Liu Wen Wen

Liu Wen Wen is a Moko Top Girl. Either she really, really loves sports, or she’s been typecast as a sports model, because every single photo of her she’s doing something with some type of athletic equipment.Stats:

Age: 24
Height: 5’6
Ethnicity: Chinese
Located: China



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0 thoughts on “Liu Wen Wen”

  1. This girl is gorgeous. Not too skinny at all for me. She may be slim, but no where near as thin as the last couple a girls.

  2. Don’t forget that Moko’s retouch artists probably made her skinnier than she actually is, although she isn’t too skinny for me in these photos either.

  3. Interesting – the photos are less touched up in Shuai Ge’s link, and guess what: she isn’t as skinny! (Still plenty slim by normal standards though.) Thanks for all the Chinese links and info Shuai Ge – keep ’em coming.

  4. I’ve got some sports equipment she can play with…. (sorry, bad joke). Very pretty, wish she’d eat a meal here and there though but other than that A okay.

  5. Hot little Liu Wen Wen
    I don’t think, all that thin.
    Yet much to my chagrin
    Not sure how to begin.

    Has she a love of sport?
    I doubt, she’s of that sort.
    Lots of pix with soccer balls
    From Man U she’ll get no calls.

    Pic of her holding a driver
    In golf? Not a striver
    See her play Dubs’ Dread?
    Any chance? Not a shred.

    In what type of sport
    She would not be short?
    Nice outfit holding the paddle
    So on top of me, she could straddle.

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