Srey Kong


Not long ago I mentioned how beautiful I find Cambodian women. Srey Kong is another good example. She is Thai/Cambodian and is currently a student in Minneapolis. Her age is unknown, but for my sake I hope she is young enough to stick around.Stats:

Age: ?
Height: 5’1
Ethnicity: Cambodian/Thai
Located: Minneapolis, Minnesota










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  1. Damn she is hot. I love the whole package. Great face. Wonderful eyes, nose, lips. Love her body. Too thick? Nooo. And the little breasts fit perfectly with the rest. Fantastic color. The tats do not bother me.

    Many thanks, TravisStroup.

  2. just got back from Thailand, this look is very predominant in Pattaya and Phuket. not to split hair, but most Khmer models seemed to list that they are ‘mixed’ Thai. I don’t if its true or that stating that on their profile appears more exotic to the average reader. btw, it is very common for the two ethnicity to intermarried, esp. in the provinces next to the Cambodia borders (Surin,Buri Ram, and Si Sa Ket ). nice sexy porno look with a little rough edge to her overall physique.

  3. Very hot, great brown skin, pretty dark eyes. Sexy body overall.
    Wish I could take a good look at her stomach. Anyway, she sure makes my day!

  4. Dear God she is lovely. She has an angel’s face. I’m not digging the MTV Hip Hop look, but the rest are great. I’d love to see her in a more natural picture.

    I’m off to Minneapolis to keep her warm in winter.

  5. This is interesting – this sort of girl generaly isn’t my type, but I actually do like this one! Perhaps it’s because she looks quite soft and sweet, so she completely lacks the harshness that usually turns me off. Although unusual, this certainly isn’t unprecendented (for example, I like Tiara Lestari).

  6. SHE’s hot and I love those legs in those tights.

    Now, if I can only get her to choke me with a rope in my hotel room closet…

  7. You guys are right. She’s got something special. With the tats and pouty lips, I’d usually lump her in with the import models and forget her. Srey’s got a really sexy look to her though like she’s ready for some naughtiness.

  8. How about her profession? And where is she right now?
    Actually, this girl is hot but something strange. Perhaps with her lips.

  9. Actually, it looks like she has Photoshop skin to me in these photos. 🙂 Still, I’m pretty sure it really is alright, and I suspect she is quite pretty in real life.

  10. Reminds me of Tila Nguyen for some reason. Not so much her face but her body and the tatts.
    Doc, in the second to last photo her left arm seems to meld into her chest. Is that just the lighting or photoshop?

  11. Weird, I thought Kingston was blocked. Anyway, the first two photos were easily my favorites. If she was really born in 1981, my guess is that she has or will stop modeling soon, though, since ~29 is when most of these models give it up. Too bad.

  12. She looks like a dancer at Solid Gold. Especially in the first two pics. Probably the late morning or afternoon shift too; not prime time.

  13. I really liked pics 5 and 7. Love those Cambodian women, they’re aren’t enough of them who model imho. Thanks for finding someone a little different.

  14. StoicOne she’s not black, she is tanned, with that brown skin tone that only some asians can have.

    DrFuManchu, thanks a lot for the pic! That’s a soft, sexy stomach she’s got there. 🙂

    I wish I’d know more about what she’s doing these days, she’s impressive! Probably someone got a hold of her already and she stopped modeling.

  15. i like this girl, but i can never deal with the tats. i just dont like it. and doc speaking about Tiara, she just gave childbirth recently so that makes her a mom 🙂

  16. She is kind of nice….but would be gorgeous if she didn’t have so many dang tattoo’s!!!!

  17. I think this girl has one of the best looks I’ve seen in a really long time. She is just about perfect in my book. I really do wish I could have her.

  18. Two thumbs up for the archives, I had completely forgotten this beauty. She is fantastic.
    Looks like StoicOnes ex 😉

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