Chin Xie


Chin Xie is 26 and very cute. There are not many photographs of her online, but she does not appear to be shy so maybe she will become more available after her career gets launched. She poses in interesting ways, which is one of the reasons I like her.Stats:

Age: 26
Height: 5’3
Weight: 90lbs
Ethnicity: Assuming Chinese
Located: Brisbane, Queensland (in Australia)









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  1. This girl is in Brisie? I might have to get in touch with her. 😉

    Perhaps she is Taiwanese? There are a lot of attractive Taiwanese girls in the Sunnybank area here.

  2. To get the obvious out of the way, small boobs, but perky! Very cute and very tiny. Thanks, Travis.

  3. Very nice, Travis. I know that some are going to find fault with her relatively small chest, but I think she has a terrific body.

    She is also extremely cute.

    And, I agree that the 2nd photo is the weakest of those presented here.

  4. Travis —

    I really like the creativity of the atypical poses and find her very attractive.

    She could be the twin of a friend (who, ironically, is a twin herself) that I have fantasized about for close to a decade.. and now I remember why..

  5. Not trying to be derogatory but can someone explain to me why this woman is not just like tens of millions of other skinny chinese girls?

    She fits the whole stereotypical han look to a T, with the skinny, non curvy body, and a face that would blend in perfectly in any ethnic chinese crowd.

    So what’s the deal with her?

  6. She may not stand out from many other pretty Chinese girls purely in terms of looks, but she certainly is pretty, and she has a very nice body for my taste (I like ’em lean and lithe). Plus she is very adventurous and creative in her modelling. The simple reality is, most of those other Chinese girls would never even take their clothes off in front of a camera, let alone be this daring and adventurous. So while there may be other Chinese girls who look like her, there are very few girls who look like this who would dare to do what she does. And I think for that she should be applauded.

  7. no offense and thanks travis for posting, but i dont know if it’s an asian thing or not, you white guys may like her but for this yellow boy, i have to pass. she just look too common just like any other asian girls…and she has small boobs 🙂 sorry…oh i forgot..she needs a trim 🙂

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