Sparkle (Jenn-Anh) Nguyen


This is Sparkle Nguyen. She says she is 23, but I found photos of her from 2002. From what I have found, she is really 25 (birthday 12/15/1983).

I’ll be honest, I have no idea if you will like Sparkle. She has very large cheeks when she smiles which make her look more unique. Judging by her looks alone, she seems like a lot of fun to be around.According to her modeling page, she posed in Playboy, but I have yet to find those photos. UPDATE: she posed for Playboy as Jenn-Anh Nguyen.


Age: 25
Height: 5’4
Weight: 100
Ethnicity: Vietnamese
Located: Philly, PA















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  1. I met her at couple of car shows in Boston and CT back in like 2002-2003. She was very sweet. Looks like she’s had some enhancements. Nice!

  2. Agree with Doc…AmericaniZed Viet…fake outsized tits that don’t match her small frame…lying about her age…not my type.

    Maybe I’m sensitive about the age thing because I had a girlfriend who refused to tell me how old she was…said “It’s impolite to ask a Chinese lady her age.” Huh? We were really serious too, talking about a future together!

  3. A compliment to the highest degree Trav, not many can meet this achievement. Today was a very special day in history

  4. I’ve seen this girl before but can’t put my finger on where.

    She really has the import model look going. I’ll reserve judgement until I see a pic with slightly darker hair.

  5. she is sexy and have a nice tan body..

    like Dr lee, yes another Nguyen import model look alike !

    they are a lot in california ! hmmm 🙂

  6. These photo’s are designed for sexiness. She is a sexy asian girl. The question you have to ask is….do you like sexy asian girls? er….. yes please.

  7. Wow! Bill’s managed to find someone uglier than the first guy he posted – and the Doc’s finally got a mention. 🙂

    In fairness though, while I do find Sparkle’s American import modelisation frustrating, she’s still better than most of them IMHO – at least she’s trim and fit. And if you take away the tan, blonde hair and all the rest, her face might be alright as well.

    And jd: when posting any Vietnamese model, the chances are greater than 50% she’ll be a Nguyen!

  8. Very average looking girl goes to the tanning salon, dyes her hair blonde, buys some contacts to change her eye color, gets a bad boob job and–she’s a model!

    Why the product draws a crowd is beyond me.

  9. I love her smile and she’s from Philly. I would love to see her with her natural hair and eye color. Asians don’t look good with contacts, but whatever. I don’t know what I’m talking about 🙂

    I don’t know where you be finding those pics Bill but they are hilarious. I almost spit my tea on my monitor from laughing.

    And it’s easy to put down import models because of the way that they look, but I said this way back when; Americans don’t want to look at Asians who are all natural. I do, but most people don’t which is unfortunate. They want to see someone with dyed hair and fake tits.

    Anyway, I like Sparkle and she looks good. And I can see beautiful Vietnamese women already, but I am trying to see some without so much clothing. But I am also looking forward too seeing some more posted here. Can never have enough Vietnamese women.

  10. She’s hot…In that “butterface” kinda’ way.Giving off that “angry twinkie” vibe…but seeing as she lives in Philly-and not Orange County-I could be wrong.

  11. “BTW-that’s a…”

    A myopic man from fifty paces could tell that those are fakes. 🙂

    If that’s what you like…

  12. Now THAT’S what I’m talking about! A girl with some junk in the trunk. Healthy and fit.

    I don’t care for the colored contact lenses though. For some reason that just bugs me. I don’t mind the hair color – women are always changing their hair color. But the contacts gotta go.

  13. jimmerz, if it is true that she was in Playboy, then my guess is, she is saying she won’t pose nude (except for “artistic nudes”) for just any photog.

    In other words, if you are really Playboy, with Playboy money and exposure, she might pose. But, if you are photog using OneModelPlace to find models, don’t expect her to post nude for you.

    Just my guess, of course.

  14. Upon further review, jimmerz, in that interview she says she might do nude:

    “Maybe in the future if Playboy comes knocking.”

    So, that reinforces my guess in the previous post.

  15. I didn’t mean someone like Debra Ling but that’s okay. I meant someone currently in Vietnam. I can find pics of them but they are all wearing Ao Dai’s and I am trying to see them out of it because I want to see some goodies. There’s always a comment regarding how much more beautiful the women there are, and I am pretty sure that I wouldn’t have no trouble finding beautiful women in Vietnam, but unfortunately I am here in America and I want to see some boobies. I’m trying to see something that I can’t see already.

