Asian Makeup Tutorial

(I’m a little pressed for time, so yet another video…)
We no longer have to wonder why it takes them hours to get ready! 😉 (ohw, for our convenience this clip only takes 5 minutes of our time) And if you want to know all their secrets: www.asianbeautyblog.comWant to see more?

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  1. Whoah, this girl is brave! Makes you wonder how a lot of the models featured here would look without makeup eh?

    Once again, I have to point out that Sachiko does not wear makeup (apart from lipstick) in any of our web site photos (and they aren’t touched up either). Would any other model dare to even be seen this way, let alone model this way?!

  2. Hi ladies and probably mostly gents–

    I’m May from AsianBeautyBlog and I’m actually quite flattered by all the comments 🙂 Thanks for the support. Actually, I’ve been trying to get into modeling for PacificBeauty and some of the other sites, but I haven’t really had the time or energy to expend on it… that, and photographers are all located on the other side of the country from me. If Asian-Sirens would like to hook me up, I’d love to hear back from y’all 😛

    Re: Dr. Lee- I am personally a proponent of the Xiaxue philosophy that a woman should do all she can to make herself look and feel better, be it use a lot of makeup, or get get plastic surgery. I would never feel right without at least eyeliner and mascara on – the rest of me is perfect; I just need an occasional, subtle enhancement 😉

    Re: Robin- Sorry ’bout the site design. I haven’t had a chance to update and prettify it, because I started it in a fit of pique during Finals week about two weeks ago, and I’ve been out of the country since then.

    As I’ve said before on my site, my personal makeup philosophy is natural and subtle, but my audience is geared towards the younger set of Asian ladies, who often want to look hot and dramatic for a night out. One of these days I’ll post my actual daily routine… and I doubt it takes even 10 minutes, even without editing!

  3. Hi May, welcome on our site. Ohw, I was referring to the design of the Asia Carrera site, not your site 😉

    So, you want to model for PacificBeauty? Well, Adam Yurman is our favourite photographer! 😉 I will point him to this posting.

  4. Hi May, welcome to Asian Sirens!

    I understand and respect a woman’s need to feel secure and comfortable with how she looks – I have nothing against makeup per se (as long as it isn’t over the top!). However, I was merely pointing out that it is remarkable that Sachiko doesn’t need makeup, even for something as critical as modeling!

    As for working with Adam, better start saving up for a trip to Thailand. 😉

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