Debra Ling – Playboy’s Cyber Girl of The Week

Marco reported last year on Debra Ling as Playboy’s Coed of The Week. Well, Debra is back on the Playboy website as their Cyber Girl of the week for October 23, 2006. It’s always nice to see Playboy featuring a few Asian girls among their multitudes of blonde white chicks! Be sure to check out Debra’s MySpace page. She has quite a few non-Playboy style pics on there. For more of sexy Debra click

Links for Debra Ling

Debra Ling on MySpace
Debra’s Playboy CGOW promo page
Debra’s Playboy COTW promo page
Debra first Asian-Sirens feature
Playboy’s Cyber Club

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0 thoughts on “Debra Ling – Playboy’s Cyber Girl of The Week”

  1. As is unfortunately so often the case, all the surgery makes her face look a little odd to me. [This is where NorthMan steps in to say I don’t know she’s had surgery, but I find it very hard to believe a face Like Debra’s could possibly be all-natural.]

  2. Lee, I find it hard to believe you are still phrasing your opinions as if they are facts. You cannot say with certainty she has facial surgery any more than I can say with certainty she hasn’t. You are welcome to your opinion though! 🙂

  3. After years living in Shanghai snuggling up to lithe little honies, to stand before Ling’s supercurves would scare the hell out of me (in a good way, of course).

    I’m not seeing the plastic surgery thing. I mean, those are high-gloss, highly touched up playboy shots where just about every chick looks fake.

    On her My Space (God, what am I doing looking at people’s My Space pages?) there a shot of her in t-shirt and glasses, very casual, in which she looks great.

  4. Decent boob job + just a little landing strip down below + curves in all the right places = Perfection

  5. What nobody comments on her oversized chest? At least they are in good proportion to her shape. She is the perfect example of a woman that is raved about here in the US that would be considered ugly in China. I think the Mulan reference is right on. She looks like a puffed up farmgirl. Not that I mind but I prefer the lithe look of the majority of Chinese models.

  6. Points well taken onegameref. But for me, I like variety and I thought Debra’s overall look was quite sexy. I don’t care how she compares to other Chinese girls or anyone else. Taken on her own….I like her! 🙂

  7. Not a fan of this girl. To me it does look like she has had surgery and her face looks rather disproportionate due to it. She has a somewhat decent body though.

  8. She Really does have a DISNEY FACE.
    If she was darker she could be Pochahotass – I mean POCAHONTAS.
    As she stands now, she looks like MULAN meets Silicon.

    While sometimes fake breasts disgust me, this is yet ANOTHER instance where I LUV THEM.

    I do think she would look better with wider hips. He body is like an upside down pear.

  9. Mmmm upside down pears…Well I think she’s HAWT!! You guys realize she’s done alot of other sets for 24mainstreet and Mac&Bumble right? As well I think Marquis Models…

  10. Jimmerz41, the girl in the link you sent, while Asian, is not Debra Ling.

    Some cute girls on that site though, including a few Asians!


  11. No North Man that is her! Looks great on there as well and brave to show she had the work done and isn’t denying anything. Atta girl!

  12. Wow, the girl in jimmerz’s link is hot! How do we find out more about her? I am practically certain she is not Debra Ling, unless she’s had a lot more facial surgery since then (which is possible I guess, and absolutely tragic if true).

    As for Debra, onegameref is right on the money: my taste is more in line with Asians themsleves (and quite different from most Americans), so for me she isn’t very attractive at all. Also, I couldn’t disagree with CLM more: for me, her hips are far too wide already (I think she looks more like a pear the right way up)! I’m amazed that CLM has such a different sense of what is proportional – I like the traditional hour glass, which is actually pretty rare (most women have wider hips than shoulders).

  13. Whoah, I’ve been going through Debra’s (painfully overloaded) MySpace page, and I think the girl in jimmerz’s link probably actually is Debra Ling! So it looks as though she has had further surgery, which has made her face go from gorgeous to strange. This is a plastic surgery disaster! What makes these girls do this to themsleves?

