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Kong Yan Song is one of the Moko Top Girls. She is 5 feet, 10 inches tall. Yet what perhaps is most interesting about Kong Yan Song is that her legs are about 5 feet, 9 inches tall. Her legs were so long I could only find one picture I liked where her legs were able to fit in the photo.Stats:

Age: 22
Height: 5’10
Ethnicity: Chinese
Located: Beijing









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  1. Various pics of this young lassie





    This page lists her legs as being 117cm long (as measured from her navel).

    Yan Song seems to be the real deal, but i have wondered before about some of the girls on MOKO and other such Chinese model sites. Then i saw this article on the rather excellent ChinaSMACK site the other day it confirmed my worse suspicions:

  2. Another girl who could maybe benefit from the squat thrust and lunge routine at the gym. She’s still gorgeous.

  3. wow what legs. also pretty disappointed to see those results Shuai Ge

    but i believe this stands for any race (and not just asian women). heavy make-up for me has always symbolised hidden ugliness – whether it be acne, scars, facial discolouration etc etc all women that paint their faces with heavy make-up definetely have something to hide.

    essentially find a woman that looks beautiful WITHOUT ANY makeup.

  4. Pretty Girl… very pretty.
    But, as mentioned Arf, some “fat/muscles” would be welcome on those long legs.

  5. wow. saw without makeup link. i am shock. those girls look so different without makeup. their eyes are so small and chinky. they did a great job on the eye makeup. i am glad that i have natural big eyes with eyelids. no need to put on eye makeup since i’ve been told i look better without it.

  6. Very pretty girl. But I like them petite with average length legs. The essence of Asian beauty to me is being slightly slender but well-curved. When Asian women are too buxom, voluptuous or tall it seems out of type for me….

  7. Love that Chinasmack link Shuai Ge, but there were one or two there that still looked hot even at their most distorted (or hungover).

    Check out any makeup artist’s photos. They can do wonders. Makes me wonder why the US doesn’t have makeup classes mandatory in high school. It would make everyone much happier.

  8. I concur with others, while pretty, she could use some more meat on her legs. But as she does have unusually long legs, it might be that sometimes it’s hard to put shape on them.

    It would take some nice calf raises, squats, leg extensions/curls. She has the potential to have greatest gams in the world.

  9. Interesting! I’ve often mentioned how extraordinary it is that in all the photos on her web site, Sachiko isn’t wearing any makeup apart from lipstick, and her photos aren’t touched up at all either (I know as I took them), but few people here seem to recognise this. Perhaps Shaui Ge’s links will allow people to see what I’m talking about!

  10. You know, I’m going to be honest here. I don’t see much wrong with her, even in the “ugly” photos you posted.

    First, her sister still looks fine. It’s really more the first girl. Second, if you look at the closeup of her face when she’s smiling – the one that everyone’s really pissed over – all of her proportions are still fine. She just happens to have these little cut/welt looking things in her face.

    That is unfortunate, absolutely, but if that’s all that’s really wrong with her, I don’t think that bothers me much. One, it’s exacerbated by makeup, which unfortunately I’ve seen on a lot of girls that have that kind of crap on their face. Any time you add a bunch of foundation on odd welts and pores they look way worse. Never figured out why they do that. Second, most girls aren’t going to have those, so it’s not like every model is secretly an uglier woman hiding her flaws. Rarely do I see any women with welts.

    My personal opinion is that those photos generated more shock than they should have, especially with regard to the before and after photoshop comparison when she’s dressed as a mermaid. I’d argue she looked better before the photoshop, and in those last photos it looks like they purposely took photos with bad lighting and a terrible haircut.

    Unless people thought these girls looked like plastic in real life, I don’t see too much of a problem.

  11. I think perhaps the most telling photos here are the “before” modelling shots – one can see how Photoshop has been used to make these girls’ bodies look a whole lot better than they are. And guess what: all those Moko photos and such have been modified in this way, to the point where they simply aren’t an accurate representation of the model. On the other hand though, I think they look great in the before shots anyway!

  12. While it’s certainly true that this issue covers all races, I think that photo of Uma looks bad mostly because of the context, pose, facial expression etc. – I think we’d all look bad if we were snapped in this position!

  13. That’s not Uma Thurman..it’s Robin Williams…isn’t it?

    Mr Kong, you’ve got a luvly daughter!

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