Donnabelle Mortel

Allow me to introduce Donnabelle. Donnabelle was on the Seattle SuperSonics Dance Team when I first came upon her. She took some modeling photos for the Dance Team calendar, one of which can be seen below the jump.Just to cut off argument early, she had done nude photography back when she was 18 but I haven’t been able to find those photos since I last saw them (though trust me I have tried) and I lost my bookmark when my old computer broke, so hopefully some intelligent Asian Sirens user can locate them.

She is also going to be in the upcoming movie “Hoodrats 2: Hoodrat Warriors” where she is going to not only kick ass and take names, but also likely win an Oscar. Yes, she will be that good.

Oh, and she is brilliant, graduating Summa Cum Laude from Seattle University.


Age: 23
Height: 5’1
Weight: 110
Ethnicity: Pacific Islander
From: Seattle, Washington
Currently Resides: Los Angeles

Additional Photos:

Note: Photos have been removed by request of model. Any reference to seeing her movie should now not be taken seriously.

MySpace Page
IMDB for Hoodrat Warriors

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  1. Donnabelle is also one of those women that looks better in person. He modeling photos are good, and I think she is very pretty, but they do not do justice to her beauty when you see her in real life. Especially in the Dance Team outfits. Yikes.

  2. Love her. Don’t mind the legs at all. They look strong and toned. Can imagine them wrapped and locked around me…

  3. Like it a lot.
    She looks like a young Vanessa Williams.
    Short & stocky she may be Dr.Lee…but from a breeding standpoint I’d have to tag it ’cause she’s got what the Brothas’ would call “speed legs”.Your offspring would be blazing fast.You see what the NFL is paying deep threats these days?

  4. First picture is recent, luvmandy. All the other ones are ordered by age backwards. Probably 19 or 20 around the last photo, 20-21 in the second to last, 22 in the third to last and 23 in the last photo. There is a good chance she is aging well which explains the photo differences. Her nude photos she took when she was much younger she looks like a completely different person.

  5. Nice but not amazing face. Agree with Dr Lee that a little leaner would be better. I’m sure in Seattle she stood out. Here in So Cal just another cute face in the crowd.

  6. Leave her for me, Doc! I knew you were gonna pass on her. Again! 🙂

    I love a brilliant woman that graduates with honnors. Smart and very pretty.

    Love that islander body, the sexy butt, the dark tanned skin, the athletic shape. Gawd.

    Great pics on her albums.
    Travis, tell her I said hi. lol

  7. She’s so seductive on her first photo. If I happened to meet her on a pacific island, I would never leave.

    These tanned asian babes really throw me off the trail.

  8. of course she can afford to be snooty, with the “hotty” ratio up in Seattle so low..the few good looking chicks are absolutely f**kin queens

  9. Tis true what wildone said. The ugly/fat ratio here in the Pacific Northwest is high. And if they are good looking, their dress is overly casual to downright slovenly. Low standards abound, perhaps because of all the rain and mud…don’t wanna mess up clothes & shoes, lol. Lots of flannel, cargo pants, Birkenstocks, etc. Yechhhh. Many look like butch lesbians when they are actually straight!

  10. Seattle is the fittest city in the country, as per here It also doesn’t rain that often. The only thing you were write about was that they dress casual, which is largely due to the not-too-hot weather.

    Spokane has many ugly women. But walk on a University of Washington campus on a hot summer day and your eyes will fall out. Washington State generally does not have attractive women. Seattle, however, has an incredibly high percentage. Having travelled the country, it is clear that none of you have actually been here or looked at anything beyond the style of dress.

    This is especially strange coming from most of you since the heart of Seattle has one of the highest densities of Asian populations in the entire United States.

    If you think Seattle has ugly women, you are dead wrong. Washington State, maybe, but Seattle you are not even close to right.

  11. Actually, Seattle is pretty rainy. But, HOW rainy depends on how you measure. In terms of total annual rainfall, Seattle gets a lot, 36.3 inches/year, which ranks #44 among all US Cities.

    But, and I think this is a more important reason Seattle is considered so rainy, Seattle averages 158 days of measurable rain/year. That means it rains over 40% of the time (days). Anyway you slice it, that’s a lot of rainy days!

  12. <- -Native lifelong Pacific Northwesterner.
    Rain is not measured here by volume if you know anything about how things are… is measured by number of rainy days, which are many. And dark dry overcast days where the sun don’t shine, many of those too!

    OK OK, the multitude of hot Asian chicks makes it bearable…but take away the Asians, this place is a desert of babes!

  13. You want rain, try Olympia! Prettiest place I have ever lived, WHEN the weather was good. otherwise, depressing and gray.

    Back on topic, thick her legs may be, but she’s cute and curvy and I don’t think anyone can accuse her of looking boyish. BTW, I guess now it’s okay to mention I’d love to have her thick legs wrapped around me since luvjgirls already mentioned it without being censored?:-))

  14. “OK OK, the multitude of hot Asian chicks makes it bearable…but take away the Asians, this place is a desert of babes!”

    I mean, okay. But that’s like saying, “take away the hot women and there would be no hot women”


    “Take away the all of the losses and the Mariners have won every game.”

    RE: Rain

    Not disagreeing it rains. Only that the rain is unbearable compared to other cities. Boston, for example, goes through weeks of excessive rain, but no one calls Boston a “rainy city.”

    Also, I’ll pass on Olympia. To be honest, I really don’t like any place in Washington Beyond Seattle, with the exception of maybe Bellevue and Vancouver, WA (since it is so close to Portland). The further east you get, the more I try to avoid it.

  15. She looks like that girl from Destiny’s child.. no , not Beyonce.. the other one.. what’s her face that sang with that guy with the bandage on his face (what’s his name …)

    shit.. I think I might be getting alzheimer’s..
    /me cries

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