    I thought it may have been due to Playboy’s makeup and massively overdone touch-ups, but her face looks pretty odd in some of the candid shots on her MySpace page too (especially the one with her friend Janelle). This is an absolute tragedy.

    P.S. Seeing as even you couldn’t recognise her NorthMan, do you still think it’s ‘posible’ she hasn’t had facial surgery? 😉

  14. hi guys it gotta be debra ling because her BIO on the page is almost similiar to her PB bio and i also agree with Dr. Lee that she has had more surgery done to her…its a tragic…besides the link provide is from 2002…so there has been alot done since then.


    Hey I just noticed the 4 thumbnails of Debbie can be enlarged to a pretty good size if you click on them.

    My first look at that page was kinda quick. Looking again, the first image does look more like her…more so than the other images. But, I do have to say that now I do agree it most likely is her.

  16. DR LEE
    [I’m amazed that CLM has such a different sense of what is proportional ]

    Firstly, I AM AN AMERICAN.
    The vast majority of American women are clinicaly classified as “OBESE”. For an American, seeing a woman with a PEAR or UPSIDE DOWN PEAR body is TYPICAL.
    In American media and fashion, hourglass figures and UDP shapes are depicted as being the most desireable but the simple fact is, Americans are overweight.

    To channel Donal Rumsfeld:


    Also remember, I am a Black American Man. You aren’t going to find too many Black men attracted to this:


    When Black men go for a woman with an hour glass shape, that Hourglass is usually 38 X 25 X 38 —- 5 foot 11 inches tall. 🙂

  17. Yeah I hope not CLM. I like a nice shaped ass but not a fat one. Those girls in your pics are a little too chunky for me. But to each his own.

  18. Mmmmm…I so can’t wait until puffy butts and ass parades rule the world!

    Maybe that’s why we love the Asian babes so much — because we all know deep in our souls that it will be long after we all die before an American-sized obesity problem engulfs Asian countries. There will always be slim honeys over seas, unlike the cows here.

    Example: America produces Debra Ling; Japan presents (the much under commented) Kyoko Fukada:

    Both kinda average in their respective elements but put side-by-side…Quasimodo vs. Powder Puff Princess.

    All I know is which one I’d rather still be looking at in 20 years (and it’s not Plastoface McLing!).

    Boo yah.

  19. Come on now. Everyone is welcome to express their opinion here. But please try to do it without being rude or insulting. Thanks.

  20. “She has a weird shaped body and my dog’s ass looks better than her face.”

    Now THAT is gratuitously harsh.

  21. Yes shiine, I agree with NorthMan and Daffy_Duck. I am obvioulsy no fan of Debra as she is now, but that doesn’t mean we should be rude or insulting. This thread is perhaps a good example of the difference between expressing a critical opinion (which is fine) and personal insults (which are not).

  22. Yes, and that is the problem for many of our readers (especially the ladies). This is not a XXX site – our content is mostly R- or at most X-rated.

  23. Agree. This site could be like the old Man show (with Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Corolla) which appealed to both sexes but with many of the comments here, it’s more like the newer Man Show that bombed because it became too crude.


    MODERATOR’S NOTE: I asked you not to use personal insults shiine and you just went ahead and did it again. I have therefore deleted your comment. One more time, and I will delete you.

    As for your ‘XXX’ comments CLM, we have asked you repeatedly to tone it down, but you haven’t. While our current guidelines don’t expressly forbid these types of comments, we are considering changing them so that these types of comments aren’t allowed. Please don’t make us have to enforce such a policy.

  25. LAWBOY

    When I look at the nude female body in compromising positions, I feel like I am in an XXX movie.

    As for “wording”, I personally believe using scientific words and sexual euphamisms can be more psychologicaly stimulating than profanity.

