Chilla Kiana


Chilla Kiana is an Indonesian singer with a pretty substantial Twitt Following. I’ve only heard one song, which can be found here, but she’s got a bit of a rock pop vibe. I’m sure she has a lot of other videos and I’m probably totally wrong about her music styles.Age: 23
Located: Indonesia




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  1. A bit quiet around here lately!
    I don’t think I’d buy her album but I’d definitely by her a rose for Valentines day. I like the hippy look 🙂

  2. Her music was better than I expected (I was expecting total bubblegum pop). Very cute, but almost doll like in the video, as in too artificial.

  3. After watching the first video, I thought the song was OK, but couldn’t understand why it featured such weak vocals. Then I watched two of her other music videos, and in addition to being completely different genres of music, they were terrible. Not only does she not have any musical identity, its obvious she was not signed for her vocal talent, but instead got a record contract for her marketability. Too bad, but I guess I’ll have to watch her videos on mute.

  4. Agreed: I too dig the hippy look, she is cute, but probably signed for her marketable looks and unique “rock” sound rather than singing talent.

    Do English teachers in Indonesia teach “Australian, British, or American” accented-English? Her accent seems “American”.

    Always love the Hong Kong hotties with their use of the Queen’s English.

  5. Girl great. Very pretty and great style.

    Music bad. Weak vocals and trite music. But then again, I’m a complete music snob.

  6. I’ve heard that the Indonesian pop music scene is controlled by some odd dutch guy with terrible interior design taste, poor musical taste, but maybe a good taste in women.

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