Stormtrooper meets Japanese Idols

Stormtrooper meets Japanese Idols

I like Star Wars and I like Asian women. So what if these two come together? Well, then I get enthusiastic! And fortunately I can share my enthusiasm with you guys here! 😉

Check out the complete photoshoot at Danny also tells us about the idol photo session in detail. Quite interesting. The idols are Ai Shinozaki and Chihiro Ueno.

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0 thoughts on “Stormtrooper meets Japanese Idols”

  1. if only they were naked and doing pornos with the stormtroopers..that i pay to see 🙂 imagine what these models can do to Yoda:)

  2. Well LAWBOY…ifn’ you’re not up to it…I’ll take that kinda’ chunkiness anyday.

    STORMTROOPER PORN…what a visual!

  3. Lawboy you don’t KNOW what fat is till you come to Boston. I’ll take beautiful Japanese cuties with big boobies fat anyday and twice on Sunday.

  4. I’m not a big geek or anything but I am a big fan of juxtaposition so I gotta say this pic is fun for all.

    I’m sure somewhere the Lucas lawyers are madly typing up letters of cease and desist.

    Porntroopers unite!

  5. Gotta disagree with LawBoy – I think big boobs makes the rest of a girl’s body look slimmer, due to the greater contrast. Still, the girl has to be fairly slim in the first place for this effect to happen.

  6. Fat compared to Hollywood bimbos. Normal everywhere else. Way skinny compared to the rest of obese America.

    I seem to remember having this same discussion somewhere else on this board a few months ago. Something to with prefering a bit of meat over being in bed with a sack of bones.

    I wonder if did any shoots with a Wookie and the ladies?

  7. That career change would probably also get you a residence change — to the state pen.

    Now if we are talking 15 year-old Ewoks, that’s a different story!

  8. After seeing fat american women all my life, I’ll take the big busty asian women over here in Okinawa any day. Asian Persuasion for life.

  9. hey guys..i love big boobs as much as the next guys but i think it should be proportionate. i know this one girl who is only about 5′ tall and she has a size D. it made her just look fat and stubby. I think if you are going to have large boobs, your height has to be there. come on guys, these girls are good but a tad on the chubby side….you look at Sachiko, she has very large breast but she doesnt look fat because she has the height…about 6 inches shorter and she would look out of proportion…

  10. Actually LawBoy, Sachiko is only 5’2″! But she looks tall because she has long and slim legs for her height, and a slim body. So once again, I don’t think it’s about height, it’s about build. And if you have a slim build, big tits will only make you look slimmer.

  11. doc…slim build is the key..if you have short stubby legs and big boobs…hmmm…not good. i like thin and tall with big boobs:)…
    she is only 5’2…wow she looks like she is about 5’6 or so…

  12. The only place that you could get away with photographing busty 15yo wenches in bikinis is in Japan. I mainly look for someone whose body is in proportion. They don’t necessarily have to have big boobs for me because I mainly look for a slim waist and a nice ass. If someone has big boobs, then they should have the lower half to complement it. Chihiro’s legs aren’t that bad, but Ai needs to hit the gym or something. But then again, they’re only 15 & 16.

    And sometimes I can’t help but love a chick with a slim waist, a sexy belly button and some big tits. Like Lisa Pham who I’m in love with right now.

  13. candyman…she is should post more of her….

    hey guys…can we say japanese instead of “the japs”….i dont think they like to be refer as such…japs and nips were derogatory terms coming from WWII…

    candyman..i think she as a lot of pics on flickr…is she a model?…really hot..can be my next GF!

  14. Sure, LawBoy, i wrote japs in a friendly way, for shorter. Didn’t mean anything bad at all.

    I’ll make myself clear then:
    The japanese guys are very crazy. 🙂

  15. Lisa Pham is very nice (I think I can feel a post coming on!), but I don’t agree that she has a very slim waist (she does have a nice trim stomach though!). It’s also nice to see a SoCal Vietnamese who still looks a little Vietnamese, although I would prefer it if she looked completely Vietnamese! 😉

  16. Lisa is very nice. If it wasn’t for Zamscan, I would have known about her. She has a slim waist, not very slim though but you get the point that I am trying to make. Sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect example.

  17. dazn..or a better way to say is…those damn sexual pervert japanese…:)) j/k…

    lisa looks very nice…i dont mind her socal look…still somewhat least her hair is not so blonde. sometime the camera angle can give the impression of a narrow waist….nice boobs though

  18. I know, after all the busty japanese girls, we are still catching our breaths, maybe. They are breathtaking for sure. Tonite for example, I went to the Jusco, a local mall on Okinawa, and saw so many Okinawan girls with their black knee hi stockings and short skirts. I was gaga the whole night with the wife just laughing at me. I feel so dirty but can’t help myself. It must be the new style over here this year. NICE!!!

  19. I remember when I used to walk around Jusco back in the day. I would always get looks from the young girls and I would just wish that they were actually legal. I wasn’t trying to catch any cases in Oki. I was at the King of Prussia mall yesterday and there were so many hot ass Asian chicks doing their Christmas shopping that I was in my own Heaven for just one moment.

  20. Well, they are typically a little Japanese thick. Look at the legs. Without the breasts, they would be nothing, but now they are something. It they hit the gym, they could be alot better.

  21. compare these girls with Lisa for examble…maybe it’s the camera angle but the pix makes the japanese girls look stumby…nice boobs though..i rather have a tone, tall girl with smaller boobs than one with big boobs and fat….:)

  22. I think johnnie and LawBoy need to stop writing when they are drunk or high because they sound so stupid it makes me sick. Anti asian is not the way to go on a site like this. Dr Lee, I think you should suspend their memberships for being such assinine idiots.

  23. Yes arf, under our present guidelines LawBoy and Johnny’s comments are legal, which is more than I can say for many of your’s! Once again, this is your final warning.

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