Stephanie Ly Nude


We had to shut down the last thread. So in its place. Here is popular import model Stephanie Ly nude. You can find more photos here, here, and a sex video here.






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  1. Not for me, but I understand why she would appeal to many.

    If I might ask, why was the previous thread removed?

  2. Agree with Bigfoot….not for me. I saw her at a Hot Import Nights a few years ago- she looked way better than in these photos.

    Eyes are the window to the soul of a person….all the photos I see of Stephanie she has the colored contact lenses and 2-inch long eye lashes. I think she needs to change it up.

    ….and this coming from a man who likes heavy eye make up on the ladies.

    Nice little video Travis, thank you!

  3. I think the problem wasn’t that anyone was commenting on her selection of songs or the videos themselves, but the fact that she is 17 and was on a site with adult themes.

    There was some letter from her mother on a site that was congratulating her on her 17th birthday. It made me wonder when that post would be removed.

    Anyway, on topic… love the body on this one!

  4. Regarding the previous post: yes we did receive information that made it practically certain that Chilla wasn’t 23 as Travis’ previous source of info suggested, but 17.

  5. @mcantrell: Thank you for the link to the 1000 pictures and info on her age…

    She is just not for me; she has 8 different poses and three different expressions and looks exactly the same in every photo. It’s like she is “phoning it in”.

  6. Doc and mcantrell, thanks for the explanation. No question the thread had to come down and it might explain her music, too.

    French, I’m glad to hear Stephanie looks better in person. I had a hunch that might be the case.

  7. Gotta be late 20 / early 30something. I’m okay with her.Facially kinda’ kinda reminds me of a younger Vanessa Williams.

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