The Girls of Shrimpworld

The Girls of Shrimpworld

Inspired by the work of George Mann, I started my virtual journey to Thailand somewhere in 1996. George Mann is probably less known to most of the younger visitors. But since the day I discovered the sites Adult Asian (not online anymore) and Schrimpworld (with photography of Patrick Gauvain, better known as the infamous ‘Shrimp’ of Bangkok), I’m a fan of his work.

This week I talked with him and he told me that he is working hard on his website on digital photography where you can find, for example, an interesting Adobe Lightroom tutorial and eBook. As I’m an amateur photographer myself I’m sure I can learn a lot from his tutorials.

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  1. It is based on Patrick Gauvain, better known as the infamous ‘Shrimp’ of Bangkok. True, it doesn’t sound sexy but the girls they shoot definitely are!

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