CJ Miles

CJ Miles

Meet CJ Miles, another sexy find among the many Asian ladies on MySpace. But don’t be fooled, CJ is not one of the typical teaser girls on MySpace. She has recently done some fully nude photo shoots you can see on the Photogenic.com website. CJ, age 25, is Filipino and was born in the Philippines.
CJ Miles

CJ Miles

CJ Miles

CJ Miles

CJ Miles

CJ Miles

In CJ’s own words:

I’m a very nice, funny and sweet person. I’m shy which may be hard to believe and I stick to myself a lot which keeps me out of trouble. Never thought of modeling…until I got here in US.

Glad you thought of it CJ!

Links for CJ Miles
CJ’s MySpace Page
CJ at Photogenic.com
CJ’s YouTube videos page

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  1. I haven’t yet determined CJ’s exact height, but I’m pretty sure she’s not over 5’0″ (152cm)

  2. myles hernandez
    search her up
    she’s done some b grade porn movies
    her jugs are HUGE
    you can find more photos of her by searching that name

  3. Myles Hernandez does not look like the same girl (CJ Miles) to me. I saw CJ Miles in person at the last Model Showcase Event (Invitational). She was very popular posing on stage with Charisse Kailyn.

    I am surprised she is half Filipina since her skin is fairly dark. I wonder if her American half is Latina?

    Yes, she is very petite. Maybe even a bit shorter than Charisse (though it could have been the difference in heel sizes). Also, she had braces (at least she did at the Model Showcase Event).

    Great posting and photo selection NorthMan!

  4. Myles H. appears to have real breasts (looking mighty good), whereas CJ’s are obvioulsy fake (not looking so good—although she has a super cute face).

  5. Yaye! You guys posted CJ. She’s one of my close friends. Very sweet girl.

    Northman, I just have one correction. CJ is actually full filipina (not half). No she’s not Myles Hernandez. CJ has never done porn and I dont think she ever will either.

    SoO yaye! I’m sOo happy for her. Thanks for the great post, Northman!

    Much Love,
    Charisse Kailyn

  6. That’s my baby…. Word on the street she’ll be shooting with Chris Carlo in collaboration with Francine Dee around May 2006 to grace the pages of VersionC Models, Inc. a new online magazine that’s creating a buzz around the net (www.versionc.com). Also, she’ll be launching her website very soon…

  7. hey its cj miles! thank you for featuring me! Im 4’10 and 80lbs and im not Myles Hernandez! hahaha! shes a sexy star in the philippines!! Thanks Asian-sirens for featuring me! and thanks to charisse kailyn! shes my very close friend! luv u girl see u soon! mwah!!!! and ofcrse to my partner! mwah!!!!
    and yah im gona have my website soon so watch out!!!! luv yall!

  8. Hello Charisse, Thanks for all the good words about CJ! Glad to hear you guys are good friends!

    I made the correction you mentioned regarding CJ being full Filipina.

    All the best to you Cha!

  9. Hey CJ! Thanks for stopping by and giving us a few more details. We’re always glad to hear from the models we feature here. We’ll be looking forward to your website opening!

  10. haha thats right!!! Pasaway means stubborn in filipino! And im really PASAWAY! best wishes to yall who love asians girls! im proud of bein one! hehehee! arent we so cutie!!!ehehehehe! mwah!!!!

  11. I can’t believe that I am just finding out about CJ now. I guess being in school and being out of the country has left me a little behind. But CJ’s my type of girl: short & sexy.

  12. Man!…I just love a girl willing to show off her rear end. Once again…the world’s hottest asian. Or one of at least. Maybe?

  13. Not to sound crass, because CJ is beautiful and all. But she has probably the most amazing vagina. It’s so aesthetically pleasing. I don’t how that’s possible.

  14. I was on her website about a month ago, and she said she just did a shoot for Penthouse. I think she said it would be out in a couple months. I’m sure you’ll get alot of Vagina shots there.

    She also started offering seprate ZIP files that you have to pay extra for above the site membership, that are a little dirtier than the normal.

  15. no, i didn’t buy any. she wants $20 for each zip set, on top of the $25 month membership fee for the site. She shows enough vagina in her regular sets for me.

  16. Seriously, somebody please enlighten me: what’s so good about her? A very stocky lower body without enough on top to balance it up; a not so pretty face with a not terribly good nose job and seriously fake eyebrows. And considering how stocky her lower body is, she hasn’t even got much of a butt either. She also almost always has a kind of “mean” look to her, as if she’s trying really hard to look “sexy” but failing. About the only positive thing I can say is that she looks fit. But surely it takes a whole lot more than that for people to go so crazy over her, right?

  17. Ah, I see – I guess it’s true that less attractive girls have to try harder. 😉 Maybe this explains the whole average girls as import models phenomonon?

  18. It’s a matter of personal preference! Maybe she seems average to you but maybe she seems amazing to others. I don’t see why it really matters to you why we like her if you don’t! Besides I think people who check this blog like her, and if you don’t then why check it???

  19. Problem is, there’s just so many other SoCal import models just like her – same body, same look, same style, same attitude. So why go crazy over her in particular? She doesn’t have any of the physical attributes we’d normally associate with “beautiful” or “gorgeous” or “sexy”, and once again, there’s just so many other girls just like her. It’s a cop-out to say it’s just personal taste – you may not agree with my taste, but at least the women I like stand out!

    Perhaps LawBoy already has the answer though. 😉

  20. She may not look amazing, but she’s still hot. What separates her from the majority of import models that are out there is that CJ poses nude. More import models should pose nude instead of doing implied nudity. And she probably gets alot of hype because she has alot of pics and video available on the net and is also dancing on laps from what I hear.

