Stephy Tang


Stephy Tang is a Hong Kong singer and actress. For a while it was believed she was found in one of the Edison Chen videos, but then that ended up being debunked and it was instead some Japanese model that looks nothing like her. Good job, internet.Stats:

Age: 27
Height: 5’5
Ethnicity: Chinese
Located: China





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0 thoughts on “Stephy Tang”

  1. very pretty. too bad for edison chen but then again the others he had in his videos were pretty good too lol

  2. She is simply known to some of us who dislike her singing as ‘Akiho Yoshizawa of hk’. Btw, Travis, the 5th pic is the actual Ackey-chan XD

  3. god, the content (besides her) of those photos is so bad and so HKer trying to be artistic. trust me, i used to live there. cheesey.

    above average face thats for sure. nose looks somewhat japanese though.

  4. Travis’s brought us
    Beauties from China
    I’m not gonna fuss
    Nor will I cuss.

    Some think they’re too skinny
    Maybe yes, maybe no.
    They’ll be hot in a mini
    That’s one thing I know.

    Eat Chinese and you’ll be
    Says that ripe old saw –
    To some degree
    In an hour ready to gnaw.

    So, bring ‘em on Mr. Stroup
    These Sirens of China
    We’ll probably whoop
    And not gonna whine-ah.

    (Sorry, the absolute best rhyme of China is …., but even artistic license only goes so far with the Doc.)

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