with … I know size is not everything but hehehe you know what I mean?

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