Christine Nguyen

Christine Nguyen

Born in Saigon (Vietnam) and raised in Texas, USA, Christine Nguyen (aka Jennifer Lee, Jennifer Loma, and Jin Le) now calls Los Angeles her home. Christine’s motto in life is to try everything oΒ­nce, if possible, and to never regret the past, just to learn from it. With a degree in journalism and graphic design, she brings a sense of style and eloquence to all her endeavors. Having also gone to law school, she is a prime example of brains and beauty. Her resume spans radio, television, film, commercials, spokesmodeling and print.Some facts:

Location: Los Angeles
Date of birth: 1980-02-04
Ethnicity: Vietnamese
Height: 5′ 6″ / 168 cm
Weight: 105 lbs / 48 kg
Measurements: 34C-24-34 / 86C-61-86
Hair: long black
Eyes: hazel

Christine Nguyen on the web:

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Christine Nguyen

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  1. I honestly would never has guessed she was pure Vietnamese – indeed, I would never have guessed she was pure Asian! I guess we all know the reason why… πŸ˜‰

  2. There are some pics she look very Vietnamese, the thing that threw me off is her hazel eyes, I don’t know any 100% Vietnamese has hazel eyes.

  3. I’m pretty certain the eyes are coloured contacts. And as usual these days the nose job especially makes her look too western for my taste. Why can’t these girls just allow themsleves to look like Asian?

  4. I never noticed her nose until you mentioned it. I was paying too much attention to her breasts and how her nipples were misaligned.

  5. More than half the Vietnamese population has the surname Nguyen. I’m not kidding – it’s a statistical fact! As a result, Nguyen is now the most common surname in the two largest cities in Australia, even though Vietnamese are a relatively small percentage of our population.

  6. Dr Lee is right, living in Veitnam, if i forget someones name i just say…Hey Nguyen…and more often than not, thats part of their name!

  7. Lawboy, if by ‘she’ you mean ‘I’ (and by ‘I’ I mean you), then you are probably correct. πŸ˜‰

  8. Oh yeah, clear as mud! πŸ™‚

    I had a Vietnamese g/f for a couple years with the last name Nguyen. I think it’s used as a first, middle, and last name. Very prolific. It’s kind of like Kim or Park in Korea. Or Smith for us whiteys.

  9. doc…hence the Nguyen’s dynasty πŸ™‚ Tran is the next most popular last name for viets

    K4K – wouldnt johnson also common for you crackers :))) j/k

  10. Most popular (1st and 2nd) surname in:

    Canada – Johnson; Smith
    U.S. – Smith; Johnson

    Vietnam – Nguyen (38%); Tran (11%)
    China – Li; Wang
    Japan – Sato; Suzuki
    Korea – Kim; Lee (Yi)
    Singapore – Tan; Lim

  11. Some time ago Playboy Cyber Club had a pictorial named ‘Asian Persuasion’ featuring Asian models from the past and today. One of the featured models was Christine Nguyen:

  12. I can’t believe she doesn’t have a website! She has a myspace, but she goes by so many names for her ventures, it’s hard to keep track! I know she’s been in a bunch of late night cable stuff too, some of which I have seen, but she is one of my favorites!

  13. Is this a veiled attempt to get our readers to visit your site? Anyone can see they aren’t the same girl! And they don’t even have the same name either. Still, I will admit Kristina is pretty hot!

  14. Dr. Lee, I can give you my word I was not triing to spam this blog. I really couldn’t find any info about the girl I posted above. I don’t earn anything from plus the site is clearly not multilingual so visitors from asian-sirens would just leave when they don’t understand a thing. What I knew about the girl was her name in cyrillic which the wallpaper’s author gave me. It turned out that the girl I posted above is not named Kristina but Hristina Kong Nguyen. She appeared in an edition of the Bulgarian Playboy 2 or 3 years ago and didn’t become popular. That’s why I couldn’t find any info on her. Her name in cyrillic sounded to me like “Christina Nguyen” so this page was what Google told me about her. So sorry for making you think this is spam and thank you for your comment and for noticing mine.

  15. Let’s see:

    Hazel eyes – check
    5’6″ – check
    28 – I would have been old enough!

    Oh wait, I’ve never been to Vietnam. Never mind.

  16. There is this wicked crazy new gadget called Google. It’s this awesome tool you can use to research things.

    Take, for example, Christine Nguyen – By searching for her name and clicking on a link I found this crazy website right here:

    Snap. These novel web gadgets are super awesome =).

  17. Google? Must be one of them new fangled search engine thingys. I’ve heard about em’, just haven’t got the know how to use one yet.

  18. Can anyone re-up the Karupspc sets in Zamscan’s post of sept 04? That shit’s hot and hard to find.

  19. Christine,is the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. She is total perfection. She has absolutely gorgeous eyes,and such a beautiful smile,and a body to die for. She has it all, and I’ve had the pleasure of connecting with her on My Space and she is as friendly as she looks.

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