Sung Hi Lee


I just found this photo of Sung Hi Lee and at first I was surprised because I thought it was a photo I hadn’t seen before. Unfortunately, it was one of the photo’s taken from Sung Hi’s official website that was photoshopped.The Spanish guy did the same with some other photos such as Sung Hi Lee de rosa, Sung Hi Lee con tirantes, Los conejitos Lisa Boyle & Sung Hi Lee, Sung Hi Lee Likes Rock’n Roll, Sung Hi Lee en el Balcón, Sung Hi lee De Violeta, and Sung Hi Lee en las escaleras.

Damn, after all these years I can still enjoy her beauty!

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  1. She is in my book without a doubt the most beautiful woman on the earth today. She just gets better looking the older she gets. Thanks for the story Marco!!

  2. I agree, no one else is in the same league as far as I’m concerened. I did notice that she trimmed her pubes a little more recently – she gets sexier all the time

  3. Interestingly, I’m not as crazy about her as I used to be. These days I feel her body is a little too masculine-looking (probably from doing too much weights) – it’s not as slender and feminine as it was when she was my favourite (before my Jun Kusanagi obsession).

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