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Essence? Sukmi Ho is a model that I believe is 22, she resides in Hong Kong, but I’m having problems translating pages with her information. And I’m lazy.

Some more photos and commentary after the jump.Sukmi Ho is what is part of what I would consider my opinion of “essence” as has been in discussion recently. No, I’m not arguing that she is more or less attractive than anyone else shown thus far, but there are women that are simply “Hot” and there are those that are (or should be) posted solely for appreciation of their beauty by those that agree that they are beautiful. Still subjective, but presented differently – to get appreciated by two eyes instead of one hand.

Some stats:

Height: 170 cm
Bust: 33 inch
Waist: 24 inch
Hips: 33 inch

More photos of Sukmi (sorry, some are grainy – they are Hong Kong Modeling photos):





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  1. Now this is what I’m talking about! ^__^ This is the type of girl that really catches my eye. Super cute, tight body and none of the pervasive “look at me I’m hot sh*t” attitude a lot of models seem to display.

    We need more Chinese girls on display here on Asian Sirens! Less SoCal, more China, HK and Taiwan representation please!

  2. HO Suk Mi is the name (with several minor variations used in HK ) .
    The Chinese girls from Asia are usually trimmer than their counterparts in the US. Import them to the US and they will mature into the SoCal look fast!

  3. SUK means “vitruous, charming, pure”
    and MI is “beauty” HO is the surname!

    no further comment/s needed!

  4. Her name does sound like a character from Austin Powers! 😉

    Her facial surgery is a little too much for my taste (a sadly very common problem amongst Asian models and celebrities these days, as they try to look more western), but she’s still fairly attractive overall – certainly a lot more so than most SoCal import models! On the other hand, I definitely wouldn’t say she’s outstanding either – there are many more attractive Chinese girls around (sadly not models).

  5. Hey doc, about her facial, what do you mean exactly? The cheeks? Eyes? Other things?

    Fine body, sexy curves, she’s not exactly my style but I agree she’s pretty.
    Her name is quite catchy! 🙂

  6. @…. – the issue with her name is childish, people have names around the world that might sound funny to westerners, but are meaningful within their cultures as applerot pointed out. Making fun of someone’s name is really low. let’s just stick to enjoying these beautiful ladies and leave the idiotic comments at the door ok?

  7. Lighten up LTV, it was a JOKE, I’m sure.

    I certainly hope Curtis meant no harm by it.

    Some of you guys should rent a sense of humor for a short time. You might like it.

  8. oh come on…i was a little late with the name here 🙂 but i do get a giggle with her name 🙂 almost as much as Hung Lo 🙂

  9. hey, when did we get a Hall Monitor here….lighten up LTV 🙂 it is AS for God know boobs and ass and some girl name Sukmi Ho :))

  10. ya LTV…chillax. if my name meant something funny in another language, i would fully expect them to make fun of me

  11. @daznlover: she has had very obvious eyelid surgery and a nose job, very likely a chin job, and quite possibly more as well. I suspect you wouldn’t find her so attractive without all the makeup and touch-ups. 😉

    And LTV, we are just joking around – it may be childish, but don’t we all have the right to have a little childish fun every now and again? Also, Lawboy is Vietnamese, so we aren’t just an ignorant bunch of white guys – we simply have a sense of humour!

  12. ask any viet guys what does the name Bob Vu means ? 🙂 or Bob Cu 🙂 it is pretty funny in vietnamese 🙂

  13. One of my best Vietnamese friends’ name is “Dung” (pronounced “yoong” by southern Vietnamese) – little wonder she likes to change the spelling to “Dzung” (which sounds similar to the northern Vietnamese pronunciation of her name). Then of course, there is the other common Vietnamese girl’s name, “Ha”. I could go on, but I think we all need to have a sense of humour about these things (I’m sure “Lee” must be hilarious in some language somewhere).

  14. I’d be just as sure to make fun of English names such as Mike Hunt, Rod Johnson, or Connie Lingus. Wouldn’t waste the chance. I am an equal opportunity jokester without regard to ethnicity. Sure it’s childish, but I can’t be my sophisticated highbrow self all the time!

    Old favorite restaurant name of mine: Hung Far Low. Was let down to learn it means Lotus Blossom. Boring.

  15. her face could be a little bit better, but she nontheless is very pretty, love the body, got to respect the body, especially with all those pork rinders these days stomping through the streets like Godzilla. Geez!

  16. I used to attend a school with an Arab guy named Youza Mutafucca, and that poor bastard got clowned over his name constantly.

  17. I have to add my name game two cents.
    My name, Adam ( A Dum ) means:
    ” A Black Guy” in Thai.
    I get asked if I can dance Hip Hop or sing all the time. This would not be funny in the USA where I am from but the Thais think it is hysterical. I am OK with it too as a good laugh is always welcome. BTW, that girl looks Thai to me but I could be wrong.

  18. i can think of another benefit to be mistaken for a black guy 🙂 no offense to my black brothers 🙂 it is just funny…i am changing my name to ADum next time i am in Thailand, and not for the dancing, singing part 🙂

    btw, take care Adam, sounds pretty hairy in Thailand right now.

  19. Other than the wideness of her lower nose, she’s pretty cute, and I certainly wouldn’t turn her away for her nose. 😉 Having eyelid surgery is worrisome, though. I know it’s popular among Asian women, but I just can’t understand why they like having it done.

    Speaking of names, there was a long-time NASCAR driver named Dick Trickle. (I think if my last name were Trickle and my parents gave me the name Richard, I would choose to go by any other derivative of the name than Dick.)

  20. I used to know a guy named Dick Stump. That one always killed me.

    Love her taut stomach. I’m ignorant on the whole facial surgery thing, but I think she looks good overall.

  21. In the spirit of what this thread has become, I offer this true tidbit:

    I had to work with a (very clueless) consultant named, Richard Hertz. I think I’m the only one who called him, “Dick”.

  22. I just met a guy, here in Florida, whose name is Richard Licker. (Not sure of the spelling of the last name, but it is pronounced as if it were “licker”.)

    He goes by “Scott”.

    Judging by this guy’s nose, it is safe to say he has been in a few fights, in his life.

  23. Travis, I believe he is talking about the song, “A Boy Named Sue”. Because of his name, the boy had to learn to fight/defend himself.

    In the end, he still hates that name, and vows never to do that to his son, if he ever has one.

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