What’s this? Two posts in one day? Is it Christmas already?!

You get a bonus post today because I finished work early. Also, jd pointed out that there were a lot of Nguyens, which I had not realized. So here is a break in the monotony with Koisaya. She is a Japanese AV actress, 21 years old, and there are photos of her online. So that’s a plus.I should probably take a break for a while – You are all becoming harder to please! Maybe if someone else posts for a while you will get a different perspective. I’ll leave it up to you. I’m not busy this week, but next week I’m swamped.


Age: 21
Height: 5’2
Ethnicity: Japanese
















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0 thoughts on “Koisaya”

  1. travis please !

    fed up with japanese av actress

    they are all the same (bush, no ass, no brain (i guess))

    anyway cool i am not alone (just personal opinion)

    cristal vang & krista kim ng rules !!

  2. This one is tough for me. I like her fine, I guess, and she fits the “profile” for the kind of look I really like.

    In some of the pics, she looks pretty hot, IMO. But, in others, I have to agree with Doc: relatively unremarkable.

    I think part of it is her expression. I love a smiling model, but her smile isn’t very attractive. In most of the other pics, her face is kind of expressionless.

    I’d probably love her, in person. In photos, I say she is just OK.

    Still, another good addition, Travis.

  3. Don’t listen to Placeboy Travis! I dig the Japanese models. Even if this one has enough rug that could cover my living room floor with.

  4. Can’t imagine why anyone would be bored with Japanese AV models.Keep bringin’ ’em Travis. Mattafak…I could’nt wait to click on the thread if for no other reason than I had to see the extent of the pube forest.Love that about Asian chix.

  5. she is BEAUTIFUL. WOW…
    shame about the pics though. She could’ve had more class than that.

    Those poses are horrible. Too much “here i am boys!” and not sex appeal.

  6. Hey Travis, you keep giving us AV girls and most of us will keep loving them. This one’s cute. I don’t like her as much as some of them you’ve posted in the past, but she’s still pretty attractive.

  7. Seen her many times, very hot for a Japanese girl. I think I want to go bar hopping with Dr Lee, we wouldn’t ever fight over the same girls:) that’s always good in a friend. Keep em coming Travis.

  8. Well I guess we can’t call him Merv the Perv with that statement. More class? Yeah just what we need around Japanese Adult Video…more modesty.

  9. 4 such a hightech country youd think Japan would know about razor blades (or wax, or in this case a lawn mower). If she was with me id make her shave b4 she could have any fun!, then id spank her 4 being lazy 4 not shaving regularly. there r 2 many lazy hairy Jappy girls out there, black steel wool! They could learn a thing or 2 from Felicia Tang, now theres a nice snatch!

  10. Yes. She has a really good face. The photo’s are varied with a lot of different moods and personalities.
    I like the bush. I like Japanese Av stars. Travis. Please don’t stop posting. These are great.

  11. Without any proof this is the case, here is my theory on pubic hair:

    Models in Japan cannot show the “pink area” without it being blurred. If they shaved, everything would be blurred and they would appear, in their photos, to have no vagina at all – it would be like the underside of a shaved armpit. However, when they do not shave, the vagina is implied – pubic hair covers the pink anyway, so if there is any blurring it becomes much harder to notice, and it looks much more like a vagina than it would if they blurred it.

    I would almost guess that it is better for their careers. But this entire theory is based on nothing but my own opinion.

  12. Ahh… Japan and pubic hair. Always the hot topic when discussing porn from the land of the rising sun. ^^;; Here’s a bit of information that may or may not be completely accurate but is based on my experience and understanding of all things Japan.

    There is a real stigma in Japanese culture about the lack of pubic hair for both males and females. My ex would actually have to cover up her nether region whenever she went to an onsen so as not to show that she was completely shaved. She told me that the reason she needed to cover up was that other (mostly older) women would think that she was immoral – the reason I suspect is directly related to old obscenity laws.

    For many years the depiction of pubic hair and genitalia was illegal in Japan. Since pornography would then have to always show women with no pubic hair, it’s no wonder older women may scoff at seeing a completely shorn pubic region. Recently, those obscenity laws have been loosened up as pubic hair is now allowed while showing genitalia is still a topic of much debate. Suffice it to say, since this time, having pubic hair has become de rigeur for nude models/porn stars.

    I think that the “implied” vagina area that pubic hair may help to show as a result of blurring is sort of a happy coincidence.

    Frankly, I can’t stand mass quantities of pubic hair. Among other things, too much growth down there makes oral an entirely unpleasant experience. But mostly, I actually like to see what’s going on down there – and bush takes away from that.

    Bald as an eagle or very neatly trimmed please. I do it for you girls, you can do it for me! 😛

  13. I saw a lot of different pubic hair styles during my seven years on Okinawa, and I still don’t really care about the reasoning behind any of them. They were all pretty to me. :p

  14. She has a very sultry look about her but the feminine dimension seems missing for most images. Maybe it is simply a bad photographer.

  15. Perky boobs, fairly curvy, nice ass, cute face. Gotta be an 8.5. Who cares about the p. hair — have razor will travel:-)

  16. i read about “sevendeuce”
    yes good topic

    when a japanese girl is shaved mean that she is not like the others.
    she is imoral (kind of) and not free (not single)
    it comes from ancient culture….

    also they are not like occidental mood concerning pubis.

    its strange because except genital all japanese girls have no hair in general. (very sweet skin)!!!

    but time change more and more

    a big business for japan will be razor brand for girls : bic, wilkinson

  17. Japanese girls look sexier with bushes. There isn’t anything wrong with a Japanese girl with a nice bush. At least a little trim is ok, but keep you nice bushes. ok.

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