State of BlueNudes

Sung Hi Lee @ BlueNudes (Photography: Tom Ruddock)

In 1966 Tom Ruddock – a Dutch guy from Amsterdam – traded all his Kinks records for a camera. Went to the local swimming pool, put the camera in a plastic bag, and went into the water.

Later, he moved to San Francisco and became an Artist. In 1986 he moved back to Berlin, and was accepted into the Berufs Verband Bildender Kunstler Berlin (BBK). When he came back to America to settle down he put the camera away for almost a year. Eventually he was prompted to pick it up again. So that’s what happened: down to Los Angeles to be a fashion photographer.

The rest is history, together with Misha he became at the late 90’s the “in-house” photographer for Lisa Boyle and Sung Hi Lee for many years. His most beautiful work however, is BlueNudes. Together with design artist Sean, Tom runs BlueNudes, the most creative and artistic website I’ve seen in many years.

Tom, it’s good to be back and I will call you soon!

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  1. It’s something you get when both model and photographer are real professionals.

    To be honest, I’ve lost my interest in Sung Hi a little bit when she started her own website and almost didn’t work anymore with some of my favorite photographers as Adam Yurman, Kim Mizuno and Tom Ruddock. Since her official website we got too much of the same. The exclusivity was gone and the need for hunting on the newest Playboy pics was over. The true fans never became members of her website. I still miss them. Guys with (nick)names as Born4July, Jokerman, dmill, GroggyFrogg, JMand, and Yong Jae Jung.

    Guys, when you still out there, drop a line whenever you have a chance!

  2. Very nice, but personally I’ve always preferred the more natural style of the Japanese glamour photographers – they’ve certainly been my greatest inspiration as a photographer.

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