  16. No CM what I meant in my post was I think Sparkle is Debra Ling. Just changed her name and background info and hair color. Not absolutely sure but they sure do have strikingly similar faces and body types.

  17. You think Sparkle is Debra Ling? Absolutely, postively not! Their faces and skin tone are very, very different. I was wondering how you came up with Debra on the basis of Candyman’s comment!

  18. I actually find Sparkle rather cute – and the body, while modified, I could certainly enjoy handling as well. 😛

    She’s not “beautiful” or “gorgeous”, but she gives off a sexy vibe that I dig.

  19. Might not be her but she looks alot like her. Debra keeps going under the knife so I wouldn’t be surprised if it was her.

  20. I think she looks a little old, 35 might be right (thanks luvjgirls), but she is still quite pretty. I don’t like her implants though. They don’t look quite right, in some of the pics.

    But definately a sexy face.

  21. true, true arf.

    I meant, she sure looks older than she claims. 35 is not old. It’s not young tho!

    But then again, why lie about your age, if ur not old?

  22. I really like the lingerie photos the best. Totally agree with Arf – it doesn’t matter how old they are (ok, to a point) if they still look good. Also, when I’m 70, I’ll bet 60 year olds will look a lot better to me than they do now. Not sure I’m looking forward to that, though.

  23. I didn’t say it was WF. I’m just saying that over 28 I think there is a noticible difference in the way women start aging. Before 28 most girls can eat and drink and party it up and it doesn’t really catch up to them if they have good genes, but I think even the best girls have to take care of themselves after 28. But as seen by Sung Hi, they can still run laps around girls ten years their junior….if they live right.

  24. OH!! i remember her now !!
    i saw her in one of the ‘girls next door’
    episodes posing for the 55st playmate shoot! Yep it was definetly was the shoot in playboy mansion

  25. Fake Boobs or not – I’d use this poor little girl till my blood pressure dropped to critical levels.

  26. OK I was wrong on my Debra Ling call. I’m man enough to admit when I’m wrong..once.

    Nice find though Lambda and good job findin a pick CM. I was lookin around for her too but couldn’t find the link. Gotta try a Swahili dialect next time I guess. Or whatever language that is in.

  27. WOW! Those PB shots are really something. She looks good in clothes but her body was definitely made for nudeness…ok that makes no sense but you know what I mean.

  28. That website is in Slovak. Every once in a while Google will give me what I am looking for from Eastern Europe. I just wanted to post something to see what she looks like.

    And thanks again for the pics Zam. You are the man at finding this stuff. And it’s good to see Sparkle naked, but unfortunately her boob job is bad. One titty is bigger than the other one. I bet most won’t notice or be bothered by it, but stuff like that bothers me, so I will just look at her clothed. Anyone else feel the same way or don’t care or just happy to see some titties? 🙂

    And Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

  29. Oh man you are REALLY particular CM I love the tittie job. She looks great. Doesn’t sound like she’ll continue with the nude modeling but I’m hoping.

  30. I’m not that particular compared to the other people who critique here. And I can look passed most things, especially if someone is posing nude, but I can’t look passed boobs like that.

  31. It is true that her boob job is a little uneven, but most women’s boobs are a bit uneven anyway – this is well within the bounds of normality IMHO. So I don’t have a problem with her boob job at all; in fact, I think it actually makes someone who would otherwise be just another Americanised Vietnamese import model stand out from the crowd. A lot of them have boob jobs, but few are willing to go this big. And as I’ve said before, if you’re gonna make ’em fake, make ’em big – small and fake is the worst of both worlds (small and natural is better).

  32. Well I still think they look great. But then again I also appreciate the boldness of going Francine Dee/Leanna Scott HUGE! Especially on her tight little body…YUM YUM. Thanks Zam for all the stuff above by the way.

  33. I met Jenn last year at a party at the Playboy Mansion call Hot Summer Nights. You can see a photo i took of her at my modelmayhem page and i believe she is still using that photo as her main profile photo at her myspace page. She’s a great girl, no attitudes and very friendly.

  34. Great Odin’s Raven! That is an amazing shot you took of her Rob!! You have serious photog skills brother!

  35. LOL Wingsfan! And PZ I think when you see her Playboy pics it’s pretty apparent she’s younger than we originally thought. She just looks older in the pics Travis put up. When you see her again tell her to get working on her own nudey site.

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