    I think Shiine’s comment was quite HARSH though. I think she looks fantastic – just needs some collagen injections in those hips.

  26. shiine- she is not that bad. you make out to be some nasty skank…i think any of us here would be lucky to have a chance at a girl like this. hmm? i guess that would be me:)) an asian woman’s form is different than the usual cali blonde porn stars…so appreciate this God’s creation. your comment just ruined my erection 🙂 j/k

  27. It’s not an insult, it’s an opinion and it remains. Too harsh? I thought you found if funny CLM. Too much info LawBoy and you’re comparing Asian women to porn stars. And what makes her so different from a porn star? Breast implants, extensive plastic surgery and displaying your naked body for the whole world to see.

  28. [While our current guidelines don’t expressly forbid these types of comments, we are considering changing them so that these types of comments aren’t allowed. Please don’t make us have to enforce such a policy.]

    That’s simply messed up. What has the world come to when you can stare at a naked woman but you can’t use the word “ejaculate”.

    LAST WEEK didn’t Asian Sirens have a video showing a machine which forced a woman to have a female ejaculation?
    At which point we discussed the SKENE’S GLANDS?

    Isn’t this hipocracy?

    That type of treatment of language is similar to the half -wit censorship which removes only one or two letters from a curse word.
    example – muthe#######


    I did tone my comment down – I didn’t use the word C## and I didn’t say #I### or #U###.

  29. Okay everybody (especially CLM): we have decided to implement a “three strikes and you’re out” policy. Basically, if the moderators of this forum ask you not to do something three times, you will be banned for any further ignorance of our request. Hence, as we have asked CLM to refrain from posting his ‘XXX-rated’ comments a few times already, if he does it one more time, he will be banned.

    The moderators of this site have sole discretion as to what is considered appropriate for this forum, and we do not feel these sorts of comments are appropriate for this site. I’m sure we’d all like a few more of the ladies to pay us a visit, but this sort of thing will really turn them off. As we want as wide an audience (and range of contributors) for AS as possible, we feel we have no choice other than to ask our visitors to refrain from posting these types of comments. And once again, we will only ask you to do do so three times, after which you will be banned.

  30. Hmmm…I hope this comment doesn’t garner me a strike or two but…here goes!

    “I’m sure we’d all like a few more of the ladies to pay us a visit, but this sort of thing [‘XXX-rated’ comments] will really turn them off.”, so says Dr. Lee.

    Gotta disagree on that one, good Doctor. If a “lady” is going to be visiting a website such as this, then she’s probably already been exposed to a plethora of sexually vulgar comments (as well as images). If she is offened by such material she would have stopped surfing porn-type sites long before landing on Asian Sirens.

    Your site features naked women. Any woman visiting this site to view naked women is probably a lot more worldly and sexually gruff than you imagine. Even the models that are posted are far from saintly.

    Besides that, this site is designed for the sole purpose of displaying and commenting on the attractiveness of female bodies and features. I’m quite positive there is a vast majority of people in society that finds the objectification of women XXX-rated, first and foremost, before they even read a CLM-type comment.

    You might be more concerned, and I know you are, about the racial comments that sometimes float around this board. Those ones will turn all of us away, not just the ladies.

  31. that is one strike K4K :))….j/k
    i can see doc’s point, i dont mind a little off color jokes or comments but some comments here actually makes me feel a little uncomfortable…and that takes a lot to make me feel queezy. but CLM is also very entertaining and actually i find comments from shiine to be more crast about the female form…comparing someone’s face to his dog’s butt is a little too much…:)

  32. K4K, as some one who works closely with one non-hardcore nude model (who also hosts this site), I can tell you she doesn’t like being equated with XXX, and she certainly doesn’t like to read these sorts of comments. And quite frankly, nor do I, or (as LawBoy’s comment shows) do many of our readers. Indeed, I was prompted into action on this issue initially due to private complaints about them – from some of our male contributors and visitors.

