Shy Ang3L


Shy Ang3L is not hear real name, but I can’t seem to find her real name anywhere. She has a Facebook page and a bunch of modeling pages and yet not one shares even a first name. Strange. So we will call her Shy. Go ahead and fan her so she can be famous.Stats:

Age: 26
Height: 5’1
Located: Washington State






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  1. “Fan her????” Would waving my **** in front of her count as “fanning”???

    I’m in the mood for catching butterflies.

  2. She’s okay…in a “everyday cute” kinda’ way.I do want to heap praise on the photographer for the butterfly pic. The photo would be iconic in a commercial setting.She looks like one of the “fairy goddesses” you’d see in a liquor ad.

  3. Attractive gal, and I like her “About Me” profile in her iStudio section- she seems to take modeling seriously and I wish her good fortune.

    She lives in Bellevue near Seattle? I visit there twice a year!

    Butterfly picture is hot.

  4. She is pretty and sounds nice, I think she would be a great girlfriend, but is far from model material IMO. The quality of some of the photos is nice.

  5. Luke, I agree. Cute as hell, but not top model gorgeous. Some pics are fabulous others are just OK. The butterfly shoot was particularly inspired, IMO.

    Sometimes her lip ring looks nice and cute, other times big and trashy. It’s fine when it looks small and dainty, not so much when it is big and obvious–IMO, of course.

    Her legs, while a bit stocky for such a petite girl, look good in most pics, I think.

  6. Yeah BFD it looks to me that she is spending a lot of money on photo shoots but should probably aim for the import model market. That said I like the fact she doesn’t have the tatts and implants but dare I say as a career move I think that is where the money is.

  7. Luke and Bigfoot: I agree with what you said- she is not “top model” material and that lip ring is not for me either.

    She looks like a lot of women you would see walking around the Seattle area- BUT I prefer the “girl next door” look over the “top model” look. Saves big bucks on make-up and saves time “getting ready” when you are going out for a bite to eat. That’s hot.

    I don’t know anything about her, but she looks “low-maintenance”. Bonus points for the obligatory school girl outfit with optional repressed librarian glasses:

  8. Cute and hot. Nothing wrong with that. Not every girl has to be top model beautiful. And compared to a few of the girls posted recently, she’s way prettier than some of them.

  9. I don’t know if she’s low maintenance, but I’d love to check under her hood! I still like Sung Hi Lee’s butterfly photos better, though.

  10. Wingsfan: I just wasted one hour of my life searching for this illusive Sung Hi Lee butterfly photo….Don’t make me call out the Hanson Brothers on you! Were is this photo?

    Actually, it wasn’t a waste, I just kept on checking out too many Asian hotties that led to the next one that I forgot what the heck I was supposed to be doing anyway…

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