Ryoko Mitake

Ryoko Mitake

Ryoko Mitake is a famous Japanese adult moviestar and in my opinion a classic Japanese beauty. Check out a couple of nice (decent) pictures on her official site (which unfortunately doesn’t contain a lot more then some links to her video’s).
A Google image search provides plenty of photo’s, but for a real good gallery check out ScanLover.com.

Don’t get me wrong, I have absolutely nothing against porn, but somehow it feels a bit weird to see such a sweet looking beautiful girl doing these hardcore porn movies…

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  1. Ryoko Mitake also happens to be one of my favorite Japanese AV models.

    It seems that one of the only ways for a prospective Japanese model to get work as a nude model is to first become famous doing the hardcore Japanese AV videos. Once they get famous, they get asked to pose for nude photobooks by Japan’s top photographers which is where most of these scanned pictures come from. Maybe I am wrong but that is the way it seems to work as far as I can tell.

    I guess they don’t have the equivalent of Playboy in Japan???

  2. Actually, there’s Playboy Japan plus a welter of other nude magazines – far more than you’ll find in the US! There are many strictly non-hardcore models, including the famous Japanese bikini idols, who never even pose nude!

  3. I realize that there is a career path for non-nude models much like in the rest of the world but the point I was trying to make is that the route to a successful nude modeling career in Japan seems to require entering the Japanese AV industry first. How many nude photobooks feature models who have not been a popular Japanese AV star? I know there are a few of Japanese actresses (non AV) who decide to bare all.

    As far as the nude magazines, don’t many of them feature Japanese AV models as well? I also imagine that Playboy Japan is not such a big deal in Japan given the competition. I am not sure how much it differs from the US version but it might appeal to Japanese men who like that it features pictorials of busty blonde caucasian women. I remember when Playboy Japan used to have to censor hair nudes since they used to be illegal in Japan.

  4. There are several nude models who never do hardcore, but this does seem to be less common than it once was. There are also several models who’ve moved from nude to hardcore, though once again this is less common than in the past. The gravure (bikini) models do not really have an equivalent in the west, in as much as they are very much just glamour models and nothing else (they don’t do fashion modelling, for example).

    Playboy Japan, pretty much just features local models, and you are correct in your assumption that it doesn’t have as much of a profile over there as it does in the west.

  5. Lee, thanks for the info as you obviously have more direct knowledge than I. You are right about there being nude models who have not done hardcore. The very popular Reon Kadena comes to mind although most of her work is bikini (usually very small ones though) modeling.

    Maybe the import models in the West have some similarity to the glamour models in that they typically do not do fashion modeling either. I know that is not an exact equivalent though. Victoria’s Secret models also come to mind and Sports Illustrated swimsuit models.

  6. Hi badboy. Obvioulsy the Victoria’s Secret models actually are fashion models, and the Sports Illustrated models often are too. Plus Japan have their own ‘race queens’, which are quite distinct from the gravure models.

    One really amazing thing is that the gravure models often appear in children’s magazines!

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