    Oh, and your comment was perfectly legal. 🙂

  33. You mean that one comment LawBoy. So what if I commented on her face. Everyone has a face, what may be this to someone may be something else to another. I’m not the one who put all that nasty nasty doing this and that trash. LawBoy you’re just angry that you won’t be able to post any more of your crude and vulgar rubbish. And what the heck is “queezy?” I think you mean “queasy” egads if you’re getting nauseous I suggest you get some fresh air. By the way your jokes aren’t even funny. I can see you in your parents basement sitting in front of the computer crossing world’s funniest comedian off your list of possible careers just above buffoon. Maybe next time you’ll think twice before taking a shot at me.

  34. shiine – boy arent we touchy…i am not at all angry nor am i in a basement. you obviously do not like anyone to comment about your remarks, and if you subscribed to this blog than grow some thick skin. your comment was the one that is crude and rude. at least i can understand CLM’s comments as one that is vulgar but still in somewhat the spirit of this site. he never attack any models posted here nor any subscribers just his choice of language is mildly offensive to some and when addressed about this issue he response intelligently. your comment on the other hand was a personal attack about the model’s appearance and now me.

    it is the equivalent of me calling you an immature imbecil as oppose to me asking you nicely not to attack any members here personally. no one likes to be compare to a dog’s ass. would you?

  35. shiine, you are really pushing it. Besides, I’ve never known lawboy to post anything crude or vulgar – I think you’re getting him confused with CLM. Relax and take a deep breath before posting again – or it will be your last post here.

  36. I need to see some new stuff of her; those pics are from 2005. Debra looks weird, but that’s why I like her. My only problem that I have with her is that she has these huge breasts but no ass which does not look right.



    You can’t curse on this site (understandable) but you also cannot use REGULAR GRAMMATICALLY CORRECT WORDS?

    How the F am I (or anyone else for that matter) suppossed to comment on the nude models IF YOU PEOPLE DON’T EVEN HAVE A SET WORD LIST OF USABLE AND UNUSABLE WORDS?


    Then you tell me I can’t use the word “ejaculate”?

    Your attempt at censorship is so poorly done it is astounding.

  38. Basically Shiine…

    I am the one being targeted and Your last comment gave them the excuse they needed to ” give me a final warning” and to practise using their DELETE button.

    ….a spillover from the prostitution legality ARGUMENT.
    [ it wasn’t a debate because neither side had facts]

  39. CLM, “ejaculation” can be used in an appropriate context, but NOT in the way you used it above. If you don’t understand this, I’m sorry, but our other readers (and the moderators) do – actually, I suspect you do too, you just want to try and get away with it on a technicality. You won’t.

    P.S. shiine’s comment was deleted simply because it was clearly in breach of our existing guidelines.

  40. DR LEE

    And once again, I ask that you set up a DIRTY WORD LIST

    and now that you wanna bring it up:


    What’s to stop someone new from comming to this site and posting a “CLM TYPE COMMENT” if they have no idea what context they can/can’t use words.


    …a referendum on “CLM TYPE COMMENTS”

  41. I’m sorry, but our other readers (and the moderators) do – actually, I suspect you do too, you just want to try and get away with it on a technicality. You won’t.


    How about we call it an
    “undefined Policy full of holes?”

    I actually read the TOS when I signed up here but interestingly enough, comments posted by others were so deeply in violation of the TOS that I wasn’t sure if they were turly being enforced.

  42. This is ridiculous. We’re all adults here. We should be able to intelligently discuss Asian beauty without the vulgarity. It shouldn’t even get to the point where a list is even necessary. Come on now.

  43. CLM, you seen to be having trouble grasping the concept of “we are visitors here”.

    As NorthMan said, find another site – or start your own where you set the rules.

    Your comments are pretty sad – easy to hide behind an anonymous id on the web and slam women.

