Grace @

Grace @ (Photography: Adam Yurman)

A holiday present from photographer Adam Yurman: Grace. You can find more photos of her at and of course in

Grace @ (Photography: Adam Yurman)

Grace @ (Photography: Adam Yurman)

Grace @ (Photography: Adam Yurman)

Grace @ (Photography: Adam Yurman)

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  1. Jokes for that one are too easy……

    That’s some sweet Christmas candy! Amazing Grace? I wouldn’t say so but still pretty smokin’! She definitely put me in a giving mood. 😉

    I like the tattoo (that’s a first!). She’s got a great bod (even the fake parts) and only looks half-SoCal. I like her.

    Thanks to both Adam and Robin for making the holidays just that much more enjoyable.

  2. beautifullll! do you guys like the tats?….she is so pretty but the tats may be too much…dont know until i see full nude…very pretty girl though..anymore of her?

  3. Not crazy about the tat but maybe if Adam gave us the whole set to peruse I could make a better evaluation…ahem…Merry Christmas everyone!!

  4. I usually don’t like tatoos, but it looks good on her. Wondering how long that will last. What happens when she is 35.

  5. i wonder if the tats are permanent?…like i said, when she gets old it may look weird or what about after she has kids…

  6. Merry Christmas everyone! I knew the tat would get some discussion. I had one of my own with Grace about it. Why would such an already beautiful gal paint over so much realestate on her bod with artwork? Some gals have scars to cover, others were high at the time, not Grace. She truly admires the Japanese style of tattoo art and this one was done by a real Japanese tattoo artist. She is quite happy about it and I think it is a very interesting piece of color artwork to see in the photos along with the obviously sexy model herself. I can’t post too many photos from Pacific Beauty because there are exclusivity issues and other folks involved but it’s Christmas and she does have a lot of green and red going on in the photo. :).

  7. The tat is good — and it’s a good tat! If you follow that…

    It’s great quality and highly artistic unlike most of the crap you see on models out there (ie. Tila). But definitley a full nude, full frontal pic would help us evaluate the worthiness of such a tat to grace Grace’s fine bod.

    One last thought — anyone know if she’s bare down there?

  8. arf, you are complaining about Lawboy and Johnny, but your comments are quite inappropriate if I may say so. So if you want them suspended for being negative, I think you are next in line! 😉

    You have been warned once already…
    but I’ll leave this one up to the Doc.

  9. Wanting to eat someone’s drippings is mad inappropriate. I think it is safe to say that there are plenty of people out there that want to do all kinds of nasty things to her. Usually, I am against tattoos mainly because most models ruin their skin with something dumb or get a cheap tat done by someone. For me, tats are like breast surgery: spend the money and get it done by someone who knows what their doing so the final results will look good. I love Grace’s tat. It’s original and beautiful. Anytime I see a gorgeous Asian chick with a badass tattoo, it drives me wild.

  10. Actually I guess this is one of the very few times I’ve enjoyed a tattoo.
    The great drawing and the flower symetrically covering her navel is some fine piece of art. Very original, since I’ve never seen one like this.
    I gotta research more about these japanese artists…

  11. will do robin….i am caving in and signing up to pacific beauty…:)…merry christmas everyone…
    arf..take a easy brother…even i feel queezyy about your comments:))…we sure hate to see you CLM’ED…

  12. Yes arf – it’s three strikes and you’re out here, and this is your second warning. So any more comments like this and I will have no choice other than to suspend your membership. Please tone it down.

  13. Um…does that mean the sky is falling and the Apocalypse is upon us? If the end of the world looks like Grace, I won’t mind so much. 🙂

  14. Sorry LawBoy, but I’m pretty sure her breasts aren’t real. I agree she’s pretty attractive, but like everyone else I could do without the tat.

  15. we men are never satisfied..just when i think she is perfect…here comes shiine’s comment about her brows….where i take a second look and i have to agree…pluck them suckers…:)

  16. very nice breasts…i dont know about you guys but i like her nipples…very sexy…sorry doc if this was too much…:)

  17. Hi LawBoy, your comment was perfectly legal, unlike snowman777’s! Such comments have no value to our readers, and we do not want to see them here.

  18. Grace was cool with me until I looked at her eyebrows. Their color is what really makes them eww now that I’ve noticed them. And I like her nipples, just not the implants now that I’ve had a better chance to look at them.

  19. Lol, it’s funny how first impressions are great but then you start going deep and deep… Ah… your first impressions are your instinct, go by them.

  20. dazn…that men for ya..we are never satisfy and always looking for some flaws…this girls is beautiful but to critique her properly…i think we have to mention her eyebrows. surprisingly i think you can get use to her tats…i bet it looks killer sneaking above a low cut pair of jeans:)) right adam?:))

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