  21. That makes sense. Still, it’s pretty sad that all an import model has to do to stand out is take all of her clothes off! If you’re Asian and your an import model, it really doesn’t seem to matter how good you actually look (although I’m sure the lap dancing helps in this case) – the import model world is a strange place where the usual rules of modelling are turned on their heads. Still, when you look at things like the Suicide girls (which is also huge), there does seem to be a market for girls who do not fit the traditional model stereotype. Very interesting.

  22. It’s a simple formula if you aren’t extremely hot if you want to stand out: show your tits and make slutty videos to put on the net, and maybe give the occasional lapdance to a fan.

    To me it matters what a model looks like because I look at hundreds of pictures a day of hot Asian women. So for an import model to stand out in my mind needs to either look really good or pose naked since there are so many models out there and wannabe models out there trying to make it. So that is why CJ is separate from most import models in my eyes because she poses nude.

    For alot of people it doesn’t matter what an import model looks like. They just want to see someone Asian in something skimpy. There’s not much that can be done about it until there is no longer a market for it. I would just like to see more chicks do nudity and keep their natural hair color instead of dying their hair some awful shade of blonde and doing implied nudity and I will be happy 🙂

  23. I think it was CJ’s videos on YouTube that did it for me.

    The viral campaign before she ever had a site…it was the way she moves that body of hers. She’s really gotten in great shape lately and her pic sets are getting better and better. Needless to say I may be one of her biggest fans.

  24. Hey Dr. Lee… you know you just sound like a hater. Everything your saying paints you out like a female who wants to make it but is mad that someone else has that she thinks she’s better than. It’s not a cope out to say it’s personal preference at all. Beauty isn’t a math equation with absolutes, it’s entirely subjective. SO go ahead and same more negative things about the women all of US think is beautiful, cause your still gonna sound like a hater.

  25. Blankness: the fact remains that CJ is just totally average – objectively. There is nothing that makes her stand out from so many other SoCal Asians. Unless you go nuts over every SoCal Asian girl you see (which is entirely possible I guess), there just isn’t any good reason to go nuts over CJ. And if you do go nuts over every SoCal Asian you see, then you simply have far lower standards than I do. When you run a site like this one, you see a lot of different Asian women, so they need to at the very least stand out in some way to get me excited.

  26. I still laugh every time I read Travis’s comment above about her having one of the most amazing and aesthetically pleasing vagina’s. Sounds like layman’s terms put to good use. 🙂

  27. Alright parfum: even though I might personally agree with much of what you say here, your comment is once again far too harsh, and is a breach of our posting guidelines. And once again, as that isn’t the only such comment you’ve made today, if you breach our guidelines again in the future you won’t be able to post again.

  28. She just reeks of sex. Far more than the majority of pale skinned, thin lipped, fawning little pretties on this site. She just got the x-factor, something one of Dr Lee’s surgical soulless dissections of a physique will never ascertain. There’s nothing “objective” about determining this, you can either see it or you can’t.

  29. Oh yes – I do “surgically dissect” women’s physique objectively and scientifically, just as I do everything else. It is my nature, and I make no apologies for it. 🙂

    I guess that’s the thing with import models isn’t it – they look very “willing”, so to speak. Which, given how they look and act, they probably actually are. 😉

  30. Unfortunately your link is being blocked – I had to cut and paste it in. Anyway, for the curious, he is referring to by far my favourite A4Y girl, Kathy Liu:


    I make no apologies for adoring Kathy either. 🙂 I’ll take her stunning feminine elegance over CJ’s stocky body and harsh masculinity any day.

    With that, I am calling a halt to this diversion – let’s keep this thread focused on CJ and CJ only. Comparisons between models soon devolve into flame wars, as indeed happened earlier today.

  31. That’s fine Doc. Personal taste is a good thing, and means we can all get something we like.

    Just don’t paint taste, preference and opinion as “fact”, science and objectivity.

  32. That’s not what I mean – what I’m saying is that I’m not really swayed by style, overt sexuality or whatever. I basically judge women’s appearance in very mathematical terms (bodily and facial proportions etc.) – as per your original comment, which I think is true (and I make no apologies for this!).

  33. Well, up to you. But you’re as wrong as the Victorians were when they thought they could determine a person’s characteristics by physical measurements. Those Aryan 20th century eugenicists didn’t have much luck with this tack either. Basically, “appearance” and behaviour (incl. sexuality) are not connected.

    Of course, if you know all this, and absolutely cannot be swayed by women who do not conform to your measurement criteria when you meet them in the flesh, and recognise this as a bone fide fetish, then it’s quite cool.

    But, you do still have the issue of deriding others’ quite legitimate choices, and cry flaming when there’s a danger it might go the other way, and that’s not cool at all.

    I thought you called a halt to “this diversion”?

  34. I called a halt to the model comparison, which from past experience almost always devolves into flame wars. If you want to say something about a model, say it in their thread, not somebody else’s. Also, I did not say appearance and behaviour were connected in the way you say at all – it seems to me that people like “models” like CJ not because they look good in the usual model sense, but because they look willing. Hence, they are judging her on the basis of behaviour, whereas I judge her the way models are traditionally judged, and there I just don’t think she measures up at all.

    I’m often amazed at people’s ability to twist my words into something I didn’t say at all on this site, which I can only assume is because they want to, as I always write exactly what I mean. Judging models on the basis of their appearance has nothing to do with eugenics – I’m sure you know that.

  35. She’s so HaaaaWT!!! Thanks Mr. blankness. I’ve been a big fan of spankwire for a while now too, never saw her there though. 🙂

  36. Henry Farad…Thank you for those recent images on Twitter and Tumblr. I saw a couple pics in there of Francine Dee I really enjoyed along with the endless pics I always enjoy of Ms CJMiles.

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