    Back on the topic: no idea if Dr. Lee is right about the plastic surgery – he does play that card very often – maybe he is an expert and maybe he just put ‘Dr.’ at the front of his id. Who knows? Debra’s not the best looking Asian model I’ve seen – but she’s still attractive. I’m more interested in the breast – I think I could learn to enjoy them – I’m sure her boyfriend does.

  44. Sigh….

    This whole thing is wierd. The users on this site come here to look at and comment on sexual based images of women. 99% of us have never met these models and have no knowledge of their personality etc. All we have access to is their nude bodies. If someone posts a so-called vulgar comment about the images how can anyone get offended? It’s a one-dimensional comment about a two-dimensional object.

    Posting a sexually explicit post (CLM) is quite different than one of insult (shiine). How can the moderators differentiate between the XXX-ness of a pornstar using a large second-party operated device to masturbate with in the presence of other people (which the moderators themselves posted!) and the XXX-ness of a user posting, “I’d ej*culate on her face”?

    What if the first thing a female visitor saw was that Howard Stern tongue-device clip? She could be offended and leave the site without even reading any comments, vulgar or not.

    Just remember, vanity is the original deadly sin. Lust is on the list too. Moderators can black-list anyone they like for comments they judge to be offensive, but each and every one of us commits some kind of offence against someone when we visit this site.

    CLM…I’m on your side…’s not that your comments are wrong or offensive on the whole, just within the context of Asian Sirens. The people have spoken and I guess that’s democracy in some twisted form. I don’t mind your “CLM-type” comments at all, a different drummer is never a bad thing.

    I think after this I’ll just stick with commenting on and judging the looks of the models posted. Seem to be more pleasing than getting into the politics of it all.

  45. If this is my last post, then be it. It’s called a JOKE LawBoy. You’re getting uptight over nothing. SO YOU GROW SOME THICK SKIN. Yes I’m very blunt and a bit crude, BUT my comment about her could’ve been directed to a man or an alien or whatever. You see what I’m trying to get at. I’m not the one who degrades women with comments, got that? Even though I’m sure the commenters didn’t mean it to come off that way, in truth it is what it is. (No wonder doesn’t get too much lady visitors) Look at Candyman’s post at 9:39 am, that’s what I basically meant (as close as it gets) all except the part of liking her.

    I don’t take offense to anything on here, but you, LawBoy, makes it seem like my comment was the worst possible thing ever posted here. Like taking candy from a baby.

    Well as long as I’m still here might as well comment on her facial plastic sugery. The eyebrows are tatted or drawn on, and double eye lid surgery it looks like. Especially on close ups- myspace page. The cheeks look real but don’t at the same time.

  46. QUOTE: “The people have spoken and I guess that’s democracy in some twisted form.”

    You can call it twisted if you want, but ultimately democracy is what it is. Many of our readers and contributors have spoken to me about this issue; a lot of our visitors don’t like it. It won’t hurt anybody to remove these comments, but it is offending many people by leaving them there. Ultimately, my duty is to our readers, and sometimes the majority have to take precedence over the minority.


    CLM…I’m on your side…’s not that your comments are wrong or offensive on the whole, just within the context of Asian Sirens. The people have spoken and I guess that’s democracy in some twisted form. I don’t mind your “CLM-type” comments at all, a different drummer is never a bad thing.

    Actually, its called selective authoritarianism. But – whatever. Its easy to see what’s going on.

  48. This “Dr. Lee” automatically every Asian model with a prominent nose has had facial surgery. Tsk tsk.

    And I can see he’s still going on about KT So “most definitely” having facial surgery, which is most likely total BS.

  49. You criticise my certainty Stat, yet you are so certain I am wrong. You can’t have it both ways Stat! And I would put $100 on KT having a nose job. Would you care to wager? 😉

  50. KT has fake breasts, so it wouldn’t surprise me if she had facial surgery done as well. These days, many of the Asian-American models that are out there are having some sort of surgery done which I don’t like because I prefer natural beauty. But that’s how things are and they aren’t going to change.

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