Sung Hi Lee the end of an era?

Search Trend based on Google

Website Statistics based on Alexa

Based on both Google Trends and Alexa Statistics it seems that the popularity of Sung Hi Lee is decreasing fast.

Google Trends gives an indication for the number of search queries in a period of time and based on the statistics for the past two years it’s obvious that less people are searching for Sung Hi Lee. In comparison, she is almost as popular as Hiromi Oshima nowadays. You will see two spikes in the graph for Hiromi and that is when she was featured in Playboy Magazine of June 2004 and Playboy’s Playmates in Bed of July 2005.

Inherently, the popularity of Sung Hi’s official website is decreasing as well. Based on the Alexa stats her website is as popular as, the official website of Hiromi Oshima. Interesting to see is the popularity for Asian Sirens that reached its high point back in 2000, decreased in the years that we didn’t update the site anymore and is increasing again since the restart in July 2005.

It’s a pity for Sung Hi Lee but I truly think it is the end of an era and the big question is, will there be a successor of Sung Hi?

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  1. I think this is proof once again the print media is still a far better way to achieve fame than the internet. When Hiromi’s in Playboy, her popularity peaks. As Sung Hi hasn’t been in Playboy for ages (and her acting career hasn’t exactly been a roaring success), her polularity has waned.

    I also don’t think there’ll ever be ‘another Sung Hi’, just like there’ll never be another Beatles etc. The market has matured. Asian Playboy models are no longer a novelty. And the internet has become too big for even a site as popular as Asian Sirens to have that sort of influence ever again.

  2. Anyone besides me saw Sung Hi Lee wednesdaynight on the tv show “LOST” She was on for a minute beore being killed by a meteor. A week prior to this was Bai Ling’s appearance.

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