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Outtake from Playboy photoshoot (Photo: CantikFotos)

I may have mentioned CantikFotos before somewhere, but I thought it was time I did it for real this time.

According to his profile Cantikfotos works in Taipei, Taiwan, Indonesia and Singapore. He has a very artistcic, allmost surreal style and shoots a lot in black & white. I like his style, but I guess it’s somewhat different from the photography we usually feature here on Asian-Sirens.

Check out his various sets to see for yourself. He also has his own domain besides his Flickr account, but the Flickr pages contain a lot more work.Photo above: outtake from Playboy photoshoot, Toucheng, Taiwan. 1993.

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  1. this guy’s work is great! i have been watching him for a while. for real photographers posting their own work with asian girls on flickr, you won’t find much better than him…

  2. Yeah, this guy does do some great stuff! However, I think a lot of it (especially the glamour photos) would be even better if he left them in colour.

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